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  1. Also, on top of the E-75 being a great heavy, it leads to the E-100.
  2. The debate wasn't about HEAT at first, it was 152 HE against 122 AP. Anyways, the fact that several people who are good@tanks run HE in the 152mm makes using it over 122 AP not "absolutely inane." If you stop posting in absolutes a lot of people, especially these eurofegs new to the #ech3experience (this hard on they have for you is hilarious, I'm jealous), would take your poasting a lot easier.
  3. Please point to where I said "favors HE over HEAT." I favor the 152mm HEAT round over HE. I said "favourable opinions on usage of HE" aka they like this shell enough to use it. orange: but even he on turret of armored tanks will do good module damage shack: I carry 4 AP, 9 HEAT and 13 HE shells atm fablak: I carry 1/2 HEAT 1/2 HE admiraldoug: I start with HE and stay second line or further back bobi: My main round was HE for most of the games tho All of the opinions for the 122mm just back up my earlier statement that the discussion is split.
  4. 47 pst thats like military time right like when it goes past 12
  5. I'm sorry I want to have fun playing tanks. You must have misread that thread... Servios, Antonio, some Orange guy, Shackram, fablak, admiraldoug, and Bobi, just on the first page, expressed favorable opinions on the usage of 152 HE. Most everybody in favor of the 152mm had a split loadout HEAT/HE. I pretty sure most, if not all, of them have better stats that you. Instead of trying to attack my points I think you should try to make some of your own. Unless you don't have any.
  6. Please provide an actual argument to back up your statement earlier that "using 152 HE over 122 AP is absolutely inane." Every discussion I have ever seen on the 152/122 subject has been split, with both sides being understanding of the other. Take a gander at the SU-152 discussion in the Russian tank section on these forums.
  7. I'm not debating which is better, simply debating these absolutes you like to use. The SU-152 is clearly inferior to the SU-122-44 no matter which gun it mounts. Since the 122mm doesn't make the tank, and the tank itself isn't that great in the first place, I'd take the lulz and good fun the 152mm HE provides to help lighten the grind.
  8. It isn't "absolutely inane." Using the 122 just makes you inferior to the SU-122-44 in every way. Spamming HE in the 152 is good fun.
  9. the rage isn't as confusing as the whole zombie greed thing
  10. To be fair I wouldn't pay for lessons from a stadpadding fegit reroll either. trufax
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