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  1. Any of you cats take advantage of the recent Fed rank boost and discounts?
  2. Minions and MIT were very welcoming when I was with them.
  3. Not to get overly political at the moment, but for now I'm renaming any ship I'm flying to Liberate Hong Kong, ID number NO CCP. Apparently Tencent owns like 5% of Frontier, and I'm curious to see if Frontier has learned anything from the problems Blizzard and the NBA are having right now. Last I checked, r/Blizzard was abuzz with fans angry as hell and making memes ridiculing Blizzard and supporting Hong Kong and that e-sports competitor Blizzard banned from competing for a year.
  4. Yeah, it's pretty long. Honestly I find myself looking back on the development of WoT over the years, and I have to say they've shown a determination to keep the game running for the long term. I know they'd get people claiming all WG was doing was adding new nations now and then, but I think it's been far more substantive than that. Graphical improvements, serious gameplay improvements, a willingness to add new maps and remove others. They certainly didn't always make the right choices, but neither did they ever seem like they had a skeleton development staff kept around just to rearrange the chairs on deck to make it look like the game was still a going concern. Real changes got made over time. When I go back now I sometimes find new crew-related mechanics that I have no idea what they do at all. As for forums, it's usually the moderation that I find toxic. WG's official WoT forums eventually settled on a policy of coddling people who hated the game but hammering anybody who told them they were terribad. It's why this place became so necessary. I haven't poked around on the official Frontier forums myself. I tend to just go to Reddit first, although r/EliteDangerous has a close enough relationship with Frontier that the running joke is not much is allowed there anymore except pictures of Asps In Front of Things. r/Elite_Dangerous has a much more open moderation staff that treats people by big boy rules. There are unfortunately a couple people who hang around and blast the game even though they no longer play it, but that's an easy enough price to pay to avoid heavy-handed and biased moderation.
  5. I started a Reddit post that grew too large, and I turned it into an article in the form of a Google Doc: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1MCDMnaGuZOZZynKSsaRs0j1yPDdxNZuM6gbqudb8ScI/edit?usp=sharing
  6. The precedents would be every other multiplayer open world game. Open world games are either multiplayer or not multiplayer. Before ED I had literally never heard of an open world game where you could opt of multiplayer.
  7. All of that runs directly counter to having an open world.
  8. I actually do wonder if once SC comes along, if it's gonna simply drink ED's milkshake. As for differences in progress, I don't see it as a good idea that Frontier implement some mechanism to segregate everybody by progress. This isn't WoT; you aren't playing matches where we need tanks of equal tier distribution. It's an open world, and it should be open; people should be prepared to run into bigger ships. Regarding joysticks, I have six axes of control due to roll knobs on the throttle controlling vertical and lateral translation. The problem is one of precision; mouse and keyboard allows people to be ridiculously more precise than joystick, allowing ship builds where you snipe with rails from a few km out. The lack of gees affecting the real-world player (obviously) allows the use of a control scheme that wouldn't work in the real world, forcing the player to choose between realism and immersion, versus accuracy in combat. Also yeah, I saw something of the open letter, although I haven't watched Yamiks' video yet.
  9. It is. My dream for the game: Eliminate Open and Private Group altogether. Flesh the game out into a full-blown space RPG by creating a serious "space legs" component, meaning a full-fledged FPS/TPS capability, suited both for combat and for normal friendly interaction with NPCs and players. Beef up security forces to prevent players being unstoppable gods of death, for whom NPCs pose little to no threat. Ganking should be possible but just parking a ship in a system or over a popular engineer or whatever and basically blockading it should require a serious effort by a group of players of significant size - and eventually even then the higher-level powers should end up getting involved. Create a real player economy, including the ability to sell used ships, modules, materials, and commodities - at whatever price the players agree upon. Yes, there will be people who turn this into a way to sell them for real-world money. No, I don't care, and neither should Frontier. What people do outside the game's confines is up to them, and even if it's damned stupid, they shouldn't interfere. Add in landings on planets with atmospheres, complete with procedurally generated terrain, flora, and fauna. Add some hand-crafted life-bearing planets, especially ones in the Bubble. Create a more fleshed-out mission system. Make the rep system more realistic; stop the nonsense of factions having such limited memories. You shouldn't be able to prey upon some pirate faction for a few months until they despise you, then say "I think I wanna be a pirate" and just spend a couple days running missions for them until they love you. People have memories; at some point they'd be out for your blood. On a similar note, not all bounties should be something you can pay off at an interstellar factor. If you prey on the aforementioned pirate faction for months, they should be looking to atomize you, and you should have to deal with that. Make smuggling not suck horribly. This means being able to fake your identity to evade the law just automatically docking you a kajillion credits for having contraband in your hold. How about instead of having NPCs (both pirates and the law) be able to scan your hold in supercruise, while players have to pull a ship into normal space, maybe have them just randomly interdict people for random inspection? Maybe have inspectors on foot at some stations, and you have to either bribe them, have contraband in special, hidden cargo holds, which hold less cargo than a regular hold of the same class - or else just hope they miss your contraband? Also, prices of contraband need to be affected by the law. Stolen goods should be cheaper than the legit stuff - otherwise, why buy stolen? - but should be worth more than the profit in buying low and selling high - otherwise, why bother stealing? In the case of banned goods, those should be worth a much higher price than where they are legal - prohibition imposes costs and drives prices up. Smuggling should be lucrative, especially smuggling into high security systems. It should pay considerably more than legit trading, otherwise, again, why would anybody bother with it? Create a way for players to set bounties on each other. Tentatively consider raising the rebuy cost from 5% to 10%, just for the sake of raising the stakes. Start hammering people hard for combat logging and hacks. Switch to a server-based architecture to make most hacks impossible. If necessary, have servers in North America and Europe. Mouse and keyboard currently stands as a huge advantage in PvP. Consider adding a bit more jitter to long-range weapons (not much, just a bit) to reduce the ability to simply snipe with a mouse at long range. Having a HOTAS be more realistic but a disadvantage bugs me. Consider radically expanding the list of commands, so that more things can be accessed with a single keypress or button push rather than via a menu; I had to effectively create my own macro to request a landing in Voice Attack. Improve the SRV game. Multiple SRVs, and more interesting stuff to do on the ground. Let people put their goddamn ship name and ID number on their ship for free if they want. I'll probably think of more later.
  10. They already have some starter zones. You can come and go as you please until you rank up in combat, trade, or exploration. Then if you leave you can't come back. Most of the people complaining about the risk from gankers tend to adamantly refuse to engineer their ships, even though getting the materials necessary to do the G3-level engineering it takes to survive long enough to high wake isn't that tough. By the time some guy has an AspX, he ought to have put some top-tier thrusters, A-rated shield, and A-rated PD on the thing, engineering them all to G3, so that he can survive getting jumped. At this point I'm not at all sure we're gonna see either spacelegs or landing on planets with atmospheres. Those are serious expansions to the game, and so far all they've actually said is coming are carriers - which is not that huge a thing in terms of the effort it takes them to develop.
  11. No game like this should ever be designed so that people can eliminate risk. It’s an inherent part of the game. If risk and reward were calibrated in real life, we wouldn’t have any criminals at all.
  12. The problem is that they haven't balanced the game properly in terms of income. Higher risk should produce higher reward. Piracy, smuggling, and bounty hunting should certainly pay out better than mining or trading, but they pay the least out of all trades. Mining, then exploration, then trade is how you make money. If the world worked like that, we wouldn't HAVE any criminals. Making crime pay so poorly is effectively the same as saying they don't want people to pursue criminal trades, which seems rather deceptive given that their marketing specifically mentions these as viable professions in the game. Ramming is a viable tactic for one or a few opponents for a Cutter; it isn't a viable approach for the long term in a RES, because of how slowly high power shields regenerate. Given that NPCs never turn away when on approach and will intentionally ram you every time they face you, it's effectively a decision by Frontier to program all their NPCs to be suicidal and kamikaze you. They're all effectively on the same team against the players; they don't care about their own survival, they just want you dead. As for having non-multiplayer modes, I've never heard of another multiplayer game that does this. I agree that they've facilitated it by having a ridiculous peer to peer architecture (which is also facilitating hacking, which they won't address) but that's just laziness. As for the risk, the risks in the game should be managed, not eliminated. No, everybody would not be flying the biggest ships and min-maxing them for combat. People would certainly build them to be more survivable, rather than filling their Type 9 with 100% cargo holds and zero shields, but you can certainly build a cargo ship, miner, or explorer to survive an attack. I've done that for a while now; I never fly paper airplanes. As for choosing your fate, people certainly can choose their fate; they can build that cargo ship with shields strong enough to survive until they high wake. Put good thrusters on so they can boost away while the FSD is charging. Not sure how small ships would be erased; some of them remain very popular. I get that being jumped might be annoying, but it isn't hard to work around, and given the rebuy system, it's far from a disaster. I flew my FDL to Shinrarta, unwisely was low on fuel when I got there, had to low wake instead of high wake, and that ended up costing me a rebuy. With mining that's just not a disaster.
  13. The belly mediums work well enough with the nose huge hardpoint. The wing mediums of course won't converge at all for fixed. The heat really isnt bad. The only real problem with this build is that it's insanely geared toward taking out large, less maneuverable ships. I've killed Anacondas as fast as I've killed Vultures due to difficulties in hitting with fixed hardpoints on a Cutter. The missiles aren't as viable as they might be, since you almost never wind up on anybody's rear. I have noticed that my ship is death incarnate to NPC Clippers, though. They're a big target and not agile enough to be hard to hit, but they don't have the firepower or shield power to be a difficult challenge. In the end, though, piracy isn't panning out to be all it could be. PvE piracy is a pain. Most cargo ships carry trash, and small amounts of it. They can't be bullied into a quick submission. If you go PvE at a HAZRES, other pirates just harass you as soon as you steal anything. They'd rather badger the player in the engineered cutter with 5 tons of methane clathate rather than the Harmless NPC mining Keelback with bromellite or whatever. And finding players to pirate...just doesn't happen. Frontier made a mistake including Solo and Private Group in a multiplayer game. Finding people with cargo in Open is like a needle in a haystack. I'm going to try again over the next week or so, and if it doesn't pan out, I might rededicate the Cutter to some other role, find a medium ship to pirate in, like an FAS, or I might just drop piracy altogether. Frontier might as well just admit they intend to let piracy and smuggling die as feasible jobs in the game.
  14. This is my target build: https://s.orbis.zone/4e_j Not entirely sure about sticking with the weapons. The Grom Bombs should suffice to keep people from jumping out, though. Unfortunately you're right that a lot of people would rather die and lose all their cargo rather than give up 25% or whatever. The worst of them just combat-log, even though task-killing in combat is a violation of the TOS.
  15. I've found other ships can boost away from it, but by doing so (at least NPCs) they tend to open themselves up to being shot in the ass repeatedly. Three PAs and a pair of cannon do some damage when they do that. Not that I'm 100% sure I'm sticking with those weapons. I've been told player pirating is generally best done through intimidation rather than having to resort to the hatchbreakers.
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