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  1. A simple fix would be for 0 damage "hits" to not stun you. That takes this sort of thing into account as well.
  2. Working as intended, Comrade. Mighty artillery shell is scaring your crew paralyzed, obviously!
  3. Still have my Chinese one sitting around. Can't decide whether to put it on the Type 59 I just won in the scavenger hunt or save it for the 113. Seems more flaunty to put it on the type, but the 113 gets up close and personal more often. It is a rather sexy looking camo, I'd agree.
  4. That's a pretty liberal use of the word barely =) It loses almost 3 rounds per minute from its current top 85mm, just under 600dpm down to 1600. Aim time goes up by .2. That's a pretty significant change in firepower. It's essentially a stealthier, more mobile paper 34-1 at the cost of about 25% of the firepower.
  5. The part that kills me is that rather than disengage the aimbot and take the easy shots on the TOG, he is clearly trying to manipulate it into firing into the flat rear. Was definitely worth a good laugh watching him ricochet off the sides instead.
  6. This particular map with this particular spawn has turned into an issue for me. I struggle to play that in anything medium. Inevitably it ends up being super passive, because I don't see any good solid plays that don't carry a ton of risk. Going castle often means getting shot to shit by their back hill crew because there's no good concealment. Going fully into the castle means relying on team to not get swamped, and that usually ends predictably for me. Playing around the hills to engage their hill means exposure to both back line TDs and opposing team playing castle and hiding in the shrubbe
  7. They'll probably just implement the same thing they have in Blitz. It rather ruins immersion, so hopefully you can turn it off.
  8. I don't think that would be legal under the new policy, though there is some grey area (I know, big surprise.) The policy, as written: Alerting you when spotted vehicles are reloading, including displaying an enemy's reloading timer The mod you're describing would, for a brief time, alert you that the tank is reloading. I don't think it would be a safe assumption that a "just fired" indicator would be treated as something other than a "this tank just went on reload" indicator.
  9. I recently returned from a year-long break and joined up with some old clan mates in a social clan. However, I'm already itching for more activity and need a place where I can take part in strongholds and CWs. In a perfect world, that would also include the upcoming campaign but I don't really have any idea what clans have a good shot at tanks and whether I have a shot at any of those. In the long run, having a good group to play with is more important, though that M60 is so damn sexy! Through a combination of rust, meta changes, and grinding stock tanks and arty that doesn't agree with m
  10. This tank deserves to come with its own in-game sound track of various American classics. In a perfect world, enemy tanks would hear those same songs as you approach their position. Nothing like "Born in the U.S.A." blaring over some poor sod's speakers while you face-hug him and force-feed him freedom one APCR round at a time.
  11. Consider the likely intent: They want you to fight clans at roughly the same level (as determined by stronghold tier) as you for boxes, while actively discouraging top clans from fleecing the little guys' supply. It's not intended to be an even fight, it's intended to not be a fight in the first place. TLDR: Stop sealclubbing shitter clans for their boxes and the problem goes away. Working as intended, Comrade!
  12. The nerfs to medium pen seems a bit excessive, especially dropping the Russian wedges to 232. Some of the lower plates that are now fairly safe to aim for with APCR become a coin flip when straight on and a waste of time with just a bit of angling. As others have mentioned, people will simply stop trying to shoot at weakspots and just load gold if it's not convenient to flank. On the plus side, I'm sure I will enjoy the STB changes. The pen is still reasonably workable, and the gun handling buff should help it a lot.
  13. Would it be okay to arrive a bit late? Damn kids refuse to accept me getting in-game/online as a reasonable explanation for an early bed time.
  14. Do you have any 9.8 replays to share? I didn't see any in your thread. Thanks!
  15. Well, yes, the geology is about as dull as the classic cuisine =) Damn it if I don't miss frikadeller something fierce though! It's just not the same unless mom makes them. You may carry on your mission, Sir! Good luck with your new position here.
  16. Congrats! However: Born in Denmark, yet living in Sweden. Please explain yourself, heathen!
  17. The only reason you would keep the original Russian IS would be so you could take advantage of doubles and x3/4 weekends twice for the same crew.
  18. I was going to do that, but then I had second thoughts about seating the ram and heatsink outside of the case. I was worried that I didn't have enough cushion on the work surface. The compromise was to do an early POST test =) Yeah, I kinda wish I had gotten the black sticks instead. I was swayed by the red accents on the board, I guess! The 1600mhz ram didn't have the giant heatsinks on it, which I originally wanted. Guess it won't matter since the case is not windowed.
  19. Not too long ago I made on building a new system. I had not put one together in a long time, and this would be the first time I actually installed the CPU cooling myself. This was definitely the main source of worry for me, and images of me screwing it up and melting the CPU is still running through my head. I got some great feedback and answers to my questions, so eventually I set out to buy parts and get the thing put together. I made a few changes in the end, and this is what I ended up with for parts: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/bzJdWZ . Looking at it now, Memorial Day sales are greatly
  20. You can mitigate the RNG to some extent by positioning as aggressively as you are comfortable with, given map and composition etc. The difference being at 3-400m instead of 6-700m makes is pretty noticeable because you improve accuracy and reduce travel time, cutting down on the "shit they moved" frequency. You should also bring and be willing to shoot some HEAT once you are shooting at closer targets. There's not a ton of splash on the m41 HMC, and when firing at heavies it can be a better value proposition to go for the possibility of a pen for 700. Expect to still be disappointed though
  21. I've found this tool to be helpful: http://www.planetwot.com/Crewxp/
  22. I think for me the enjoyment of the game comes from several different areas. I am a sucker for grinding new tanks and crews, so that's a pretty big part of it. I still have a ton to learn about this game and playing it well, which is another driver for continuing to play. The times I enjoy the most are during strongholds/team battles and other team-based events, so group membership and the social element plays a big part too. Of the three above, the only one that also detracts from the experience is the awareness of needing to improve coupled with the reliance on team members to some degre
  23. inb4 9.9 patch notes of: All view ranges reduced by 50% All terrain resistance values increased by 100%
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