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  1. Now this "computer stuff has no value" thing is just nonsense. You would think with the popularization of cryptocurrency this idea would have died out. Data can clearly be valuable. Also idonteven about the plsgo stuff. They're mostly just reveling in the forum chaos. Well and happy cause karma for TS stuff. I swear some of the people in this thread actually beleive something like this: http://forum.worldoftanks.com/index.php?/topic/439878-mlp-v20-the-060-version/page__st__20__pid__8945921#entry8945921
  2. Nicook5


    mount T? I might update next week :v Got to collect more cosmetic outfits.
  3. He realized that art doesn't pay so he turned to crime??? Shit's expensive, took a printmaking class once.
  4. Nicook5


    breh I had a 60 prist and lancer before they upped lvlcap. My friend used the account and lvled a 65 mystic. tfw no dps class
  5. Nicook5


    stop im having flashbacks to elins
  6. I dun get why you guys hate it so much either :c
  7. He's just comparing best case damage output. I can't be the only one who finds that a bit silly. Still think CVs and BBs are da best higher tier ships tho.
  8. fug, the dog on the t-34-85 is just too much. Now I have to get it.
  9. well if you want information where else are you gonna go >_> Cancer is the language of politics :^)
  10. That's what I'm hoping for cause I want to put the +reload mod on my yamato. Starting to really like it now that I'm getting used to the guns (my lucky 7/7 win streak may also be responsible).
  11. On subject of turret rotation. Does anyone know what order its calculated with the +flat deg/sec skill and %modifications? (I have like zero credits to buy junk and check)
  12. Ye we like to serve large portions :^), I have also seen us size differences firsthand. There is very high quality food in the states though, do not be fooled. IMO its just more unknown/out of reach. It has definitely gotten more fashionable tho. Also McDonalds makes small burgers ya silly.
  13. pretty sure m-muh blue line BBs are the majority. Also do not argue with kancolle posters, Ignore kancolle posters, and report kancolle posters. I know a few guys in there but I retain a healthy fear of most of them. Figure its worse than bad gup clans . Just shitpost about Pagodas and remind them about lack of US BB radar, works every time.
  14. be moar adventure :c. Also burger is an American dish nerd. Unless you wanna try to claim m-muh German origins.
  15. Can confirm arepas are full of win. Have this pretty sick tiny Venezuelan place near me with em. 1. Obviously French :3 2. Vietnamese 3. Greek, if I became a vegetarian (which I wont cause fuck that) this would be the only thing stopping me from suicide. I really want to eat more greek stuff :c I would love Indian food, but it tends to be a gamble with me. There's some random indian spice that really disagrees with me. Always fun to put some thrill of risk into your dinner. Turkish food is legit so last generation. Last Turkish place I went to was super disappointin
  16. Pagodas masterrace . Also now that I have a t10 I am amazed by the amount of Yamatos I see that just travel totally broadside to you. Also from what I saw the ranges really aren't that bad anyways. Maybe pubbie opinion will turn against open ocean once they start playing freedom BBs?
  17. Panther 8.8 is pretty decent. Haven't played the cdc, but i doubt it outclasses it in every way. Although keep in mind I enjoyed the panther II, and love the box tank look.
  18. psssh you haven't even played a t7 yet. its all good. At least for me the tigerP (first t7) was massive change point.
  19. You should totally finish cross ange :^) actually I haven't finished it yet either. Yeah a show has to trigger me a couple times for me to drop it. loss of interest just = postponed indefinitely.
  20. gls. Mashing R in heavies untill you see something is also my favorite method of play.
  21. dam yammy repairs cost a ton

    1. Nicook5


      yams are cool too tho

    2. Tuco22


      we should yammy toon together one day.

      i can teach you how to get solo'd by a tier 7.

    3. Nicook5


      sounds fun, always wanted to learn. (I hope it was torps)

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