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  1. Flying is in the blood, then.
  2. In Soviet Union, tunnel go through you! Is that you? Pick it up. The game itself is free, although it only comes with one map, Caucasus, and two planes: an unarmed TF-51D, and a Frogfoot. Not too demanding on the computer either when playing in flatscreen, and even my four year old machine is getting a workable 40 fps in VR.
  3. I bought an Oculus Rift S a couple weeks ago, and I'm looking for combat flight sims. My brother and I both ran across DCS and it seems to be the combat flight sim of choice right now. And man is it complex. It's a full-sim sort of thing. Clickable cockpits on the newer plane models, etc. Very demanding on the GPU, but I'm managing to run it at 40 FPS on my four year old video card, and that seems to produce some acceptable performance. Looks like it can get expensive though. Anybody else playing this?
  4. Oh yeah. I still hope for them to add an FPS MMORPG element to it so I can land at a hive of scum and villainy and negotiate with this old monk, the farmboy, and his two robots for immediate passage off the planet, no Imperial connections.
  5. It's absolutely fantastic in a lot of ways. Don't expect an MMORPG though - you have no character to play, as such; your "character" is really more of a username. Much as I would like them to develop Elite into a full-blown MMORPG with NPC character to get smuggling or bounty hunting missions from, an FSP element to it, etc., I don't know if that will happen. At the moment consider it a persistent-world SF space flight sim with progression elements. But it's really good at what it does.
  6. 1. Certainly 5% isn't much, I was just curious how Frontier would handle it, given Blizzard's tone-deaf and ten-thumbed handling of the issue. 2. Good to know. I actually also grabbed an FAS since that seems reasonably popular at least for PvP, an FGS just because I want to arm with with nothing but multis and just BRRRRRRRRRT the night away, and an FDS because...well, because it's cheap. Honestly I had a hell of a time figuring out what to do with an FDS; it's got tons of space but doesn't have the jump range to be a worthwhile cargo ship, when you can get a Type 7 for 75% the price with triple the cargo space and almost double the jump range. Not worthwhile as a deep core miner; you can kit out an AspX for almost the same cargo and significantly more jump range, combat the Chieftain mops the floor with it for a comparable price, etc. All I can think of is making it a ridiculous hull tank meme-ship. Still - it was dirt cheap to begin with, and 30% made it even more so. 3. I bet. How are things going over there? From what we're seeing now it sounds like infection is very widespread and they're estimating possibly thousands of deaths in the end? Stay safe, I hope you aren't in an area where the Coronavirus has been found. When you get the time and energy, I highly recommend VR. If your inter-pupillary distance is around the average of 63.5mm, I'm enjoying the hell out of the Oculus Rift S with Elite Dangerous. Skyrim VR...I played for about 15 minutes last night and I can already tell I'm going to have to slowly acclimate to stand-up VR games. Turning with the joystick started playing with my equilibrium. Stay safe, man.
  7. Ohhhhhhhhh man. Just got an Oculus Rift S and set it up. The whole thing is pretty cool, but *man* Elite Dangerous is a whole new game with VR. Gonna have to download and set up Skyrim VR today and see how that does.
  8. Any of you cats take advantage of the recent Fed rank boost and discounts?
  9. Minions and MIT were very welcoming when I was with them.
  10. Not to get overly political at the moment, but for now I'm renaming any ship I'm flying to Liberate Hong Kong, ID number NO CCP. Apparently Tencent owns like 5% of Frontier, and I'm curious to see if Frontier has learned anything from the problems Blizzard and the NBA are having right now. Last I checked, r/Blizzard was abuzz with fans angry as hell and making memes ridiculing Blizzard and supporting Hong Kong and that e-sports competitor Blizzard banned from competing for a year.
  11. Yeah, it's pretty long. Honestly I find myself looking back on the development of WoT over the years, and I have to say they've shown a determination to keep the game running for the long term. I know they'd get people claiming all WG was doing was adding new nations now and then, but I think it's been far more substantive than that. Graphical improvements, serious gameplay improvements, a willingness to add new maps and remove others. They certainly didn't always make the right choices, but neither did they ever seem like they had a skeleton development staff kept around just to rearrange the chairs on deck to make it look like the game was still a going concern. Real changes got made over time. When I go back now I sometimes find new crew-related mechanics that I have no idea what they do at all. As for forums, it's usually the moderation that I find toxic. WG's official WoT forums eventually settled on a policy of coddling people who hated the game but hammering anybody who told them they were terribad. It's why this place became so necessary. I haven't poked around on the official Frontier forums myself. I tend to just go to Reddit first, although r/EliteDangerous has a close enough relationship with Frontier that the running joke is not much is allowed there anymore except pictures of Asps In Front of Things. r/Elite_Dangerous has a much more open moderation staff that treats people by big boy rules. There are unfortunately a couple people who hang around and blast the game even though they no longer play it, but that's an easy enough price to pay to avoid heavy-handed and biased moderation.
  12. I started a Reddit post that grew too large, and I turned it into an article in the form of a Google Doc: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1MCDMnaGuZOZZynKSsaRs0j1yPDdxNZuM6gbqudb8ScI/edit?usp=sharing
  13. The precedents would be every other multiplayer open world game. Open world games are either multiplayer or not multiplayer. Before ED I had literally never heard of an open world game where you could opt of multiplayer.
  14. All of that runs directly counter to having an open world.
  15. I actually do wonder if once SC comes along, if it's gonna simply drink ED's milkshake. As for differences in progress, I don't see it as a good idea that Frontier implement some mechanism to segregate everybody by progress. This isn't WoT; you aren't playing matches where we need tanks of equal tier distribution. It's an open world, and it should be open; people should be prepared to run into bigger ships. Regarding joysticks, I have six axes of control due to roll knobs on the throttle controlling vertical and lateral translation. The problem is one of precision; mouse and keyboard allows people to be ridiculously more precise than joystick, allowing ship builds where you snipe with rails from a few km out. The lack of gees affecting the real-world player (obviously) allows the use of a control scheme that wouldn't work in the real world, forcing the player to choose between realism and immersion, versus accuracy in combat. Also yeah, I saw something of the open letter, although I haven't watched Yamiks' video yet.
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