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  1. thats pretty common for less shitty phishing tho
  2. Nicook5

    Weeb Tanks

    Since this seems to be WGs new method, I guess I will need to buy one to keep having meta tanks :^)/ negative, nobody would buy your ugly turd. Well I guess they could just make it OP.
  3. rsiT1oj.jpg

  4. Nicook5

    WOWS: Clans are coming

    raising the cap is likely far easier than those other things though. And honestly I'm not too interested in competitive, just want bigger plat pool and shitty banter that doesn't disappear randomly.
  5. Nicook5

    WOWS: Clans are coming

    so why is the clan capacity capped so low though :v
  6. Why would they bother what? If it's keep logs, why wouldn't they. Super easy/cheap and lets you stop the obvious cyberbullies/accsellers/other nefarious criminals more easily.
  7. Nicook5


    So anyone know what if/ approx when WG will put this back in the shop? Just came back to warships and kindof really want a Dunkerque, but apparently they still dig the temporary sale thing to boost interest. Seems like they end up putting the ships back in later, remember the Warspite and others getting same treatment.
  8. JPnh40f.jpg

    1. Nicook5


      I cant read asian.

  9. Nicook5

    Never's thread but for skinny people

    planks are gr8 for core, do those. fuck crunches
  10. Just saying new game is super swag.
    • you look like a cutie. So I will follow you. :neko:
    • zC4YYhZ.png
    1. Nicook5


      T-thanks, good luck in the election!

    2. Raj


      Thank you for the delegation niqt. I shall consume all the delegations soon enough.

  11. Nicook5

    Solono's Chemistry Thread (WITH VIDEOS)

    Ill bow to your experience.