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  1. McHorn

    Cats vs Dogs

    my cats too, so we bought a low-noise vacuum cleaner... they're definely happier now... but still al little uneased in it's presence. P.S. Cats are undoubtedly TDs
  2. I'd not be so sure, this one (http://worldoftanks.eu/en/news/pc-browser/46/event-sky-traffic/) looks like the 1st of April real joke. Considering AW next coming, I wouldn't be so sure they take MTBs as a joke...
  3. IMHO Nashorn has the best 88 gun in the game. Very fun, but only fot that. The rest is... so and so. With a well trained crew +BIA you can hammer enemies every 5 seconds, but once they see you... well you're dead: 1st shot your engine, 2nd you can choose: tracks, fire or driver, 3rd (if needed) ...next game Still, i play it every day.
  4. For YOUR class, yes. In our case Wot players are the class, and average is 1400, so if (by definition) yellow is the colour of an average player, he should go from 1300 to 1500. Greens, should begin beyond the curve peak (1500 >>>). These are the numbers. If we want to be philosophers and argue if is correct or not to hurt other's feelings.... ah, this is all another matter (IMHO)
  5. If, by definition, yellow is the colour of an average palyer, he should go from 1300 to 1500. Greens, should begin beyond the curve peak. And that's all.
  6. I won it (like many others), I played 1 match with it and now it's getting rusty in the garage. I'll not add other. Another thing, instead: I don't see why feed other ones stats with 1400 hp every time....
  7. really don't know, but i've always used it every new release, and never got problems
  8. I've not checked yet, but usually you can find the XVM for the last WOT versions here: http://nightly.modxvm.com/
  9. between all of them this is the one that makes me LOL <--- this, but much, much more LOL
  10. McHorn

    Weird dreams

    Agree, i just wanted kidding him... (just a little) ... together with the others
  11. Agree. Yet they exist. IMHO, you only need to know when it's time to climb the next step: master the tier in which you are, and only then go to the next one (and no matter the time you need).
  12. McHorn

    Weird dreams

    It never happened to me to have third-person dreams like yours... But this really seems the story of an horror film, if you have a good hand in writing, maybe you could send this to some producer... who knows... And for what concerns the majority of the other dreams... you should play much less wot, go bed earlier and rest better...
  13. this is the very first thing you have to do (hoping that the corrupted sectors are still limited)
  14. Is she a pretty girl? If yes, she's right (whatever she wants to do). If not... then who cares?
  15. I find this one better than vbaddict for its precision in calculating the WN8 battle results (differently from vbaddict that never matches the results with the ones on wotlabs or noobmeter) However, vbaddict is and remains a great free tool and thanks to the developers and for their effort.
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