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  1. the more important question is, what's bulba ts
  2. WAIT WAIT, did they forget to change the Type 62 as part of the new LT patch? How come it's superior in almost every aspect to the WZ131

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    2. jackquerudo


      I can sleep easy now knowing that WG is still incompetent

    3. Android25


      I'm not arguing they're not incompetent (they are) but this does follow the whole "we aren't going to change premium tanks any more except to buff them" road they're going down. They didn't change the 105 leFH18B2 either and now it's even more op than it used to be.

    4. jackquerudo


      I admire their consistency

  3. jackquerudo

    Post patch thoughts

    It only took them...6 years?
  4. jackquerudo

    132 gun choice: old debate in a new form

    Use the one with better handling (without playing the actual tank I would imagine is the latter one, being lower aim time and all). The extra penetration will not be relevant if you play light tanks properly
  5. jackquerudo

    Conqueror Gun Carriage - post nerf 1.2 accuracy

    Shameless self plug. this is how you meme with CGC. Direct hits with CGC against hardened targets suck (like the T110E5), you should splash them anyways
  6. jackquerudo

    Kewei method prem?

    Haters gonna hate Just remember why you started playing this game. I would encourage you to improve whenever you can, and ultimately have the goal of playing the best you can relatively to the amount of time/money you've spent into this game. If you are playing for stats, you are playing for someone else's approval, and it's will be an endless cycle of rerolls.
  7. jackquerudo

    Kewei method prem?

    What will you do when if you reroll to purple? What will you do if you can't reroll to purple? Stagnate? or Make another account? It will be an endless pursuit of something intangible. Do your stats affect how you view your own abilities? Do you worry about what other people think of you if you have good/bad stats? If you answered yes to either one of those questions, may I suggest to remind you that this is still an online tanks game. What you accomplish in everyday life will impact the world much more significantly than being purple in this game. Try volunteering and giving back to the community, it will be much more gratifying than being gud@tonks. Remember, when this game eventually dies, there won't be a memorial to carve the names of every unicum that played this game.
  8. jackquerudo

    E50 88mm analysis

    The original meme gun was the Type 61's stock 90mm with 12rpm spamming HEAT. Not many people noticed it unfortunately
  9. jackquerudo

    E50 88mm analysis

    Maybe it also makes people ignore you since they probably assume you're a retard for using the 88mm
  10. jackquerudo

    What it feels like to win 83%

    If I made a thread every time I had a win streak, I'd be perma banned for spamming
  11. jackquerudo

    ShitLord Thread

    You can let loose in the venting room, in the original thread you made
  12. The 50M is actually one of the least underwhelming Tier X mediums as it is. Usable armor (bully vs lower tiers), reliable gun, reliable speed, and ramming. Good reliable DPM from its effective range. It's an effective pubbie farmer especially in the regions where prem ammo isn't common (EU/RU). There's raw DPM and then there's effective DPM. The 430 is not the unicum favorite for its derpy gun and handling despite having the highest raw DPM in the RU med category.