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    thecolorblind1 reacted to hallo1994 in Diplo in CW   
    Pretty harsh given to a beginner.
    Heres from a quote from one of BULLS member:
    Since you don't seem like a total idiot I won't troll you yet
    Diplo basically comes down to doing what you say you will do and never doing things specifically to piss off other clans indirectly
    Here are some things to avoid
    - making promises you can't keep
    - threatening others with dogpiles (large groups of clan alliances)
    - randomly attacking someone you were previously friendly with or agreed not to fight (at least give them 24 hours notice if you want to be liked)
    - posting terribly in CR/D
    - acting like your clan belongs in CR/D when it's terrible (you're at least admitting you're not ready for CW so it's kinda cool)
    - ransacking provinces near people you're not at war with (it causes riots on their territory, which people don't like)
    - switching sides in a war constantly depending on which side you think will win
    - having people who have done any of the above in the past accepted into your clan (outcome may vary depending on how terrible those people are)
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    thecolorblind1 reacted to CarbonWard in Diplo in CW   
    1. Don't flaunt your victories: Nothing gets you enemies faster than flaunting and acting smug in CRD or right before game ends, keep your fucking trap shut.
    Example: Tiergarten
    2. Use common sense: Don't fuck up your an ally thats been with you for months just because you want 500 gold, nobody likes someone who can't take minor losses for greater good.
    Example: What Enjoy did to Reddit during 1st campaign
    3. Don't type shit when you have no intentions of keeping it: Because the other guy is probably smashing printscreen as you type.
    Example: What Enjoy did to CHAI
    4. Stay the fuck off CRD: thats a given.
    So in conclusion: Shut the fuck up, use common sense, don't be a two faced bitch, stay the fuck off CRD.
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    thecolorblind1 reacted to IntrepidWoT in Upcoming tank buffs and nerfs   
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    thecolorblind1 reacted to Worstpoaster_na in ASAP 16 - HOLY CRAP HAVOC   
    serb looks blazed az fuk
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    thecolorblind1 reacted to Homer_J in Is SPrem Out of Control?   
    I don't understand, what is the problem with people using premium rounds when they don't need them?  They would hurt you just as much with standard ammo so the only one losing out is the one shooting.
    And if they are using it when they do need to then, umm, well, that's what it is for isn't it?
    And how do you set a cap on premium rounds, other than doing it tank by tank which will lead to endless arguments I don't see a way.  As you mention, the E100 is really only viable with a good stock of HEAT.
    Even if you set it to 2 shells per tank, that's about all your average baddie in a KV-1S gets off in a battle anyway, if they manage that.
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    thecolorblind1 reacted to Platypusbill in Obj 430 Tanks (Plural)   
    Got the T-62A when the On Track arrived, but I would have picked it over the 140 for more reliable turret armour and not being fugly anyway.
    As for the 430s... the tier IX is a slower T-54 with a generally detrimental rear turret, worse depression, limited turret traverse, and a much weaker lower plate. The tier X has marginally useful frontal armour in exchange for worse gun performance and a turret roof weakspot...
    I don't see why anyone would ever want either when the earlier meds exist.
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    thecolorblind1 reacted to sr360 in Obj 430 Tanks (Plural)   
    I really fail to see what the 430 V2 brings to the table other than the route to the 430.

    Also the object 416 is the best T8 medium in the game right now, leading to three tier 10 mediums.
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    thecolorblind1 reacted to Rexxie in The T57 is NOT being nerfed   
    I often argue with myself over whether the T57 is actually overpowered. I do the same thing with the Foch, though, so I guess I just like talking to myself.
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    thecolorblind1 reacted to Garbad in The problem with WN8   
    Long ago, when russians ruled the earth, wotnews.com began using the word "unicum."  They defined unicum as a "one of a kind" player, aka, a player in the top 1% for win rate.  As time moved on, this came to be defined as ~60% win rate and ~1800 efficiency, both of which were in the top 1% of all gamers.  But keep this in mind -- a unicum is defined ONLY relative to his peers.  It doesn't matter if you do 3k dpg if everyone around you does 3k dpg.  What matters is if you are in the top 1% for performance.
    Today I was looking at my tetrach stats.

    Kind of comically, I'm the best tetrach player in the game.  #1 in exp/game, #1 in DPG, #1 in DD:DR, and a ~75% win rate 95% from solopubs.  In short, I'm not just a unicum, not just a super unicum, but the greatest tet player in the game.
    But my WN8 rating is a mere 3139.  By contrast, the top waffle player right now has a ~6k WN8.  Or for example, my KV-5:  top ~5 in all relevant stat categories, and a ~4k WN8.  I have MANY other tanks that are over 3.1k Wn8 that are not the best in the game, some of which aren't even close (for example my M60 -- a mere 2.7k dpg yet over 4k WN8).  So if my Tet is the best in the game, why doesn't my rating reflect that?  The answer is simple enough -- WN8 is built to punish "seal clubbing."  But doesn't that miss the point?  If I am the greatest seal clubber in the game, why isn't my rating as good as the best t10 seal clubber in the game?
    Look at average Wn8 by tier:
    tier 1:  274
    tier 3:  425
    tier 5:  746
    tier 7:  868
    tier 9:  1166
    tier 10:  1368
    What to improve your Wn8 by ~40%?  No problem, just play a higher tier.  Or by class:
    T10 Hvy:  1262
    T10 Med:  1367
    T10 TD:  1500
    Again, want to improve your WN8 by ~20%?  No problem, just play TDs.  So you see the problem -- WN8 isn't actually measuring skill.  Its measuring who plays tanks that give stats the system rewards (generally dpg, kpg in high tiers).  But a top 1% player in one tank will get a vastly different score than a top 1% player in another, leading to the same stat padding problem efficiency has -- by simply playing the right tanks, you can make yourself look vastly more skilled than you actually are.
    Why aren't scores normalized by tier/tank -- a top 1% performed = 1800 rating, regardless of tier/role/etc? This instantly solves the padding problem (because you have to be in the top 1% of padders to get a good score) and the medium problem (you no longer have to compete with waffles for DPG to get a good score, simply be in the top 1% of mediums).  And it just makes more sense -- the only meaningful standard is outperforming other tankers, which is a moving bar, instead of gaming a system to get a purple sig.
    What happened to unicum meaning a top 1% performer, rather than "a guy who is good in the tanks we give high ratings to?"
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