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  1. Frankly, I don't think they were expecting so little resistance. IOW, I think they deployed for a fight and then saw my team melt in front of their yolo teammates. What gets me is 3 t10s + 1 t9 + 2 scouts < 400 damage. It's hard to play that bad (without cats.)
  2. First, hats off to CrabEatOff for the following google search which will provide links to mentions of the AMX 13 90 anywhere on the WotLabs forum site: https://www.google.com/search?q=site%3Aforum.wotlabs.net+amx+13+90 My hope is that this helps others find all the good info on this tank in other forum areas by looking here in the Vehicles section.
  3. I did OK and enjoyed my climb up the French tree until I hit the 13 90. I just suck BALLS with this tank. I actually like the tank a lot (except the 40 second drum reload), but I get annihilated in the games MM puts it in. Rather than continue to waste a slot on my team, I want to improve. I was thinking about switching over to a 'bully's sidekick' role; i.e. following someone around and taking cheap shots at whoever they brawl with. I think that may under-utilize all the amazing things about this tank though. Do you guys have any tips on how to play this tank effectively?
  4. Hey, thanks for this! When I first came up through tier 6, I had a fair amount of trouble with the fragility of this tank. I did a lot better in the Jackson, and after the hellcat gathering dust in my garage I sold it to make room for something else. This forum got me thinking I should try it again as I am better@tanks than I used to be. I rebought, restocked, and still sucked. :/ I read this post, stopped trying to play aggressive in the tank, and profit ensued. Thank you!
  5. It's as ugly as a whore's sore for sure, but I don't care that much about looks. WoT turning a rapier into a pie-knife is what has me down.
  6. First impression is that they made it a Leopard scout with a Zis gun. Acceleration and top speed utterly gutted. Have only played one game though
  7. Got it 4 games later. That was annoying, but fun to rock my Chaffee all night.
  8. Do you get it right away, or have to wait? I thought it was a weekend 30k, and could not believe I hadn't reached it. Now I read this, but am pretty sure I am near or at 30k just on the day
  9. The gun definitely makes this tank more formidable. I have done much more damage since mounting it. Having fun wrecking people too.
  10. Willing! This is right in line with what I am trying to do. I see the individual stats in WoT statistics (DD & DR), and for the last 40 games I am 2:1 -What is a good target here? I am working pretty heavily on the passive spotting aspect of the game which will throw it out of whack, but I am OK with striving for a 'normal' DD:DR goal with the handicap.
  11. lol I like it when I see one of you WoTLabs guys in the game.
  12. ^^^ Bingo. Though my kills and damage still need work, this over-extending in the interest of pulling the team with momentum is where I feel I screw up the most. Once I am dead, I am no longer damaging or killing.
  13. Well I only put one match on the new gun, but it was a good match and I had no unexpected bounces.
  14. Right, I get that Servios, but I am looking for a goal number. I do wish to improve my WR which will improve my SR and vice versa. Right now I am thinking that the goal should roughly be SR = WR * .75 -or, put another way: "I should survive 75% of the games I win." This formula would put the goal at 38.6% SR for my current WR. Were I to get to 60% WR that would be 45% SR, which would put me at the edge of Antonio's suggested range. I think that generally makes sense
  15. Thanks everyone for the input. Let me give a little context... I am trying to improve my game, (not my stats,) and looking to stats as a feedback mechanism for doing so. The overall stat is WR, but that does not tell you where to specifically focus development. With regards to survival rate, I have chosen this because it seems to me to be the stat lagging furthest behind. I would actually welcome your opinion on my stats in general, but I also know they are a bit out of kilter because I play SPGs and scouts. The things I am actively eliminating from my game are also related to survi
  16. I am not looking to raise my survival rate 'just cause,' -I figure that my SR is low and that dying early prevents me from dealing Max damage to the other team.
  17. I solopub exclusively and am interested in improving my play. Recently I have become convinced that the most important thing for me to personally work on is survival rate. I currently average 30%, and have tentatively set a goal for 50%. Is that reasonable? To high or too low? My stats: http://mywotstats.com/Player/View/1002674013/NA Any other stat analysis welcome as well.
  18. This thread is a guilty pleasure for me since I am not gud@tanks enough to judge anyone, but this struck me as just not pulling their weight
  19. Just to be clear; I am getting the gun either way. The question is get it now, or get it as part of eliting the tank? I am not in a hurry to sell the tank or play the T110E5, it just seems a waste to use 30% of the eliting XP to get the gun first.
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