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  1. I wanna play again.. been away for years now! T49 still seems fun stil :)
  2. Like people already wrote but perhaps not explained so that you would understand: Because of the exponential growth of skill/xp the first percents of a new skill level (up to 90 or so really) is not hard to get. You might perhaps need 20 000 xp to get the first 20% of skill number two. Meanwhile you might also need 20 000 xp just to get from 98% to 99% on that same skill level. Thus: when you reset to 90% of your total xp earned for that crew member, it will take you past those 23% you had very fast and then chew through the 90-ish on the previius skill level much slower, which is what happen
  3. Fun to see you play this tank. For me this is one of the most trollish tanks out there. So far I've clocked about 50 games in it and felt that it should have "monster" potential. Yesterday I finally got some of that potential out of it in a 6600 dmg game. It really includes what I believe to be the main strengths of this tank: Speed: reach an advantageous point before anyone else. Peek-a-Boom: Since you have long reload and will use HE-shells, make sure to use that to peek out and either fire fast or to fire when the enemy can't retaliate. Firestarter: Once you are able to stay at a goo
  4. 6500 dmg is more than my average in this tank...
  5. If I suck ass in the E50, will I then be just as bad in the E50M? I just can't get my head around this tank.. I always play solo. What to do?
  6. Fun tank. Playing it at 5K:ish wn8, while the T37 is6k+. Bulldog is more enjoyable though. It really goes where you want it to even though the RNG played tricks on me today when it comes to shooting. It can perform on any given map, even city maps if you're just patient enough to survive first 3-4 minutes and just help the team with corridor supressing and spotting during that time. edit: scratch my previous statement. just changed to autoloader and realised the true potential of the dog (playing with 0 gold shots):
  7. So, I bought this tank today. Don't see what the fuss is about. Losing a lot of games. Like the one below. Bad tonk.
  8. Returning to the game tomorrow after 2+ months away. Want to have fun. Since I love the T71, the Chaffee and the old T49 I'm guessing I would love this? Any hints on how to play it? Like a T71 or like old T49? Guessing drum plays like t71 (fast attacks and then back to hiding) and non-auto is like T49, mid-range and then kill baddies in the end?
  9. I dont expect myself to suffer from td camo nerf. I play my T49 on Heinz account very actively and always expect to get spotted and thus always have backup cocer. Never camp bush in it. Played it today for the first time in more than a month. Still a mobster even with my rusty skills. 2x9 kill radleys and a kolobanov, 6500 wn8 over 14 games.
  10. Heh, bought this tank this weekend and put a new crew in it. After 39 games I'm at 72% win solo. Expecting WR to drop but WN8 is above 3000 as well which is nice. Once I get 6th sense and full camo I'm expecting this to be a beast. I don't see why people complain about it, but then again I'm used to careful gaming from the T49, Chaffee, T71 and Hellcat, always making sure to reload on the move and to have safe fall back routes. Should I expect the 1375 and 1390 to be more of the same or will those require different gameplay because the even higher avg tiered battles and slower drums?
  11. Latest news is _no_ nerf. Probably because they wanted to save KV1S from nerf which in turn probable stems from Russian players dislike (tinfoil hat activated!). Anyway, seems like there is still time to enjoy this beast. I need to play it once I get back from my working vacation.
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