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  1. It's quite literally just playing out the rust. I guarantee you that the concepts you've learned and understood never went away, just need to be reevaluated and reapplied. That's what happened when I came back to the game after a year and a half break, went from playing at 4300, to 2700, slowly grinding my way back to 4400. I even took a screenshot of the first time I played a 4K session for a day. Trust me, you'll never be as amazing as you once are directly after coming off of a break, but sometimes the relaxation from taking such a break will be able to help you perform even better onc
  2. ITT: Stats are dead, game is dead, why even try for anything, effort is pointless. Pretty positive community you got here my dudes.
  3. Playing games like CS:GO, League, and Osu. Going to start college here too soon since I just graduated.
  4. Got global and I couldn't get gudder. So I came back to tanks. :^(
  5. Yeah but I was primarily looking for a clan for strongholds so I could get credits to get a tier 10.
  6. Haven't played in years. Just want to get some tier 10s tbh since CS:GO got boring. Also I currently own only 18 tanks in total, half of which are tier 1s. Tier 10s in my garage however: Obj. 140 E-50M T110E5 Nevermind, I'm not what I used to be anymore and I can't seem to play the game. Sorry for the filler post.
  7. Methos


    D:! Why do you leave me? ;-; See you later Animactus, have fun with the real world.
  8. I really hope they make it so that it does fly 500 feet forwards whenever you're trying to get shots off around corners. This was also an annoying side effect. I'm a really big medium player and I don't own any tier 10 heavies since I prefer mobility over armor. Snipers/Campers and arty will have major advantages since there is now momentum and you can't stop immediatley or change directions.
  9. They made my T62-A into shit tank. I don't want to play this game anymore.
  10. You literally keep moving. Not in straight lines or anything, but once you sit still for about 2 seconds, you need to get up and do something still. At least, that's how I mitigate it. But hey I don't know what I'm talking about. I came on here because I got clicked for full HP from a 261 in my 62-A.
  11. T30 is there so you're screwed either way.
  12. I do this aswell. I'm tired of drawing out games.
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