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  1. Yeah, it's a known bug. Some people have been saying it's due to something built into the graphics engine.
  2. Yeah, I used to put them on out of habit, but now I only use them on dedicated combat ships. Anything where I usually just high wake away if attacked, I put the A-rated stuff on there. I guess I could work towards prismatics, but I have no about how to do powerplay stuff.
  3. Food for thought, you can get about 50% better shield strength with a 4A standard shield, same engineering, for no change in mass or jump range: https://s.orbis.zone/2ix6 In other news, I have picked up an FDL: the Kate Upton, ID# 34DD. Also, as I used to say about the ol' M6 in WoT, if you have the means, I highly recommend picking one up.
  4. See my previous comment of "do you have a job?" I'll probably get back into exploring again at some point, but honestly just the 5k LY Palin excursion burned me out for a bit. 74 LY is a hell of a jump range though. Are you very stripped down, or do you have the full complement of explorer stuff - AFMU, repair limpets, SRV bay, etc?
  5. So add in both hull and module reinforcement. Heavy armor plus hull and module reinforcements on top of a strong shield with boosters is a hell of a defense.
  6. Nobody ever accused the NPCs in this game of being smart.
  7. The general idea is to balance out your resistances, but I admittedly tend to focus more on thermal resistances. My Chieftain has military grade composite with G4 lightweight, FWIW.
  8. Protectionism gives me a migraine. The economic arguments defending it are just awful.
  9. Always a catch! Are import tariffs a significant part of the Brazilian government’s revenue?
  10. Not to pry into your personal business, but surely the few ads displayed here aren't actually putting a roof over your head? I mean, if it is a significant source of income, maybe it wouldn't be a bad idea to try and attract some of the Elite crowd here.
  11. So much for my idea you should carve out a new section here and call it EDlabs! I thought I was advancing swiftly, but you're leaving me in your dust. I still bet the Daisy Duke could take your Corvette though.
  12. Oh shit. The one with Vlad and that crowd? *Never* sign on at that place. They had that deal where you sign in with your WoT username, and it takes you to the WG site for validation. Seemed to be the usual deal, so I thought nothing of it. Posted a couple things laughing at them because they literally had videos and articles bitching about me personally, somehow, which was doubly hilarious because I'm not anybody in the world of WoT and never was, apart from being "that guy that used to post a lot at the official forums." Didn't play WoT for about a month, and logged in to find a couple of my tanks sold, including one premium tank and the E 100, my recent WR and WN8 tanked, plus several posts made under my username at the official forums. Deleted the bogus forum posts, filed a ticket with WG letting them know about that blog and their forum, and got the premium tank restored. If I were more internet-savvy and actually cared, I'd have found some legal recourse, but I said fuck it and just laughed at them for it. Don't underestimate the salty sorts. I've observed this sort of thing in various entertainment industries, from video games to comics to fantasy role playing gaming, and there's idiots out there that will get serious about it. An indie comics publisher recently got swatted, and it all started because he retweeted somebody about a year ago. I'm nobody and I still work to keep my real name 100% separate from this username because of people like that...and as the creator of Wotlabs, you never know what asshat baddie is gonna carry a grudge against you personally.
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