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  1. I'm playing Elite Dangerous and DCS with it. I'll never go back to pancake mode. At this point, for any flight sim, monitors are for getting screenshots; VR is for actually playing. The graphical fidelity isn't quite the equal of the monitor, but actually sitting in your cockpit, being able to turn your head and look off to the side...the immersion factor is amazing. It's also just superior for flying or driving. If you can play WoT through your router, you should do fine with Elite Dangerous; it's peer to peer for some reason. But I agree: VR is just game-changing f
  2. Just wait until you're 40 and see the shit you said when you were 22... You mean all that hard work I did to climb the summit of mediocrity is worth nothing now? I'm not giving back my set of steak knives...
  3. Ah yes. The key there is you have to fly a large ship out to Hutton and exchange it for the free Anaconda. I always tell the noobs to buy a stock Type 7 and fly it out there to exchange.
  4. Oh man, I avoid 100k LS trips like the plague. Has anybody told you you ought to make the trip to Hutton Orbital yet? Avoid it. It's like an hour trip to get there, just from the in-system flight.
  5. The very first Guardian module you should unlock is the Guardian FSD booster. First engineer of course is Felicity. I have an AspX that has a jump range over 60 LY. Makes getting around a lot easier.
  6. To be honest, Frontier has never gotten balance right. The payouts don't scale with risk and skill requirements, and people get locked into loops of dull gameplay (laser mining, Sothis passenger runs) where you do the same thing over and over and over again to get more money because all there is to do to give some variety and spice to the game is get new ships and kit them out differently. So they're faced with the choices of (1) have money flow slowly and make people grind forever and a day to get the ships they want, or (2) have money flow slowly enough to be dull but still quickly eno
  7. Yeah, problem is that it sounds like (I'm hearing things second-hand) that they're aiming to make all activities generate money equally, which seems like an odd reward structure in a game; it really leaves little reward for skill if top-tier laser mining in a Cutter or Type 9 generates the same $/hour as Thargoid-hunting and other high risk activities. But I agree that boredom is a factor. I'm still only at like 1.4 billion in cash, I think, despite having a fully kitted Cutter devoted to laser mining, because it takes me a couple hours to fill all 512 tons of cargo space, and frankly, i
  8. To be honest, if you're flying something as small as a Cobra, it's gonna be more time-efficient to just sell to a carrier in the system you're mining in; they usually buy for around 715,000 per ton of painite. Then you can restock on limpets and get right back into the ring. This is true. I mean, it's kinda absurd that just now in 2020 Frontier is coming around to the idea that payouts should be properly scaled to the risk involved in the activity and the skill required.
  9. Apparently Frontier is planning to nerf mining in a week or so. Plans are to buff payouts from combat after that.
  10. Ah, Latvia - didn't think about that. In that case, look up a guy named Yamiks, he's one of your fellow countrymen: https://www.youtube.com/user/TheYamiks Yamiks is pretty funny, kinda over the top. Our time zone difference would be pretty steep, you're seven hours ahead of me, but if you want I could meet you sometime on a Sunday possibly. If you stay up late to play, midnight your time is 5 PM my time. I can often get on some time just after noon my time on Sundays, so that would be 7 PM for you. Hit me up if you need a hand. The Cobra III is a sweet ship. It really does do
  11. Okay, here's a few resources you'll want to check out: A guy named Exigeous has a YouTube channel that gives REALLY good and brief tutorials on things. Unlike most channels, you don't have to sit through a half hour explainer video to understand something, he can give it to you briefly, often enough in just a few minutes: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0Rwxz4318EEQGHz_z58nVA Inara is a very versatile website that can tell you anything from where to find discounted prices on ships and modules to the best place to sell something. https://inara.cz/ EDSY (Elite Dangerous Shi
  12. I started out with an Xbox controller and it does surprisingly well. Eventually pulled my old Saitek X45 out of storage. Bounty hunting can be fun but it isn't the way to make money; the game's methods of making money are horribly unbalanced. The abrasion blaster is for deep core mining only, which is its own sort of deal. Right now the pulse wave scanner you need is busted (bug in the game that likely won't be fixed until the next big update coming around Christmas) so deep core mining isn't the way to go. How much money do you have total? Let me know what I'm looking
  13. Man, where to start with the tips? Never fly without a rebuy. Meaning, never run on the ragged edge of no money in the bank; if you die, you have to be able to pay 5% (I think) of the price of your ship and all its modules and you get it back; if you don't have that cash, you lose that ship. If your ship is worth a million credits, you want to have say five million in the bank at least. Don't fly paper airplanes once you start getting into bigger ships. If you fly some cargo ship, don't skip the shield and better thrusters and such just to save money, or somebody might find you
  14. There's a ton of stuff to learn, but if you're still in the starting Sidewinder, take stuff like data courier missions until you get the $$$ for a Cobra III. Definitely do *all* the tutorial missions, though. They help you understand some of the basic stuff. What controls are you using? Mouse and keyboard, game controller, or HOTAS?
  15. Yeah, it takes like 20 minutes per jump. I think people have said this amounts to some ridiculous amount of time to get across the galaxy compared to regular ships...but at 500 LY I wouldn't actually have to sit and fly the whole trip out to HIP 36601, I could just schedule a jump, come back in 20 minutes, make another, etc., about four times and then be there. Takes a little longer, but I fucking hate flying the trip out there. Something like 32 jumps with a ~60LY AspX, long enough for me to get sick of it, and then I have the mind-numbing experience of zapping crystal spires over and
  16. I'm not even entirely sure I want to bother with a fleet carrier. The only purpose I can think of for them is (1) buying and selling painite, and (2) making my trips out to HIP 36601 easier.
  17. I made a spreadsheet to calculate the opportunity cost of selling all your mining cargo (painite, whatever) in-system to a fleet carrier versus selling some of it in-system but selling as much as you can (up to 25% of demand) wherever the commodity commands the highest prices. You only have to supply four piece of information: The size of your load of cargo The price carriers in-system are offering The price offered by whatever system is paying the most The demand in that system The spreadsheet calculates 25% of the demand, calculates that many tons as sold at
  18. Just sold 512 tons of painite for like 460 million space dollars. Money is absurdly easy to make in this game; unfortunately materials are still a huge grind.
  19. Good God I hate material gathering. I always head out to HIP 36601 and Outotz LS-K D8-3 to do it, and it's still dull, dull, dull.
  20. Ah, ok. That's awful. It's been several months since I played; the computer spent a few months disassembled while we did some remodeling, and before that I had been playing some DCS. So they brought in fleet carriers at 5 billion a pop, then nerf the best way to make money? Brilliant.
  21. Are you talking about deep core mining or like looking for Selenium or something?
  22. Just about to log in myself after a long hiatus. Computer was taken apart for a long while, remodeling being done in the computer room. From what I'm hearing fleet carriers might not be worth the 5 hojillion space-dollars they cost, and I don't know about this Odyssey thing. Supposedly might not be VR compatible at first, which is really gonna bake my cookies if that's true.
  23. https://www.businessinsider.com/risk-of-coronavirus-transmission-lower-outdoors-evidence-2020-5 Being outdoors isn't a silver bullet; I wouldn't want to go to an outdoor concert and stand shoulder to shoulder with people. But it seriously reduces the odds compared to being cooped up in a confined space. As for regional variations, they seem largely to come from overall lifestyle. 1/3 or so of cases in the US are in NYC, while another third are in a ring around NYC in SE NY, Rhode Island, Connecticut, etc.; the rest of the country comprises the remaning third. This is to be expecte
  24. We're going to see that until the government passes a law - or a court makes a strong ruling - that DUH a business cannot be held responsible for your contracting an airborne virus from other patrons.
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