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  1. Original article by @Mami_Momoe Disclaimer: surviving is important as it allows you to control the flow of the entire game. However, parking your tank butt behind a bush near cap will not help your team. The advice given in the follow walls of text is supposed to help you survive when you are actively trying to support your team. Sorry princess, the hero is in another game Yeah, do not be a hero. The most consistent way to play better is to play modestly. Nobody expects you to 1v1 tanks, hold a flank by yourself, or win the match by yourself. Similarly, there is no honor in dyin
  2. Hey, getting elite vouchers with in game gold is worth it.
  3. Idk, I've been gone a year, and it definitely feels like people play differently than before. It seems easier to farm damage in tanks with good armor, but there's way more one sided games now, too. I've had a fair share of 1v10+ situations, and some of them were like 4k+ dmg Pershing stomp games, so idfk anymore. From what I've seen, people like to go in death balls now. Also RIP solo pub WR. I have 65% on Pershing and 52% on T-34-3, though I've derped much more on the latter I guess...
  4. You would have gotten side shots on the IS-7. You can't force pubbies to do anything. Any when you're pinned the best is just to just deal as much damage as possible. And of course get kills. You probably won't live passed the first shot, but you will be surprised what RNG can do... You mostly want to play at a sens that you're used to, but you want to make sure that your sens isn't too high since it's harder to aim accurately. It's not super important in WoT, but being unable to snapshot is an issue. You just gotta make a play and try to live and do damage. I just had a game on
  5. When was the accuracy nerf? Last time I remember reading about accuracy it was buffed, but that was at least a year ago... Also I just gave up and shoot straight HEAT in it. Maybe AP when I know I won't bounce (like against LT). The gun is just too stupid otherwise. That, and I lost my "feel" for what I can pen with the AP round, lol.
  6. I'm kinda feeling the same (having been gone for a year and all), but this tank has a lot of potential because of the alpha. However, missing shots has cost me so many kills/games that I pretty much spam pure HEAT out of it since the AP pen is so anemic that it's not even worth using. It doesn't help that the gun handling is trash; it feels worse than the Type 59, though the Type 59 I'm playing has BiA. But yeah, fighting IS-3/6's head on is near impossible due to the troll armor. I just try to go around or avoid them, which kinda sucks. I almost regret buying this thing a year ago a
  7. I went with camo since the armor is so bad that you really shouldn't sidescrape ever outside of fighting low tiers, but most of them have a low caliber gun so it won't trap you that often. Having camo is nice on every medium (think maps like Redshire and Malinovka). But really the important stuff should be 6th sense/smooth ride/snap shot/safe stowage followerd by BiA since this tank isn't really made for sidescraping or camo sniping.
  8. For the last replay (Cliff with the new tier 9 medium), I don't like the way you start off. One of the best ways to get early, free damage on the map in a medium is to go towards mid, situate yourself in some cover, and aim your gun at E/F 4/5. You missed easy shots on the Centurion. Afterwards, I like to peek the mid bush (the one where you saw the Ob 140 at). Since only mediums are there when you get there, you light their heavies for free and either get free shots or exchange a shell with another medium there. Be careful if the other team has like 4 Russian mediums, though. Since you
  9. Well you have to do something about it since player stats are all relative. Nobody will average 2k+ dpg if everyone playing the game wasn't turbo trash. And mapping the "average" player to 500 seems pretty nice since if people do break 1k, then it'll really stand out. Of course, the rating might (and probably will) creep like WN8. (You could have the player with the highest wn rating be a fixed number and compute people's stats based off of that, but that seems a bit too pessimistic, and I doubt you have the computational power for it.)
  10. Your links are 404ing for me. Maybe you set the replays to private? And if you really care about win rate, then you should probably platoon a lot. I normally solo pub, and I'm dealing with this:
  11. Teams tonight are literally a fucking joke. Lmfao.

  12. Yeah, that was 100% you. You pushed up the hill exposing your side to the mediums across the map. You really need to go use the pass they carve out to cross otherwise you'll get spotted and get shot from the side and die...
  13. Please he was blocking me the whole time. Got my turret penned 3/4 times cus he was making me back up slow.
  14. Man, do people seriously not like the tank? It's so comfy to play. It doesn't have the best alpha, but everything else about the gun is absolutely fantastic. It's sidescrapeable against tanks your tier, and it even kind of cruises. This makes me want an E-50/M...
  15. Hmmm. I'm really not understand you ammo/consumables setup. You're willing to shoot at lot of APCR and use food, yet you're only using a small med and repair kit. I will also never understand why nobody keys their repair kit in the middle slot because you can just double tap 5 to repair tracks super fast. As for the game, although you were able to farm a lot of damage early on, I think the situation you got yourself into probably would have killed you 9 times out of 10. The E-25 shot was pretty lucky, but after that I think you should've played more standardly and pushed the side of the h
  16. Tfw Gandarmemes doesn't enjoy throwing games by TKing. Smh tbh fam.
  17. I think you're forgetting the fact that this is a game, and the point of playing the game is to, well, play the game. Like, I'm not going to sit around after the game has pretty much been decided because I'm missing out on earning credits, exp, and having "fun" (whether that be reaping the fruits of a victory with some easy kills or fighting tooth and nail to drag my team out of a loss). Nonetheless I still think you're being a bit unfair with what you call "useless" damage since no victory is absolutely guaranteed until the enemy team is ded. In the opposite case, you shouldn't give up t
  18. I played a few games post buff and it still felt pretty meh. Didn't really get to play it much cus I was playing better tanks like every other tier 10 at the time.
  19. FV4202 sucked back in the day. The gun handling was the one playable part of the tank, but everything else about it was wrong. Also before the DPM buff it was pretty useless compared to another other medium tank. Back then the Centurion Mk. 7/1 was the master of comfort (and not being trash) in that line.
  20. I think WG implemented being able to force view replays?
  21. What do you guys do for Amerifat mediums and heavies from t8 to t10 (minus M46 since it was mentioned above). My Pershing seems to get lit pretty often if I yolo in and get hit on the side. I don't recall the Fatton or the T110E5 having those issues, but I have sub 50 games in both (and they were a year ago). (I literally have 0 clue/care about module damage and fires since I usually just play with an extinguisher/med kit/repair kit setup.)
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