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  1. bandana0x

    The M103

    Playing this tank right now to get to the E5. Gun is great, mobility is sufficient to get you places. Then you get to the turret, which is pretty much the worst out of all the tier 9 heavies. Cheeks are not that strong, especially if you turn just a little bit. Turret ring is weak. Little strip just above the gun is an easy pen. Turret roof is overmatch for 120mm+ guns. And of course the big commander hatch. At times the M103 is a really great, comfortable tank to play, but the turret lets you down far too often.
  2. I want to use just the sixth sense sound from your modpack (not the hello kitty icon). Which file is that? xvm.bnk? I searched for files named SixthSense but didn't find any.
  3. I'm gonna research this thing soon, although I'm torn on whether to buy it or the 140. I feel that the superior armor, HP, camo and DPM of the 430 outweigh the 1 less degree of gun depression and the worse gun handling/acc/aimtime in comparison to the 140. Thoughts? Would especially like to read replies from people who have played both.
  4. Ha I've had this guy complain too. I have a feeling he does this to many people.
  5. Anyone know if there is a list of what the upcoming on track tanks will be?

  6. I dunno why it is so hard finding a platoon these days. Wotlabs ingame channel is dead for some reason. Mainly play US East weekdays and weekends in the evening, around 8 - 12 central time, would be great if you are around my skill level. IGN: No_Skill_All_Luck
  7. Dat 5 game session tho, literally all luck http://imgur.com/a/DSVtu

  8. When you tunnel vision so hard that you don't even realize you capped the base, hardcore dmg farming mode

  9. You live in Elmhurst, IL? That's super close to me.
  10. Should I get the IS-7 or just keep the T-10? I will be playing pubs so which one is better for that?

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    2. flare_phoenix
    3. Trumpetah


      Those aren't mutually exclusive choices.

    4. garryallen


      Keep the ms1

      ehhh keep both if you can, and put the good crew in the tank you like more.

      If you have to choose, imma say t10 because it is more flexible, but i like flexible tanks so may be bias.

  11. lmao wp mm, haven't seen something like this in a while http://imgur.com/a/fwwSG

  12. Oh wtf brothers in arms and sisterhood of steel dont mix? I thought they would be able to work together fml

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    2. HemanathanRX7


      Never was, it was a display bug that was patched ages ago man.


    3. bandana0x


      Well I'm coming back from a long break, so I'm not familiar with a lot of the new stuff

    4. Wanderjar


      the WG trolls strike again


  13. All these TOGS out and about because of the mission, unreal damage farm potential for my ELC.

  14. 20 wins out of 26 battles tonite, but only 1835 wn8. It's the win that counts.

  15. Forgive me for being a nub @ graphics settings, should I use v-sync and triple buffering? What does it do?
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