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  1. It's quite literally just playing out the rust. I guarantee you that the concepts you've learned and understood never went away, just need to be reevaluated and reapplied. That's what happened when I came back to the game after a year and a half break, went from playing at 4300, to 2700, slowly grinding my way back to 4400. I even took a screenshot of the first time I played a 4K session for a day. Trust me, you'll never be as amazing as you once are directly after coming off of a break, but sometimes the relaxation from taking such a break will be able to help you perform even better once you break all of that rust off. Also the meta has shifted quite a bit due to an almost complete overhaul of bushes and soft cover on maps. While the general concepts still apply, typically the angles and vision angles people knew by muscle memory are all completely changed. It's something I also had to get quite used to.
  2. ITT: Stats are dead, game is dead, why even try for anything, effort is pointless. Pretty positive community you got here my dudes.
  3. Playing games like CS:GO, League, and Osu. Going to start college here too soon since I just graduated.
  4. Got global and I couldn't get gudder. So I came back to tanks. :^(
  5. Yeah but I was primarily looking for a clan for strongholds so I could get credits to get a tier 10.
  6. Haven't played in years. Just want to get some tier 10s tbh since CS:GO got boring. Also I currently own only 18 tanks in total, half of which are tier 1s. Tier 10s in my garage however: Obj. 140 E-50M T110E5 Nevermind, I'm not what I used to be anymore and I can't seem to play the game. Sorry for the filler post.
  7. Methos


    D:! Why do you leave me? ;-; See you later Animactus, have fun with the real world.
  8. I really hope they make it so that it does fly 500 feet forwards whenever you're trying to get shots off around corners. This was also an annoying side effect. I'm a really big medium player and I don't own any tier 10 heavies since I prefer mobility over armor. Snipers/Campers and arty will have major advantages since there is now momentum and you can't stop immediatley or change directions.
  9. They made my T62-A into shit tank. I don't want to play this game anymore.
  10. You literally keep moving. Not in straight lines or anything, but once you sit still for about 2 seconds, you need to get up and do something still. At least, that's how I mitigate it. But hey I don't know what I'm talking about. I came on here because I got clicked for full HP from a 261 in my 62-A.
  11. T30 is there so you're screwed either way.
  12. I do this aswell. I'm tired of drawing out games.
  13. This exact situation probably is what I'm found in the most on this map. Though, I'm an extremely aggressive player and usually I will not back down.
  14. I'm not sure but isn't this going to nerf high alpha guns with horrible aim heavily? I really hope it does, because getting snapshotted by T30s is getting really annoying.
  15. If a tank shell were flying at another tank at near the speed of light what would happen to the tank it hit?
  16. I've got the technique down. I've found if you change your goal from getting stats to getting the third mark of excellence your damage increases insanley. Though it kind of sounds like it's weird, it really works. I don't focus on trying to go for low goals just trying to hit as much things as I can. Also it's a matter of staying alive and getting damage as fast and quickly as you can.
  17. It's much easier than you think, the only problem is keeping the keyboard small, what you could do is hack together a Xbox controller with it's triggers and the keyboard arrow keys to make something similiar to what you're saying. It would be confusing at first but shouldn't be too hard. Also your arrows keys would activate on the slightest touch unless you said you had to press them down all the way for windows to interpret the keys.
  18. This is some pretty quality stuff m80. I remember when this was first posted, laughed so hard.
  19. I'm not talking about the best of the best, but the place you're most likely to stumble upon a blue or even better multiple times a session. Is there anything on this? Also a bad to good player ratio would work aswell.
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