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  1. Why so much hate for the 12t :c just finished it and I'm planning on rebuying it after for keeps. When I use it I don't rely on camo at all which is probably bad, but eh. Haven't really learned spotting mechanics well enough yet + no sixth sense. Dunno, I thought it was a really fun tank.
  2. Just re watched Redline cause its fuckin awesome. I think it may have one of my favorite soundtracks, also made me want a t-50-2 :c
  3. educate yourself, a maid cafe a la detroit. prepare to be amazed.
  4. Whenever I think of Attack on Titan I get this weird image of the author pulling a long length of differently colored scarves out of his ass, facing towards you with this smug smile on his face. And, I'm like k, thats cool, but he just keeps going. I could elaborate more, but I'm lazy. Pretty sure the point comes across.
  5. Nicook5

    Oh, Vlad

    Dat thread, almost funny enough to make me browse official wot forums again. Pls no. Already having nightmares.
  6. To be fair its also rather stupid to say that a server side game is totally impregnable and sexy. a la titanic.
  7. dammit, russian too hard. I also now have a reason to get the Chaffee ASAP! And why do so many of his skins have super cliched french skins on the barrels ._.
  8. you can prolly find a model M for like 50 bucks or so, I know some friends found a bunch a while ago ( AND DIDNT TELL ME D:< ). I love my WASD with browns. We use voice activation cause were so technologically advanced, also meshes well with my tendency to mash buttons. Also necessary lol at razer board, THOSE DRIVERS AMIRITE.
  9. So much shit, and some not shit. http://youtu.be/Bp_cRHmWXBo I think yuru yuri ost, EDs, OPs, and character songs are the best playlist ever for tanks, also burned it to disc and blast it with the windows down. ALL WILL LEARN THE POWER OF SINGING LOLIS. Ever since I started doing that I feel like friends don't like getting rides from me as much .-. Gotta be proud.
  10. lol nowai Stop trying to get me arrested - Solono better loli. also mondaiji best show. (not sure if attachments is a shitty way to add pics)
  11. Should I give valvrave a second chance? I keep seeing that people actually kindof like it ._. Tried watching S1 but when the high school was like lol lets declare independence, and lol its absolute zero but lets go fix it(? not sure if actually absolute zero, *shrugs*) I decided FUCK THIS I'M DONE /drop. Currently watching: Kill La Kill: pleasantly surprised to the extreme. Had low expectations because of all the hype. I'm sure you've all been watching it anywho. Infinite Stratos 2: It had to be done. Also Cecilia worst girl, fite me irl. Kyoukai no Kanata: seems pretty generic
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