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  1. The new arty does nothing against camping TD's and next to nothing against heavies and super heavies. They've just retuned the arty to better match its current role of shutting down mobile tanks that try to play the map. Highway west flank is a death trap with 3 arty a side, and on the test server it is still a death trap. When you get splashed by an arty you have to burn your med and repair, but that still isn't enough to dodge following rounds from other arty. Once you've lost your 400 - 800 HP you have to go dark for 60 - 90 seconds before you can even risk being spotted again or
  2. With arties improved aim time, accuracy, rate of fire, splash radius and new ability to stun tanks. Those swarms of tier 8 tanks that drive out in the open to 'flank' are going to get shit on so hard.
  3. They could also freeze out the tech tree, you can buy and play arty you've already researched, but no-one can research additional arties. Remove arty from clan wars so that arty accounts don't become super valuable on ebay. After a year, natural player attrition will make arty rare.
  4. That's one thing about the Pilot 1, it's hull traverse on medium and soft terrain is pretty bad which messes with it's mobility a lot.
  5. Definitely, a Patton KR that trades a bit of hull armor and some hill climbing speed to go 55kmh instead of 48km, slightly better accuracy, slightly better DPM, better turret traverse and much better aim time. Seriously 1.92s instead of 2.4s aim time on a platform that has hardly any dispersion? On paper it kicks ass. Sign me up.
  6. Watched the first couple of replays. You use a pretty high zoom level and don't get much time to zoom out between shots. Does target fixation become an issue for you in longer play sessions? or do you feel you have enough situational awareness from the minimap? 94 ram damage received from the ass of a 50HP waffle 4. German paper TD's are OP, need armor nerf!
  7. Played a few games in it this evening, and it appears that my understanding of how WAR and SS effect yellow ammo rack damage is completely wrong. I played 7-8 games being moderately aggressive and didn't get yellow ammo rack damage once, and thought that it was totally working. At least the confidence it provided allowed me to play better than I have been over the last several days. But in one battle I use my repair kit on a damaged gun after the initial short range phase of combat was over 0 hull hitpoints lost so far. However the very first shot of hull damage took after that from
  8. Yeah, I did consider running 2 repair kits. I only have a 3 skill crew so with repairs and other essential perks it doesn't leave many slots left for fire fighting. I'll run with WAR for a while to see how it feels, but I do already miss the view range, even on Himmelsdorf there are places where you benefit from having greater than spotting distance in view range. I was thinking more of batchat arty, but that isn't generally an issue in early game. It's more that there are a few cases where you get tracked and can't afford to wait out the repair times.
  9. I was really enjoying this tank, but the constant ammo rack damage started to really spoil the experience. Having an ammo rack on the inside of both front wheels is crippling. When you poke your front a round a corner and take hit, you're running a 27% chance of getting yellow ammo rack damage and tracked at the same time. This means if you don't currently have a large repair kit you can't play aggressive at all, even trading out low health tanks at end-game is super risky. Oh you had to repair your tracks early game due to arty splash? Well I hope you're happy with playing the rest of th
  10. I'm a little surprised he soldiered on when they nerfed its top speed and gun handling in the move to tier 6. No longer seeing tier 10's certainly helped offset the nerfs and keep its gun still relevant, but it used to have amazing on the move accuracy, and landing derp rounds on target from across the map while going 60+ was to me the primary reason for playing it.
  11. I would have been entirely happy with M&B 1 with a reskin and more in depth faction relationships. M&B 2 looks visually amazing in comparison. I really hope that they haven't sacrificed any gameplay depth to achieve the new slick appearance.
  12. I generally mostly agree, it wouldn't be an issue if your post made it clear that the DPM calculation included a first shot. I don't really like co-opting the term DPM for this concept though, as both concepts are useful and it is good to be clear which is being used. I think to settle the final rankings we should all go out and play 10 battles in each tank and collect all the results together to see which is the most successful!
  13. But you are still assigning an arbitrary value to the benefit of alpha in an attempt to compare and combine it with classic DPM. Sure high alpha is a benefit, but we'd never agree on a set of weightings to accurately simulate the damage output of two different tanks presented with the same circumstances. Can I add an additional 1000 DPM to fast firing guns to account for those times when you permatrack a heavy/td for all its health? Of course not, but that is a benefit of low alpha guns that isn't represented at all in your version of DPM.
  14. You make a pretty big assumption that we are considering a 1v1 fight. Over the course of a battle our beleaguered tier 8 heavies are going to have to sustain that DPM throughout. We're not talking about a hypothetical 1v1 on an infinite plane, this poll is about what tanks are good generally, and what tanks you want to play. Perhaps we need a new term for initial + sustained damage output. Such as time to kill a typical tier 8 heavy, or something else that makes sense. But we shouldn't really pollute the meaning of DPM otherwise you can't scale it . A minute is a pretty arbitrary val
  15. The tier 10 elimination thread has spoken, the official WoTLabs hive mind position is that 140 sucks, get on board. /s One day I'll stop being a cheap ass and buy both.
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