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  1. Tazilon


    I understand that, but the M5s get the Scout battle tiers even if MM forgets to count them...lol Another interesting thing at the moment on the Wiki is it says the Crusader does not get the +20% battle weight AND it gives the Crusader a Unique MM. But no Tier V Medium gets the 20% bonus weight and they all get Battle Tier 5-7 (same as the "unique" battle tiers for the Crusader), so I wonder why the extra statements and "unique" MM for it....
  2. Tazilon


    I know. I had just added them 2 ago but with the MM table edit, it went back to overlooking them. Where do you see the tanks flagged as scouts? Both M5 versions get Scout Tank battle tiers. They give them Scout MM but don't consider them scouts?
  3. Tazilon


    Kewl - everything now matches except for 1 tank. The Tier 3 Japanese Heavy, Type 91 Heavy is only weighted at 5.0. According to the data, it is not given the 20% additional weight all other heavys get. Will edit. Interestingly enough, the MM charts do not include this tank at all. They do not include a heavy row on Tier III and do not address it on the subsequent special case chart.
  4. Tazilon


    Exactly why I asked the question. It states the balance weights are correct as of 8.0. Was wondering if that still held true. Haswell's posts answers it quite well. thanks though! This is exactly what I needed. The data on the page is incorrect. I am going through it tank by tank to see if find unique tanks, then I will update the wiki.
  5. The wiki currently uses 8.0 data for its discussion of balance weight (battle weight) and modifications. Does anyone know of data more current than 8.0?
  6. Tazilon

    T71 CMCD, US Premium Light tank

    Yes, it did, but the T71 goes faster in game than it was slated to run because they give it a bigger engine, so one would expect they could do the same for the T92.
  7. Tazilon

    T71 CMCD, US Premium Light tank

    56 km/h top speed is slooooow for a Tier VII Light. It will suffer the same problems as does the SP 1. C in late game situations. If they want to give the US a premium Light, they should work up the T92 Light Tank instead. It should have better than 56 km/h top speed, had 4 crew members instead of 3 and had -10/+20 vertical gun movement. I realize they are looking at just dumping new stats on the old T71 model and bingo - they're done, but the T92 would make a better crew trainer premium than would Cadillac's proposal for the T71.
  8. Hundreds of battles of direct observation and tactical common sense.
  9. Most of these are spot on for most tanks but Scouts should be aware some of the best, most productive, spotting locations are in red areas on these maps. Also, Prok is great for Encounter but horrible for Standard. Teams that win the West still win most battles in Prok Standard for the same reason the East is important in Encounter. You win the West and you control the 3 entry points from the opposite side of the map. El Halluf is extremely close minded, as well. Life on the map exists outside of the NW corner brawl.
  10. For the record, I have been back since February 2015. I left because I was a beta tester for ArcheAge and the game was about to release so I played it full time til January. Unfortunately, they were extremely slow to release end game content and I had maxed out my toon and didn't want to spend all day crafting while waiting on things to get added to the game so I came back to WOT. Also, unfortunately, you all don't understand my sense of humor and what I thought was a very good Russian bias troll when I left was not figured out by many. Oh well. Guess I made it too oblique. As for 3 MOEs, I have multiple tanks with 3 MOEs, but definitely no heavies. Heavies are too slow and boring to play.
  11. Tazilon

    Spahpanzer SP I C

    One would think they would simply follow normal naming convention, call it the SPz 1. C and - end of problem.
  12. Tazilon

    WN9 candidate prototype

    Many tank's stats are adjusted up and down during their lives in WOT. Many players base when they have played many tanks on periods where a specific tank's stats met their personal likes and dislikes. You use a current 6 week sample of Euro players to set baselines. How do you address the fact these baselines many times fail to accurately represent the conditions during which players actually played the tanks being rated? How do you account for the differences in tactics used on EU and other servers; differences which skew baselines when only EU data is considered? How do you filter out rerolls and adjust for them? How do you continue to rationalize not using Spotting Damage? It has been available for a long period of time now. I know of no other endeavor where they, when given the chance to create a more accurate (though still inaccurate in this case) measurement, fail to create the new metric and move forward from that point with the enhanced number. Given each class of tank has separate and sometimes quite unique roles, how can you accurately rate all of them using the same formula? You state the metric has 2 problem classes of tanks, so why do you present the metric as a reliable indicator of overall skill when you know this isn't true?
  13. Tazilon

    Decision Processing by TheMarine0341

    With the government, it would more likely become OODR. Observe Overreact, Destroy, Rationalize, or OODC: Observe, Overreact, Destroy, Cover-up. It isn't just acting faster and getting inside the opponent's loop that wins. Boyd warned that speed for the sake of speed could produce faulty decision making and produce a disadvantage instead of an advantage. The contestant who most quickly enacts a correct decision gains the advantage, forcing the opponent to react. Fail to enact a correct decision and you enable your opponent to exploit.
  14. Tazilon

    Decision Processing by TheMarine0341

    A better depiction of the OODA loop: As evidenced by many players in WOT, if they even approach using OODA, it is treated as a linear, repetitive process. First they observe, then they orientate, then decide, then act. But they fail to observe again til they finish acting. Despite battlefields being fluid environments, they get locked into their decision and never adjust to ongoing change. Boyd's full diagram of the OODA process is somewhat complex and the normal OODA loop depiction makes it appear strictly sequential. The above diagram makes observation/feedback central to the process, continuing non-stop through all stages of the loop. I think it better depicts what actually occurs.
  15. Tazilon

    Artillery survey: Skill vs Opinion

    Unfortunately, filtering answers through WNx screws the entire thing up. Hey dude, you seem to have stumbled through the wrong door. Cover your eyes and slowly back the fuck out, men are working here. The playroom is that way >>> http://www.tazilon.net/ 7 Day RO and warning issued. ~Pity