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  1. bark bark

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    2. Nicook5


      being on the lame wowships server.

    3. Nisa


      Asian WoWS server is superior to filthy amerikento server. (because we have more shipweaboos and asians love naval power.
      Proven by SuperTest.

    4. Nicook5
  2. Who else T R E E O F S A V I O R ?

  3. After trying nerfed personal missions I have finally learned to like my 1390.  The day has come.

  4. Goddamn, tried playing again, and gold rounds are such a cancer mechanic.

    1. Nicook5


      Also iunno how ppl play without prem ;_;

  5. Figured since I'm no longer as anime I should use non anime pic nao ;_;

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    2. OneTrueLeader


      i will never die, i created this universe

    3. Nicook5


      Bitch I don't make me hit you with my electric wand.

      Jesus christ, I just googled electric wand.  Didn't realize we were so debased nowdays. I meant in an 18th century context like muh pic .-.


      Also double posting is kinda buggy on status posts.

    4. Cunicularius
  6. tfw you find yourself reinstalling tanks ;_;

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    2. Tuco22
    3. Nicook5


      You are toooo lattteeee.  Although, I played 2 is-3 games and now I'm bored.  

    4. Tuco22


      kill it now

  7. I think my downvote button is broke :v. says I can't give more than 8 rep per day, but im 90% sure I haven't/definitely havent downvoted yet today.  HOW ELSE COULD I POSSIBLE VOICE MY DISCONTENT! DDD::::<<<<<<

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    2. Nicook5
    3. deathmachine16
    4. Ollie Tabooger

      Ollie Tabooger

      I'm sorry, have a hug *pats on head*. pls no hate ;~;

      jk, lol *fartttttttttttt*

  8. Is precure worth?

    1. Roku


      Sparkly bishojo are always worth!

    2. Nicook5


      Goddamn I think I might watch whichever the latest one was.  Cannot resist.

    3. Roku


      Go Princess is currently running, Happiness Charge was before that (and was the 10th anniversary show). HC was pretty enjoyable, verdict still out on GP. Very different themes for the girls.

  9. thought you could escape with a rollback eh?

  10. update phone to android 5.x.  Congratulations, your data is now corrupted.

    1. Tuco22


      Condolences :<

    2. Nisa


      The update messed up some of my phone functions. ; _;

      pls don fix what not broke

    3. Nicook5


      I really like the stay silent for x amount of time thing tho.

  11. *haunts forum*

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    2. rojo180


      *hides in the corner.

    3. ZXrage


      thank mr skeltal

    4. Victrix


      a wild spook apeared, would you like to send out badmin? Y/N?

  12. uninstalling tanks. later nerds.

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    2. Nicook5


      Gonna finally kick this overuse of videogames shit to the curb.

    3. Cunicularius
    4. NightmareMk9


      Unicorn Sex available in 2 days

      http://i196.photobucket.com/albums/aa155/Nightmare_pics_999/Web Pics/Sex_zpsqkkeapmv.jpg~original

  13. Michael jackson s face was reincarnated into female k pop star

  14. just fyi its not even Social justice shit. Its shitty logic h8

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    2. MrsmilieyfaceC8


      nicock let me stay with u more.

      btw I love the master Kenyan race with 1k gdp

    3. Nicook5


      sned me fish spider art.

    4. _Assad


      ur retarded

  15. http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/racism should be enlightening esp #3
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    2. Cunicularius


      What race is he discriminating?

    3. Nicook5


      Let me grace you with my short summary:

      Gandaran: 95% of teens are entitles shits -> I hate all preteens teenagers.

      me: arent u barely an adult?

      G: doesnt make it untrue.

      me: its the same logic that leads to supporting racist ideas.

      G:"If 95% of a group acts in a certain way then that's an observation. You can call me racist, but seeing as I don't discriminate against any one group you'd be incorrect"

      me: racism does not require discrimina...

    4. Haswell


      You are a god forsaken moron. Part of me wish you can grow out of this ignorance, another part of me wish to remove your presence from the human gene pool.

      1. Racism = discrimination against race or ethnicity

      2. Preteen teenagers are not a race or ethnic group

      3. Everybody discriminates something every single day. I discriminated other profile feeds on WoTLabs by responding to only Gandy's today.

      Now fuck off.

  16. dam yammy repairs cost a ton

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    2. Nicook5


      yams are cool too tho

    3. Tuco22


      we should yammy toon together one day.

      i can teach you how to get solo'd by a tier 7.

    4. Nicook5


      sounds fun, always wanted to learn. (I hope it was torps)

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    2. Nicook5
    3. Nicook5


      tfw top xp wen u die that erly tho

    4. KraftLawrence


      u wish u were garbad, garbad would have reset

  17. Yamato get! I miss my amagi ;_;

    1. KraftLawrence


      i'm not impressed till you get a yamato in kancolle

    2. Nicook5


      Never even got a kongo dess in kancolle :v Think I had a fuso or her sister tho. BAD GAME IS BAD

    3. OnboardG1


      It's hilarious how bad the pubbies are at Amagi.

  18. improv use of burnisher as bottle opener success

    1. Zinn


      If I'm outside, I'm partial to street signs like these myself: Od3E15f.jpg

  19. I saw a guy today with a superman shirt who looked exactly like krugg_keel iswweartogod

    1. KruggWulf


      I can't believe I never saw this status update until I got bored and searched my name.

      Unfortunately I do not have a super man shirt so it couldn't have been me :^)

  20. Anyone else been getting crazy lag spikes/packet loss around CW primetime?

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    2. Nicook5
    3. _Goliard


      I get horribad lag on ships for some reason ;_;

    4. Nicook5


      I think were just being DDoSed

  21. why do pubbies like the Ocean map

    1. Storm


      It allows them to not think, just W-W-W and left click until ded.

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