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  1. Brad

    Lego Tanks.

    Brick Dictator. Came across this only recently.
  2. Do like a bit of Enigma while crushing peoples dreams via shell prompt.
  3. Brad

    Fallout 4

    Well starlight drive-in is my current 'fortress' town and that functions fine. The bug I'm seeing is in some settlement areas (not all) as in video at the bottom. Wish they would patch it properly. Well I'll see whats happened with the new DLC/Patches as I havent been on it for a while. I've only one arty. That was just to complete a quest. Tend to whittle down large numbers with Sniper fire and prepared traps with Mines etc. Very rarely don my X01, only when clearing buildings.
  4. Brad

    Fallout 4

    I'm looking forward to that if it arrives on the PS4. I played Vegas in the hardest mode and enjoyed having to plan excursions with food, water, ammo and other supplies. I was a little disappointed that this wasn't done in Fallout 4. Right back to settlement building. Still pissed off with these light bulb bugs that affect some of my settlements (the one where it glows but emits no light).
  5. Not Normally a fan of hardstyle or most of the hardtrance, however I do like this one. Banging.
  6. Brad

    Fallout 4

    I've gone medieval but only with walled towns (well the small area ones). Welcome to Fort Country Crossing. Right back to trying to place my Mr Handy Model on a shelf....... Btw anyone won on the Port a Diner ?
  7. Brad

    Fallout 4

    1. We are all playing this on survivor mode right? 2. Does anyone else feel bad they have some settlers sleeping in a ruined building on mattresses while you enjoy a 3 storey luxury wasteland mansion?
  8. I really really wish he had continued with the 'Alien Isolation' vids. The terror was real
  9. Read all about it! http://forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/topic/507611-is5-overpowered/
  10. A players vs Bots mode for newer players much like World of Worships. Stick them in that before they can progress to tanking against flesh and blood.
  11. Looks like user profile type folders or windows updates folders. But they cant be the latter as that's your games folders inside them?
  12. I have the PZ 2 D, T7 and Light VIC. The PZ 2 D is my least favourite out of those for sure. Will be interested to see how you get on.
  13. This jumper should come free with the patch.
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