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  1. This one's quickly approaching my top 10 most played tanks. It's pure fun. You can even eke out okay to decent games on city maps.
  2. Yes, I know. The comparison is apt. My point is it just doesn't fare very well on the revamped maps or the newer ones.
  3. Glad to see I'm not the only one having troubles with the STA-1. Did completely fine with the T-44 and other ones before it. Did fine with the Chi-to and hated the Chi-ri which doesn't count as a true medium. But the STA-1? Doesn't seem to cut it in the current maps. It's becoming brawl-centric.
  4. Definitely giving it a shot when I find the time.
  5. I'll be super grinding the T71 and the Type 58. I'd love to get rid of both ASAP.
  6. The biggest deal-breaker with this tank is the tumor and the 8.6 accuracy changes. If they'd either shrink down the tumor or just nerf accuracy across the board to pre-8.6 levels, it would be a good tank. But with all the power creep and with the way even Russian heavies can hit and pen it reliably, I don't see myself playing this tier X too often once I unlock other ones.
  7. I'm gonna give it a shot. I'm not a leet enough player such that I can regularly get high XP games, so doing doubles for every nation a day and taking advantage of every 3x and 5x bonus available between now and June is probably what I'm doing. My recent WN8 will probably drop a bit in the process, but I'll take the drop for 12k gold.
  8. Awww, bummer. I just learned about this site a few months ago and had come to enjoy reading it in between matches.
  9. It's a great tank for sure. I don't have the final gun or engine and I'm still finding it to be very versatile.
  10. Well I did it, thanks to you guys! I think one of the biggest changes that's allowed me to incorporate many of these tips is my recent grind up the Russian medium line. I've noticed that playing mediums seems to allow me to influence my matches far more often than when I play heavies. It's partially my own incompetence, but I also have to put a small portion of the blame on the current meta. But that's a story for another day. I've been able to use each medium's speed and ROF to really get to crucial points on certain maps and get early damage as you guys have recommended. I'm not al
  11. Love this tank. Definitely something to play when I'm on a bad streak or just want some derp4fun action.
  12. A wealth of information I'm reading here. Favoriting this thread for future reading. Keep 'em coming!
  13. Thanks!! Damn. That's a high bar right there. I do spend the occasional moment to reflect and figure out what I could've done better, but this one takes the cake. I'll take this into consideration when watching Garbad's replays. Only thing is with the triple crew XP weekend, it'll be tough allocating time toward self-teaching, haha!
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