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  1. That looks pretty close, the real thing is just a little narrower in the body. And yeah, the Beluga looks to be considerably different.
  2. I still honestly have no idea what this means.
  3. Man, if you need Imperial rank, go do courier missions between Ngalinn and Mainani. Ranks you up really fast. Wish I had discovered this before being practically at Duke already.
  4. So I logged in to WoT for the first time in a while last night.  I haven't played regularly in probably more than a year, and yet it still only takes a couple matches to get me irritated at teams melting within 120 seconds, idiots who take heavy tanks off to die alone almost immediately, and the like.

    I've been playing computer games since the days of video arcades, Space Invader, Asteroids, Pong, and the Atari 2600, and I've never played a game that makes my blood pressure rise like WoT.



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    2. Oicraftian


      Its now also quite seriously affected by the tanks each side has for a particular map.


      The only solution is to delete account.



    3. Diriz0n


      neverwinter, path of exile, diablo lll

      I can't random battle. It drives me insane. I gave up a few months back trying to 3-mark a tank. I sit in SH to talk with people, train crews, grab a few tickets, make money that I'll never spend. I grind FL, to grind tech tree T8s for 9s and 1Os I will never play. And for Emil '51

      By the way, grind out today if you can,  get at least 2 games with 2kills. For the 3O ticket pot, that special expires today. An easy 6 random components

    4. FlorbFnarb


      I don't even know what the tickets are.  The game has added so many mechanics since I was playing regularly that it isn't even funny.  I don't know what half the shit in my garage screen does now.

  5. I only play Open. I've never logged into any other mode yet.
  6. The discounts multiply, they don't add, so it's (price) x discount1 x discount2 - not (price) x (discount1+discount2). Doesn't make a huge difference, but it's there. Oh shit, Arjung and Azha come up with a 15% off for the Cutter. AWESOME.
  7. https://elite-dangerous.fandom.com/wiki/Discounts Looks like you get ONE 2.5% discount on everything once you hit Elite in any field, but you don't get multiple ones. Also, it's looking like there are no LYR systems that sell the Cutter, which sucks. Fucking expensive ship to be buying at only a 10% off at Jameson, then a 2.5% off for Elite.
  8. I've never heard that you get any discount for Elite ratings at all, just a 15% discount at LYR systems and a 10% discount at Shinrarta Dezhra.
  9. Wait, you get 10% off for each Elite rating?
  10. Yeah. Thing about the discount is that somebody pointed out to me, the difference between 10% and 15% is probably not necessarily worth all the running around you have to do in order to kit ships out at LYR systems, although YMMV.
  11. FlorbFnarb


    I tried, but your PMs are turned off; it says you can't receive messages.
  12. This is true. Deep core mining remains the most effective way to make money; I got back into it so I can properly kit out the Cutter I'm working towards and get it set up for piracy. I'm not sure that Elite is any easier to get in exploration than it is in Trade via mining, though. I was holding off on both in an attempt to get Elite in combat first, then gave up and pushed both Trade and Exploration to Elite in the same day. Protip: be careful at Shinrarta Dezhra if you fly in Open like I do. Head on a swivel, and be ready to high wake if an empty triangle starts moving toward your 6 o'clock position
  13. Ammonia worlds and all terraformables are worth your time to do a DSS on, in my experience, unless they're far enough out they take enough time to not be worth your while.
  14. FlorbFnarb


    The last time they posted anything about me was some two years ago. They took a screenshot of the official WoT forums post where I warned people not to log into their ExposingWot.com site because they literally do steal your login info. They made forum posts under my name, changed my forum avatar, played my account some, and sold multiple vehicles, including an E100 and a premium tank - I got the premium tank but didn't have enough credits to recover the E100. They're deeply weird people. I wish anybody who manages to take legal action against them luck, because they're really odd, paranoid people, and their stealing my account info shows their lack of ethics. I haven't had any interaction with them since though.
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