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  1. Whee

    Potato Thread

    I bet I'm more potato than you all Comon guys, step it up. Potato harder.
  2. I have no fucking clue why I am back in this forum.

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    2. Tuco22


      on a scale from 1 to Rexxie ur like an 8

    3. TheMostComfortableTanker


      wow racist just becus im furry doesnt make me homogay reported to admin

    4. Whee


      wow guys wats happening

      looks like party in my comment box

      awwwwwwwwwwww yeaaaaaaaaah

  3. Whee

    M3 Lee A freaking NIGHTMARE!

    FML, gotta refresh my knowledge.
  4. Whee

    M3 Lee A freaking NIGHTMARE!

    Worth the grind, definitely not bearable for most players. Just play as a TD but not too far from front lines. If memories serves me right, it has DPM of tier 5s. 9s. Thanks Rexxie <3 U
  5. Whee

    Find a new name for me...

    Change it to DontShootMe, PlsImInnocent, ImJustACuteCat, or how about, ArtyIsAFaggot.

    1. cwjian90


      I'm so glad Valve decided to keep that in TF2 :)

  7. And I know that guy too ._. Not in RL but...
  8. Whee

    IS-7 History and development

    Thanks for sharing the information!
  9. Whee

    Post your Didn't Carry Hard Enough Pictures Here

    Sigh. 5 losses in a row.
  10. Whee

    Churchill III worth buying?

    IMO, the Churchill III is well worth the 750 gold. It's a solid tier 5 premium tank (with limited MM so it only sees tier 5 - 6 battles). The others pretty much said what I would have said.
  11. I'm hiding my stats. Might as well not be a sore green or blue player on XVM in the red sea.
  12. Whee

    Asking in Advance

    Give it to EchelonIII to deal with math. Problem solved.