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  1. http://www.theonion.com/video/chipmunks-plan-for-future-better-crafted-than-that,34173/ If only we could apply these lessons to our lives.
  2. In high school I was workin on some robot thingummy for some competition the next day. We were, of course, rather sleep deprived. When we went to eat I found a piece of bread extremely interesting. Naturally I wanted to get a better look at it, so I held it at arms length directly in between the ceiling light and my face. Stared at it for at least a full 10 seconds untill i was asked wtf I was doing. I am told it was hilarious. I can relate to the pee thing too. Difference was in my dream I got up and walked to the bathroom, then that wtf moment when you wake up in bed. I also fo
  3. I like how they say its cutlurally insensitive to France. Last panel is like invisible doe.
  4. Hopefully a whole bag of dix.
  5. you can make armies of ponies in DOTA 9/10 would recommend.
  6. Here's a tip nerd. goddamn nerds. fucken everywhere.
  7. This scenario causes endless post death rage from me. I actually kindof like the map, but it consistently makes me angrier than any other map. Go to contest cap cause everyone else is clearly a little bitch. get zero support cause they wont contest hill, so eventually their guys on zero line fuck me (what is armor?). we still won, but I WAS SO FUCKING MAD. pretty sure we wouldof lost if not for me, but team barely even protect me, after I ping nicely and ask pls guys (they also had a pretty damn significant #s advantage cause nearly our entire goddamn team went there). Shortly af
  8. yes. What are you some sort of nerd?
  9. I can't even understand his last 4 sentences. At least the prior bits are coherent (although, I'm only semi coherent most of the time, so not like I should talk) he's just missing huge steps and is hopefully <= middle school. then I was just like wut? these last thoughts, gg.
  10. Baddie comin through. LOOK AT DAT PROGRESSION. stock tier 8s and lotsof noob bought a premium screwing my tier 8 a little though. WN8 by tier: WN8 by type: Top 10 tonks (removed "low # of battles" <40)
  11. just, you know, all the things. Compiled into one document. yes. Also it has to assume little to no background knowledge. (I'm sorry,I had too)
  12. Basically what your saying is k if you assume Libertarianism is #1 (Liberty >all). I think the point here was more what is more effective not what preserves most personal liberty/ agrees with your political philosophy. As for the patient should have the power of choice. I'm assuming you're not thinking this through. What about the extremely retarded? Should they chose their own treatments? (the answer is no) Then it follows that someone has to decide where the line is for people who can make their own decisions or not, someone or a group of people making decisions that could affect
  13. I mean. cmon, first sentence already has huge problems. Not exactly a solid claim to make. I know nothing of economics, but srsly. After lightly skimming his stoof, it seems to be heavily based on CAPITALISM NUMBER ONE! (freedom of choosing things yourself will naturally make it better). which as I said before, really isn't a strong assumption. French system best system, I'm just saying this cause I have citizenship so am biased. Since it seems to be the general consensus that the american system sucks, and the best one must be one I'm connected to (because I'm awesome). Also, wh
  14. Basically 3 choices 1. performance - Go with Noctuas or sumthang as said above for performance (not like it really matters). 2. looks - Go buy the prettiest goddamn fans you can find, if you love bright LEDs this will be a very interesting option. 3. wtf I just want a fan - just get something cheap from a reputable brand that fits. your heatsink fans really don't have much impact on anything. Only thing I'd worry about is if lotsof reviews say bad quality control/ they fail spectacularly, blades zooming off and the like.
  15. My clans glorious leader has >4k games in his lee (like ~50% total games). He loves the thing, 3 lee platoons can also be pretty funny. Trying to save the Lee's rep through example lol. Not sure if he likes the tank more for its playability ingame or because of team rabbit in GuP though I personally just find the tumor extremely annoying to deal with. Definitely doesn't deserve its shitty rep though.
  16. I know where you live. Approximately. I've gotten 4 ping at some points huehuehue. On topic, based on a short stint last night, I like what Deus said.
  17. Based on my now sample of 2 people I have concluded that medschool attracts lolicons for some reason. It is known. Therefore, all people in medschool are secretly lolicons. Fear my deductive prowess. I believe this image is all the further evidence I need. https://www.facebook.com/FoundationForGeneticallyEngineeredCatGirls
  18. Ok, you win. Still amazes me how cheap one independent meal at mcdonalds can be, especially for the unprepared/unable to think in advance. On another note, lol@medschool to make bank. not exactly relevant, but Is it just me or is BioChem the new 'in' thing. I'd swear all the Koreans were doing it.
  19. I challenge you to eat homemade food for less than McDonalds dollar menu shits. At first i was like why eat McDonalds evar? Then I witnessed dollar menu+Chinese friend's coupon whoring. Holy shit, you can eat for cheap. Although, it will make you sick/take years off your life. McDonalds may also beat out some college food in quality ._.
  20. To be fair the guy never claims to have done an analysis. It's just a shitty review. also minirant. I love how he focuses on the OP and EP for his 10/10 in sound. Then its like oh, the soundtrack is good too, almost forgot. Cause you know, OP and ED definitely affect someone's experience of the show more that the tracks during the actual show. /end
  21. after watching the first 5 yesterday, NouCome > Lolimonogatari
  22. There is no way this guy is not a troll. Like actually. Nerds.
  23. Join the club http://imgur.com/a/gKZzx#0 I'm helping.
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