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  1. Fun fun fun. I don't remember any big changes, although apparently Thargoids are pulling out of some systems in the Bubble, and nobody knows why. If this means no bugs to swat just as I'm gearing up for reliving my *Starship Troopers* fantasies, I'mma get pissed. If it's because they're gearing up for a big fight, so much the better. More targets for me. They announced that fleet carriers are coming, though, so get hopping on that deep core mining. I broke the 1 billion mark recently. Also picked up Elite in both exploration and trade, after deliberately delaying them with the aim of getting Elite in combat first. Got tired of the grind, finished off the two easier ones.
  2. Man oh man, fixed guns are fun. Two rails don't seem to knock shields down all that fast, but then I'm just practicing and haven't engineered them at all. I also haven't messed around with subsystem targeting to see if they kill power plants faster than they do hull damage. Might have to try plasmas again tomorrow. I have no idea why I gave up on them so fast a couple months ago.
  3. Okay, so kitting out the Krait Mk II to swat Thargoids cost me a lot of materials for re-engineering everything under the sun, but it seems to have worked well. This is an AX combat guide I was directed to by somebody on Reddit: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1loy4TRNhM07Azf_ib01OIurujTcNX-L1Y1NYFy59i4M/edit I'm retooling the Aeon Hawk to meet this standard: https://s.orbis.zone/3980 I've gotten pretty far: https://s.orbis.zone/3p4k As you can see, all I lack right now are: Guardian module reinforcements packages, the Guardian shield reinforcement package, and boosting my shield generator to G5. Everything else is up to standard. Haven't tried tackling Interceptors yet, but it's really good at swatting Scouts. Scouts can be hard to hit, but when you hit with the Gauss Cannon, it really hurts them badly. The Gauss Cannon are also fairly good against human NPCs, although they seem a bit lacking against good shields; you'll knock the hell out of a lot of things, but a Python might take you a minute to get its shields down. Haven't tried it versus many large ships though. I've tried targeting power plants too see if the good penetration kills power plants faster than just killing HP, but they lose all hull points before the PP is near dead. Also, fixed weapons are not nearly as difficult as I had found them the last time I tried. Just not giving up and plugging along at it, you get a lot better very quickly, and I'm flying with HOTAS.
  4. Starting to retool my Krait Mk II to kill Thargoids. If they ever revamp smuggling and its rewards, I'll switch it back, but right now I need a challenge.
  5. If any of you find it a lot bigger pain to farm raw materials than manufactured or data, follow this guide: https://forums.frontier.co.uk/threads/how-to-fill-all-of-your-raw-materials-bins-using-crystalline-shards.481235/ I had somebody point it out to me when I asked out finding raw mats. G4/5 is like finding needles in a haystack compared to G4/5 manufactured or data mats, IMO, since nobody gives them out as rewards for missions. Wasn't really keen on the idea of heading that far out of the Bubble, but it basically only took me two sessions to get out there, farm all the materials listed in the guide, and get back, so not all that terrible. I generally prefer the ability to take a few missions now and then to get mats as rewards, but it is what it is; this seems to be the least painful way to collect G4/5 raw materials, then trade down for G1-3 raw mats as needed. Now I just have to figure out what ship to develop next. Chieftain is mostly finished, at least as far as running it as a PvE bounty hunter, and the FDL is nearly finished.
  6. I can see that. They certainly don't have any functioning market; prices are what they are, and I'm not sure players have any way to affect them in that sense. Money is so easy to come by that it's ceased to be a currency that people really worry about; the real currency that people scramble for is materials, and those can't be traded between players in any way. I do wish player factions mattered in some way, but I'm not sure they're willing to allow the world to be completely defined by player actions, the way I hear Eve seems to be.
  7. I think Elite will make some serious expansions in 2020, but there's no way to know what those are. I'm personally hoping a first person element, plus landing on planets with atmospheres. No Man's Sky had a really weak opening, to the point where there were accusations of it being an outright scam, but it's apparently made some huge leaps in the past year or so. I'd like to see Elite do the same.
  8. No repair limpets? You not gonna name the corvette?
  9. Yeah, I do about the same. Over 1 mil is worth my time, other stuff usually not.
  10. You stick to high-grading the scans, right? Pretty much just scanning ELWs, WWs, and anything terraformable?
  11. What appeals to you about it? I generally have tried to use the best one that only controls one at a time, on the grounds that any more is a waste. Also, the D-rated and E-rated versions purposely accept lesser components in an effort to achieve the cheapest price, especially the E-rated models.
  12. I agree. I always hate how regional accents get looked down on as "uneducated" sounding, to be honest. As long as you're speaking intelligibly and your accent doesn't make you too hard to understand, I think regional accents are great. I'd love to hear more Southern accents, Brooklynese, and New England accents on television. The news is the worst; they simply won't accept you speaking with anything but the American version of the British "received pronunciation", which for us is a flat Midwestern accent. Also, I immediately assumed it was an April Fool's video. Yamiks made one too.
  13. “Raxxler.” The Brits may be wasteful of their U’s, shoehorning them into words that don’t need them, like honor and flavor, and also cram an extra I into a perfectly good word like aluminum, adding an unnecessary syllable, but their habit of adding an R sound to words, giving us “Raxxler” and “idear” and so forth, is a charming idiosyncrasy, which by sheer coincidence also happens to be a characteristic of the accent of my own part of America.
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