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  1. Oh, so their method is just to average out user-reported performance or something? Yeah, that sounds like a pretty bad method.
  2. Hmmm. If I google "bed sheets" some of the first results are marked as ads, but if I google "compare GPUs" then none of them are labeled as ads. I know search optimization is a thing, but if Google accepts money for higher rankings without marking them as ads, that's just deceptive. Dishonest.
  3. Really? It's always near the top in google searches on the subject. When I google "compare GPU" the first result I get is userbenchmark.
  4. It shows up basically at the top of the google rankings a lot of times; I've googled "compare GPUs" and had it pop up at the top of the list, so they get a lot of traffic. It sounds like they're just biased as hell.
  5. I ran across people saying it on Reddit, somebody linked this video. I'm hearing a lot of people say they've even changed their scoring system to bias it towards single core performance, and this started once AMD started beating Intel in multi-core performance.
  6. Alright, I'll give it a shot. Why would I want to set the latency to 16 instead of 14 though? Is that required for the higher frequencies? I know that RAM latency has risen along with frequency.
  7. 97000% tested, no errors. Well, hopefully reconfiguring the RAM to 2400 resolved the BSOD issue, although I don't know why it would - but I haven't had a BSOD since I did it.
  8. I'm also getting occasional BSODs, and I'm not sure why. I already unplugged the whole damn thing, took the RAM sticks out, and reseated them from scratch. Nothing else could really be the issue; I only changed the RAM. I'm close to putting the old stuff back in to see if it persists.
  9. Oh crap, so I have to *make* it run at 2400? Christ, I never did that with the preceding RAM either. Fucking hell. Alright thanks guys, I'll check it when I get home. I posted some screenshots of my BIOS readouts; do they look like it's running at 2400 or 2133?
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