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  1. They prob realized they can do everything from their office in Blyat-istan. Most of the english speaking dudes are tele-commuters (work from home or work offsite) that do things like moderation, customer service etc
  2. I got into buying and selling Weegee accounts. It makes money. Prob wasnt me. Btw furrys are fag Dont be hatin BTW i offer the highest prices for WoT Accounts. Im now accepting credit cards and bitcoin! PM me if youre looking to win the game once and for all.
  3. this was the final nail in the coffin for me. I sold my account right then and there. All i had left was shit talkin the baddies and making players better than me tilt
  4. wotlabs is dead wg refuses to cater to the smaller, more skilled playerbase. As a result affiliate websites are failing. Wargaming is going to die in the next 5 years.
  5. 56% over all. DD only player. 65%+ in my German DDs and IJN dds Add diatomix in game or email me Julmen@gmail.com
  6. Do you take paypal? 6600k is a 2011v3 right? Disregard. I already have a 6600k
  7. Diatomix

    Type 59 Fan Club

    On my t34-3 running rammer, vents vert stab. Food always. Ive yet to find a game where i wish i had that 10% more view range. Maps arent as open anymore. Can be mitigated by crew skills anyways. Its pretty baller with BIA, Bond Vents, Rammer, food.
  8. http://forum.worldoftanks.com/index.php?/topic/328782-chicago-bulls-presents-d-o-s-embassy-of-bad-poasting/page__hl__ diatomix#topmost Why cant it be like this now. No shit talking anymore. Plus RIP brick / Musgrat / Smiley rip gud fites F
  9. Im skeptical. I was high tier Germans. Before account sale way back when. I mean sure, it looks pretty but im spoiled by WT high tier dog fighting (Or boom N zoom if you know what i mean). This feels like a mobile game. And not in the good way.
  10. Yo you getting back into planes? 

    1. OnboardG1


      I was thinking about it, but if I do it'll probably be on EU since my current clannies play there and I have prem time on that account.

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