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  1. Hey so I need mad goldz PM me for a skirmish team. I have something decent at virtually every tier and have had a lot of experience with skirmishes/team oriented play.
  2. The Reverse Stat Padding is real.... also good luck with your challenge I am curious how much you can do.
  3. Pity has this all the way, I would give his score a solid 6.5 if pressed maybe a 7. Xen's apparent newly found gayness aside gash's score is pretty lame.
  4. I once told a girl I had a 70% winrate, she responded saying "well I have a 100% winrate you're a loser" I think I got rekt irl by a super duper unicum...
  5. I downloaded Anfields modpack because it was mentioned prior that it included xTE but the column never displayed for me. How do I get it to show?
  6. I think this is an awesome idea, I would be willing to both contribute and listen.
  7. Oh then I am a flaming retard, I thought he did not know yet.
  8. I like how you assumed that its a boy
  9. Target122


    Confirmed I am legit retarded.
  10. Target122


    Is there an NA client?
  11. I would take the Super Pershing's armor any day over the T29 or T32,, You would be amazed at how many pubbies have no idea how to pen it.
  12. I like how the Insult to Poland was that they are Poland.
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