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  1. So not sure what happened here, I was getting 5k to 7k exp repeatedly on tanks that I already did my 5x daily. It lasted almost all day and stopped in the evening randomly. These below are just a some samples of back to back games. Seems the Halloween 2x got mixed up with the 5x for a while. Victory! Battle: Fjords Vehicles: T71 CMCD Experience received: 4,588 Credits earned: 19,490 Battle achievements: Mastery Badge: "Class III" Victory! Battle: Steppes Vehicles: T71 CMCD Experience received: 8,370 Credits earned: 33,078 Battle achievements: Mastery
  2. I meant to make a post on the one year anniversary of this. Mollie is well! She's gone from bone skinny to being a healthy little fatty. I cannot thank enough for the support you guys provided. Here are some recent pictures of Mollie. Thank you all for help saving her life!
  3. Much farming was done. http://wotreplays.com/site/2143545#prokhorovka-okeano-bat_-ch_tillon_25_t
  4. "Hey there's a purple, let me chase him for 1v1."


    1. Flaksmith


      You should have asked him to 1v1 you irl

    2. Okeano


      He'll lose at that too.

  5. IS-7 is actually really good now. Wut?

    1. sr360


      Tank buff + meta change

    2. Burdenedfungus


      Is7 was always dank, friend.

  6. Easy mode. http://wotreplays.com/site/2084718#fiery_salient-okeano-t26e4_superpershing
  7. Nice, been wanting an IS-7 crew and now we have IS-7 (D).

  8. So... did Patton's turret get bigger or body get smaller...?

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Lightnin45


      It reminds me of a bobble-head. 

    3. Okeano


      Exactly what I was thinking.

    4. Burdenedfungus


      straight up Matilda black prince style?

  9. Hmm. I also have the in game music off, but I have the sound on. What kind of positive effects are you seeing? I guess some of the more valuable audio cues are things like arty shell landing near by so that I know I'm safe for a while but also being targeted, tank next/behind me getting shot at, tanks being spotted on the map, and etc that gives me more useful info.
  10. As more and more maps become brawling and corridor focused, does it make sense to start replacing optics with vents on meds? It seems vision mechanics are too hard for pubbies, so most, if not all, of new maps as well as update to old maps have been brawling maps. Prokhorovka is next.
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