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    Foreigner is usually pejorative in english too.... so, dunno why all the suprise. When is foreigner not used in a condescending sense? Probably in large part because its so unspecific.
  2. from what i understand, getting spotted by everything,(edited pretty sure it has not terribad camo? w.e point is ppl dont use in CW dunno y) also he wants CW tonks. I hear e50m nut gud cw tank. Although I still really want one cause there's a kuro usagi skin for it... also on track event for it soon :3
  3. she is worstgirl. and yea ereone was like OMG SO SAD. was sad but I was expecting to be bawling like the entire time. disappoint. did see a guy buy a seat for his worstgirl daki tho, so touching even though worstgirl. also http://myfigurecollection.net/item/198398 my poor weak (from lack of exercise and overeating) weeabo heart will perhaps explode. do want mako pls cause bestgirl, or the president decision too hard. fite me irl if disagree.
  4. Dune is overrated. Heard shit, read it. was like wow space sand niggers and some jesus-y guy. Cool, but I heard this was supposed to be super special awesome. Now I should set up by tent to preach about Robert Jordan and Wheel of Time. except I'm lazy, so I'll just say its awesome. Also I know nothing of analyzing literature since I have avoided it like the plague since early highschool, and it bothers me cause numbers r baws yo. also prompts that make me want to just contest the prompt. everything is so poorly defined, pisses me off (cue were romeo and juliet really in love?
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    Are there personal heatmaps yet? I remember hearing some noise about personal heatmaps, and I'm bad at navigating that website. Would be funny to see what silly spots I keep going back to (lol if you could filter by win/loss). He's prolly still workin on it tho. birds r better than cats fyi.
  6. first you wanna kill everyone. then its like a fucken party and all is well. so is the way.
  7. I will randomly if I'm on. generally a solid block 8-11pm EST and random other times depending on phase of the moon. Although untill the end of the on track event I will be madly spamming jagdtiger games to acquire first tier ten on sale. so mebe not untill after that. Although, I'm sure ill be looking for breaks. as far as credit grinding i like spamming e25, type 59, and maybe one day ill learn how to not lose in the FCM.
  8. Battles: 6480 Top gun: 33 Confederates: 79 Survived: 26% (.-.) how do you kill things? I think I yolo too much/die early.
  9. yeah but when you do that you decide not to pay attention and will quite likely end up in front of someones gun. It doesn't matter that it was an accident, like I did something stupid when it was snowing and accidentaly hit some ladies mailbox. So what? I did something stupid, and in retrospect if I had of more rational it could have been avoided. You could have paid more attention. I'm sure you acknowledge that the yoloing for the last damages is kindof a dick move, not saying you shouldnt do it, but expect people to take damage some of the time. How the fuck is he supposed to know if
  10. cuase MUH DAMAGES. the same reason you rushed in for the damage. cmon you knew you were prolly blocking people's shots, the question is how much HP do you have left/ how willing are your teammates to shoot you. If you consciously move to block people's shots expect retaliation. Although yeah not necessary to be that mad about it, but understandable.
  11. O: I SEE ME. I can't believe I never noticed what you said in point 2 about viable pushing. Although for some reason I still feel in my heart of hearts that 9-0 push from south is viable in a low profile tank. Although as that replay shows, I'm probably very wrong. but if you believe thou.
  12. sex. loljk I play tanks so I'm just alone in my parents basement.
  13. I know this is old news, but The Hobbit part 2.... what the fuck. I haven't been watching commercials or looking this shit up (cause I live under a rock), so I came in convinced that this would be the last movie in the hobbit. Imagine my surprise when I see some random female elf DIRECTLY TO THE RIGHT of Bilbo on some poster outside the theater. Burst into expletives when it cut to credits. I hope Tolkien enjoys the piss slowly infusing his grave. Never again. I'm only watching shitty comedies from now on.
  14. Well, you could just buy new switches and switch out all the switches. switchy switch switches.
  15. ohgod. Ever since instagram the mention of filters being chosen by users gives me a cold sweat, also nightmares. pls no.
  16. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1_ynHyqAIRM I like dis one moar, mostly cause puns are the best.
  17. I had a guy explain to me that other guys showed Telia was causing them trouble. Therefore Telia was also DEFINITELY causing his problems. Diagnostics are for scrubs yo, logic too, fuck that shit.
  18. If they do the whole Jacen solo thing and include the Hapan shit... People are going to facepalm so hard. SUCH A CLEVER SATIRE. seriously though that shit will give you cancer.
  19. Meh, sorry I have a thing against skulls. Associate it with people who liked skull candy and such. Also, Starfighters of Adumar best Rougue Squadron book. saw the rogue squadron one and it reminded me .-. <mfw I first heard about moar star warses As for the lens flare. SPACE MAN. what kind of self respecting recentish space thing doesn't have lens flare. srs. All I care about is what story they'll cover. Thrawn pls. Don't remember if anythings been said, but I feel like they'll most likely do next gen (Jacen Solo and such). Would fit with each trilogy being a Skywalker g
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