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  1. Grand battles are great for bonds. Sadly. Toon with a T10 arty and you'll get 'em until the online population drops too low. Invader, Defender, etc dishes out bonds. It's like they reward shit play.
  2. Not exactly a name-n-shame because I kinda felt bad for him. He almost saved it. ...but in the end he didn't and shouldn't have been so far on the edge to begin with.
  3. Is that a statement of you shutting down your mod pack? It worked fairly well for 9.18 and I was just wondering if I need to start going elsewhere for 9.19. Liked your pack a lot for its ease of customizing and useful mods.
  4. Found it! ...but ya, you are right. It was originally called Desert and turned into what is now Sand River. The path to the north was a dead end back then. Desert Map Video
  5. I'm looking for a map that was in WoT beta but not listed on WG's site. I think it was the first desert map. In one corner it had rolling sand dunes and in the opposite corner it had a rocky canyon with a sand path in the middle of it and you could get up on the rock faces if you worked hard enough. The first mountain goat map. It had a cliff running in the middle with a town on the lower side of the cliff. There was a smaller village on top of the cliff off to one side. Bases could be attacked from two sides. One side was you could go towards the center of the map but the o
  6. Had a battle last night with 1 arty. Didn't know weather to be happy or sad it was on our team.
  7. Edit playerspanel.xc file and remove "${"barBg"}, ${"bar"}," from the extraFieldsLeft and extraFieldsRight lines.
  8. Couple of questions for you. I think 9.15 you had health bars in one of the players panels. Is that XVM config still available for download? I couldn't figure out how to navigate to it. You may be able to tell me if what I want to do is possible. I'm wanting to see if I could use the detected colors in your player panel as the health bar background color and eliminate the space taken up by the detected indicator.
  9. I miss the hilarious swarming power of the T-50-2. Wish I could do that again.
  10. Watched it a little more closely. WoT Numbers is missing some exp values for battles and those are the same battles that session stats is missing.
  11. Lost my xvm colorblind config for your pack and am recreating them. Where do I change the enemy health bar color? healthBar color and lcolor in markersAlive*_standard.xc doesn't seem to be it. Yeah, mine is missing some battles.
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