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  1. It's full APCR I wasn't thinking about not wasting shells (how many times have you ran out of shells on a tier X medium?), I thought I was fucked for the entire match and spammed shells all over the place. I should have stopped at JPE100, but whatever. At the end I considered a draw, but draw = same XP as loss and decided to go for that 0.00001% chance of penning his ass with HE and setting him on fire. Still highest damage game with no gold (I think), highest damage game with E-50M done in a legit way (no AFK/DC pedobearing).
  2. Great, another hit or miss box straight from the fantasy bullshit factory called Wargaming. So we have a tier 8 on paper, that is as fast as RU251, has camo of a ching-chong tank, has tier 10 TD penetration and tier 10 medium accuracy with gun handling of an IS-7 reinforced with wet tissue, that has RNG based spaced armor with weird angles. I can already sense cancer this thing is going to cause. Then you remember KaJaPa that could be sent to tier 7 and it would still suck, SU-101 (or whatever number) that makes running on LEGOs seem comfortable in comparison, T28 proto that is for die-hard masochists, AT-15 (or whatever number) that is for hardcore tea-addicts and that glorious T28 which is slower than a turd coming out from a constipated ass. Just shows how far WG has come with game balance. A tank, that will deal 3k damage on Prokhorovka win, then die with 0 damage on Himmelsdorf defeat. Rinse and repeat, get cancer because of gun handling and armor in the process. But hey, 1500 DPG and ~49% WR is balanced according to WG. So far Swedish tree looks like another nation of extremes.
  3. WG has serious development problems. 2015 was a year of nothing, 9 months in 2016 we haven't received anything. I don't see them doing anything meaningful in near future. Seems like they go to meetings and then slap eachother with their dicks. After that they shit out another bullshit premium tank / OP tier X and everything is fine. When WoT came out WG was full YOLO mode, patches every month with something interesting. Now they have lost their mojo. 1 month of Sandbox and they couldn't take the heat, slapped their heads in sand and hurr-durr everything was fine. Yes, Sandbox was controversial, but simply dumping it is like shoving that huge pile of shit under a carpet and pretending it's not there, even though it stinks like... shit? Arty, MM, goldammo, balance changes on live servers in 2018?
  4. KT is better (and you know it's true, Gehakte ).
  5. Thank you for suggestions, I will consider them. If I understand correctly, the MOBOs with Z offer SLI/Crossfire and overclocking support, but are more expensive? What about MOBO size? I see ATX, E-ATX, mATX, mini-ATX, micro-ATX and Wecouldn'tcomeupwithadecentsizemeasurementsystemfoMOBOssowefuckeditup-ATX. I guess I can use the mentioned pcpartpicker and it will scream if I choose incompatible MOBO/case sizes? What about Zotac GPUs? Their products seem cheaper than MSI/ASUS/GIGABYTE/EVGA, they use cheaper parts or you simply don't pay for a popular brand name? A ZOTAC GTX1060 (picture below) for ~250 euros yay or nay? It looks like a reference card with an aftermarket cooler slapped on it, but the price makes me dribble.
  6. Latvia. I use this page https://www.salidzini.lv/ to compare prices, but it's only in Latvian.
  7. I would prefer new components. Less hassle (generally). What about i5-6600 (not K)? Is the K version worth it if I don't OC? What about GTX-1060? I understand that 1070 is miles ahead and future proof, but it seems a bit like an overkill for 1080p. I considered dumping HDD entirely and going straight for 2 SSDs. A smaller one for OS and another one for storing pornography games. Something like ~100 GBs and ~500 GBs. I have lived with 500GB HDDs for ages and I have never ran into limited storage problems. Ok, won't happen. I will get banned after first stream because of my inner nazi right hand syndrome
  8. Requirements - 1080p @ 60 FPS (max or close to max settings) for games Civ6, WoT, FO4, Skyrim, GTA V. Maybe streaming/casting some WoT games. - Running SolidWorks/Autodesk Inventor/AutoCAD - Budget ~ 1000 Euros - Preferably silent, efficient and not an oven I can fry jews or myself in - Not interested in OC - Not interested in SLI/Crossfire - Don't care about the looks as long as it's not pink and burns my eyes. - Need a display - Waiting for price drop is an option I know nothing about MOBOs, PSUs, cases, fans, HDD/SDD connections, displays = pls halp meh In addition, I need an amplifier for Yamaha NS-s34 speakers (8 ohms, 120 watts) or RT Rigonda speakers (8 ohms, 100 watts). Since no one bothers to add proper specifications to their products these days, I have no idea what to buy. Budget ~150 - 250 Euros. Your suggestions?
  9. Because now it is ~ 8-5-2. You are tier 10? Good job, you have to fight 7 top tier retards on your own team. Killed enemy top tier? Here, have another one until you get facefucked by that unstoppable snowball. Having that many tier 10s per side is destructive, your efforts don't matter that much, matches snowball quickly and overall I find such zerg rush kekekekekekekekeke 3k DPM 50kph lol pen everything gameplay unenjoyable. You are tier 9? Good job, you have 5 more or less equal opponents and 8 superior opponents. You are tier 8? Grab that vasoline and get analyzed. Deeeeeeeeeeply. 3-5-7 slows the game down a bit. As top tier you have to fight only 2 retarded top tier teammates, you have to stop only 3 enemy top tiers. Tier 8s actually have a chance to do something. Tier 9s suddenly live in paradise. Of course, 3-5-7 has a flaw called top tier platoons. 3 purples or 3 reds and you can shoot yourself, but isn't that the case already? But wait! There's more! Verbal diarrhea about sandbox. Sandbox was great. Yes, it was great. No, I am not trolling. I am serious. It wasn't world of heavy tanks because some idiots suddenly couldn't press 2 to facefuck that poor sod, who spent months grinding his Maus just to get fucked. I played ~150 games with mediums, I got fucked by a heavy tank once. Once. It was an E-100 on Mines, he fucked me. And I fucked him... just not as hard. Yes, you couldn't pen heavies frontally. But suddenly you got the mobility of LT. Put a shot in his side, drive around, put a shot in his side, drive around, repeat 24/7. Have to shoot his front? Load HE and chip him for 100-200. Don't have HE? GO SOMEWHERE ELSE YOU TUNNEL VISION RETARD, THERE ARE 14 OTHER TANKS TO SHOOT, THIS ISN'T LIVE SERVER, WHERE YOU PRESS R-R-R/2-2 AND GO BRAWL FRONTALLY LIKE A MORON IS-6 DRIVER. Yes, accuracy got fucked. Yes, penetration got fucked. No, it's not the end of the world. It's a double-edged sword. If you can't hit/pen, chances are enemy can't either. I will get axed for this, but nerfing accuracy and penetration offers more depth to gameplay. What?! Well, you have to get good spots = chance to hit and penetrate. Get to a good spot = damage. Too red to get to a good spot = no damage. I agree, at first shit hit the fan. Prokhokhokhoerajiasjhkhotrkheovka, I decide to be a filthy line 1 camper with my E-50M, a 183 is spotted, he sits ~400 metres away, angled at 45 degrees. I fired 25 times. I penned 2. We lost after 9 minute peashooting. I wanted to kill every man, woman and child. I raged a bit and hit Alt+F4 The following day I was just as pissed. So I said:"Fuck it, I can't deal damage if I don't yolo." So I yoloed. Everyone knows here, that yolo doesn't work on live servers, you get focused by arty, autoloaders, useless light tanks, who play like shitheads 100 games just to get that mission done, mediums, basically everything. On sandbox it worked. There is only one rule. You do it with a friendly heavy. He gets shot and you run around like a workaholic high on cocaine, marijuana or whatever floats your boat. You pew pew pew everything that moves and you look for single enemies. If someone is alone, you shoot his tracks. Wait wha...? YES, YOU SHOOT HIS TRACKS UNTIL HE USES REPKIT. THEN YOU RUSH THAT FUCKER AND SHOOT HIS TRACKS AGAIN, THEN YOU FUCK HIM UNTIL HE DIES. AS YOU CHARGE YOU TELL HIM TO EAT SHIT AND DIE WHILE CONSTANTLY SPAMMING CYKA BLYAT BECAUSE THERE IS A 80% CHANCE HE IS A RUSSIAN. IF YOU CAN'T FUCK HIM, THEN YOU BETTER GTFO AND FIND SOMEONE ELSE TO FUCK. Hesitation is not an option, hesitation = no damage. Is that good gameplay? Not for everyone, but certainly better than R-R-R/2-2. I enjoyed it, reminded me something from 2012, when only chance to kill IS-4/7 with a medium was gangbang circlejerk. I can't give an unbiased opinion about arty. Why? Because sandbox has no XVM. In those 150 something games i got shot maybe 10 times, probably less. I got fucked by arty once on Siegfried line. I thought I could, then I got stunned and a batchat circlejerked me. 10/10, would rage again. On live server it goes like this --> spotted --> 15 seconds to gtfo and maybe get fucked or accept your destiny and get fucked 100%. On sandbox it was rare for mediums/lights to get artied, heavies and TDs were the bitches and only on open maps. The stun was a bit poop, but it was a great tool to push, stunned tank has 50%(?) view range = you have 30 seconds to get on his side at ~200 metres and shoot him. Don't tell me PENETRATION DROP, 200 metres = penetration unless RNG really fucks you. About view range. Eh, whatever. I didn't like heavies having better view range than mediums. Overall view range nerfs had little impact. You just drove closer to spot. Rocket science, I know. Passive spotting is for losers (or for nostalgic players from 2013). http://wotreplays.com/site/2791200#prokhorovka-trakais-object_430 (33 shots, 4k damage, 6 kilometres and patrol duty = sandbox prokhokadhkogfdhjisovka with mediums) Overall, I felt sandbox had deeper gameplay. 2-2 doesn't work, so you have to use WASD. A lot. Accuracy/penetration/view range/arty changes allow using WASD. My final verdict 8/10 for sandbox. The gameplay was better than live servers, it wasn't perfect, had some rough edges (lolpatton impotent, leotard), but it wasn't bad. Though after tier 10 grille/skoda/mediumzergrush gogogogogo/get cancered/2-2 fuck you/E5 balanced/3 minute GG NO RE live servers even a total bag of shit looks great.
  10. Knowing and using those words is halfway to becoming a unicum
  11. I respect SS for all the translations and work he puts into them, but when it comes to in-game things he should be locked in a cage and sent to deep space (let's not start about his white-knight attitude towards tomatoes, attention-whoring, yellow press bullshit and purple hate just to get more views).
  12. I run V.Stab, Rammer and Vents. I used V.Stab, Rammer, GLD for my first 500 games, was OK, but the game became more dynamic, which meant utilizing GLD less. After that I went to V.Stab, Rammer, Vents. I did switch Vents with Optics for ~200 games, but I didn't notice difference in W/L while soloing (It did give ~2% better platoon WR, but maybe it was a lucky streak). I did notice the annoying accuracy loss, so I went back to Vents. Morgotz used V.Stab, Rammer, GLD more than I did, but he changed his setup. I'm ~80% sure he uses Vents now. Fabse had a very interesting setup of Rammer, V.Stab and Binocs, but I think he stopped playing ages ago. Ew_ uses Rammer, V.Stab and Optics. Regarding consumables. IMO, picking firefighting over repairs isn't viable, but I have nothing against picking it as 3rd, 4th skill on some crewmembers. Wouldn't dare running E-50 without AFE. Running E-50M with AFE is a waste of joy, it turns into a monster with chocolate or 105 octane. If you feel really lucky (or rich), running Repkit, 105, Chocolate is like Christmas until you get hit. Jack Of All Trades is a good skill, but E-50 and E-50M are plagued by Commander/Gunner syndrome, they tend to die from 1 shell in the turret and then you are f... Hitting&Penning everything (has to be my fastest 8k game) http://wotreplays.eu/site/1139396#self #JustE-50MThings
  13. BiA as 4th skill. Controlled Impact is overrated. You will use it 1-2 times per match. You will use something like Offroad Driving, Clutch Braking, Repairs, BiA for the entire match. I picked it as 7th skill and I still have doubts about it... morgotz, on 29 August 2014 - 08:55 PM, said: http://wotreplays.com/uploader/morgotz/id/259804 http://wotreplays.com/uploader/Trakais/id/261792/tank/565/level/10/ http://wotreplays.com/uploader/Ew_/id/265888/tank/565/level/10/ http://wotreplays.com/uploader/FIoris/id/293001/tank/565/level/10/
  14. Rush agressively to crossroads on B4/5, put 2-3 shots into derps on C3, pin down heavies on C2 for 10-15 seconds so your arty gets good first hits, then try to take line on A3/B3, shoot everything. After that get to C1 and start pushing down line 1 or go back to base if your donkeys can't hold the other side.
  15. I'm not talking about some huge buffs, just changes, that make pretty meh tanks more or less competitive. There will always be slightly better/worse tanks, but there was no excuse to slap a tier 9 badge on Prototard when it came out. Tier 8s will always be inferior to tier 9s, tier 9s should be inferior to tier 10s. Who cares if a tier 8 gets raped by a tier 9, but tier 8 shouldn't get raped by another tier 8. Though it's not like we have to shoot tier 9s with tier 6s these days... There will be a better tier and there will be a worse tier, but can you imagine, that stuff like E-75 and IS-8 are on the same tier? Or Obj.416 and PantherII? I would never support nerfing E-75 or 416 just because they are solid tanks for their tier, it just turns game into castration, but I don't mind IS-8 and PantherII getting something. That way I can drive my good old E-75 (which I don't because it was castrated) and possibly drive IS-8 without having to throw my PC against a wall. Buffing =/= power creep. Power creep = developers can't into balance (or don't want to for obvious reasons).
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