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  1. Since this seems to be WGs new method, I guess I will need to buy one to keep having meta tanks :^)/


    1 hour ago, SchnitzelTruck said:

    Weeb tanks are the same as me adding in this random tank I made for an RTS mod


    negative, nobody would buy your ugly turd.  Well I guess they could just make it OP.

  2. 2 minutes ago, Mesrith said:

    That's one of many things to be desired at the moment, along with the lack of a web-based clan page, and an in-game clan interface that isn't untuitive and is often buggy.  A clan of 30 people is fine for the current social purposes (although a higher cap would be better), but I can't see it working for anything higher than 7v7 clan battles in the future.  You'd need extremely high activity in order to field multiple 10-12 player teams with a 30-player roster.

    raising the cap is likely far easier than those other things though.  And honestly I'm not too interested in competitive, just want bigger plat pool and shitty banter that doesn't disappear randomly.

  3. So anyone know what if/ approx when WG will put this back in the shop?  Just came back to warships and kindof really want a Dunkerque, but apparently they still dig the temporary sale thing to boost interest.  Seems like they end up putting the ships back in later, remember the Warspite and others getting same treatment.  

  4. 40 minutes ago, _Dia said:

    I don't really believe I think in any language (how would deaf people "think" in that case?). But if I had to pick it'd be English, with a little bonus of being able to converse in Mandarin. 

    Implying you don't use language to organize your thoughts.  You know what they say, if you have a hammer everything looks like a nail.  Can only devolve into a chicken egg thing anyways.  I string related sentences together.

    Also deaf people still understand language...

  5. What pity said, If you know a language well you can think directly in it.  Most common reason for translation is when I can't a word in one language, but can think of one in the other that fits perfectly.  Tfw not sure if making up a word.  Especially since its English/French and there are a lot of shared words, gotta be sure its part of the intersection.  

  6. Question about tendons.  Recently started climbing more often via gym, lets say 1.3 months.  Think I almost injured some around elbow area from going ~3 times week for a couple hours (like 2 days after first V3 too ;_;).  Soreness in between climbs and sharper pains during following days from random stuff like pouring from a pitcher.  Someone told me something about muscles getting stronger way faster than tendons, so the extra pull damages them.  Took a break/took it easier for about a week and seems good now.  Should I worry about this in the future or was it probably just because I went straight from near zero to ~3x week?  how2make tendons not nerds?

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