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  1. What do you mean, friend, are you saying Corona was the reason they needed 40,000 Urns in Wuhan?
  2. Well, I posted all of this in discord a while ago but it's been 3 weeks and I'm still sick. Haven't been able to get tested due to it being a mild case. I've only seldom had a fever and it never lasted long while I've had tightness to my chest and throat continuously as well as a cough. I've been out of breath before getting my laundry and once for an hour after rubbing one out [which was hilarious to me but I didn't tempt fate like that again LUL] then on another occasion when talking but that all went away in severity before the doctors office opened. I have no underlying medical conditions
  3. I should have been more clear I was speaking of its first use didn't have a political tone or message associated with it but was merely a specific reference to the virus and its place of origin. Political reasons came about later but also isn't from everyone that refers to it in such a manner.
  4. In 2015 WHO started moving away from naming things based off regions to avoid stigmatising those regions. In this case Trump was not the first one to use Wuhan or China to name this thing. It also didn't have a political tone of even keeping China accountable. Simply put a name or phrase is easier for people to remember than an abbreviation and a number. SARS is COVID-2. What about COVID-3, 4, 5 and so on? It's easy to get them mixed up and frankly, there have already been times where I got 19 mixed up thinking it was 18. I haven't forgotten it started in Wuhan however. I also don't forget or
  5. Buses and subway are largely empty. Going to and from work I hardly ever see more than half a dozen other people. Buses are boarding people through the back doors and not taking fares to protect drivers. I suspect the shut down on other things is helping but not enough. There were 3 days in which 911 calls related to Coronavirus stagnated then resumed their climb again. Too early to tell though and there's a number of things I can think of as to why the number of calls may not be particularly telling of anything.
  6. The problem is its hitting the health care system already. The hospital my sister works at isn't testing employees at the moment. They're completely out of masks being told to reuse them and using ones that don't even help. The ER is going to other departments for masks when they have 100 patients waiting to be seen and the National Guard is out front helping as best they can. The capacity of our health care system is going to start to decline severely now. Meanwhile 911 calls related to Corona have quadrupled in 8 or 9 days and I expect in another two or so days will be over 1,000 daily.
  7. So the news is doing a fairly good job of getting information out there but it's getting worse faster than they get the information and they're not getting everything. Hospitals are already in really bad shape and from what I'm being told, they're expecting a mass of staff to be infected. They're being ordered to work through it though unless the fever gets high because there's nothing else they can do.
  8. MetGreDKo


    Just getting the thread started as I received this email: X4 Announcement Presentation live on Twitch https://www.twitch.tv/egosoftofficial Live on: Saturday 26th 15:00 CEST, 1PM GMT, 9AM EDT I won't be awake for it but I'll be looking into it after. hyped. I believe the company is one which can learn from a launch like Rebirth.
  9. Anyone else getting the feeling they're throwing all of the ideas for WoT 2 out there to test on this game?
  10. Simply pointing to a +1 max battle tier also does not prove it was given regular matchmaking nor does that chart mean anything at all. Those patch notes don't state anything about the Type 59, KV-5, Lowe nor the M6A2E1 being moved up to tier 9 which is on the chart. We know the Type 59 was introduced in patch 6.7. If you're going to assert the maximum battle tier increased in 7.1 means it saw tier 10 as a part of its ordinary matchmaker then the patch notes should also mention somewhere that its maximum battle tier was reduced by 1 at some point between then and now as we know at present
  11. Nope, it existed at least as far back as 6.4: http://s126.photobucket.com/user/CaptKIng/media/MM_chart_64.jpg.html Found here: http://forum.worldoftanks.com/index.php?/topic/26236-archived-player-questions-developer-answers/ Spoiler named TAGS: T34/T30, M36, server population, WOWP accounts, Patch 7.0, E-75 gun, tank profitability, E50 weapons
  12. Never had it on NA either so far as I can recall. Is it possible you faced tier 9 which got bumped to tier 10 (IS-4?) or that you guys had a regular matchmaking tank in a platoon with your 59?
  13. Problem is every time they look into a fix they instead look into completely changing mechanics all at once. Take a look at their premium ammo approach where they also tested entirely changing purposes of vehicles, their stats, and pen drop off at the same time as tinkering with the concept of premium ammo. It needlessly complicates the issue into being a bigger deal than it should be.
  14. So did they change something to where treaty relationships above a certain amount don't cost bird mana?
  15. I'll post what I said on discord: Problem as I see it is, does it make bad equipment more competitive or does it just widen the game between good and bad equipment.
  16. MetGreDKo

    Dawn of War III

    I'm amused that the most helpful reviews on steam are negative about the game.
  17. We saw the same trend with arty post-nerf. Over the long term however its numbers went back up. Don't get your hopes up people.
  18. General dislike for the patch. I share the same view as Shifty that 3-5-7 is boring when top tier. I also don't believe the 3-5-7 was nearly as impactful towards MM fixing as was the return of battle tier 12 and boosting lights up to tier 10. BT 12 and adding lights I like, though lights did get boned. I feel the reusable consumables to be a terrible idea. It removes some of the punishment for bad play - which I suppose is what WG wants for the snowflakes who can't take the fact they dun screwed up. Meanwhile it also removes some of the decision making in the garage on whether to bring tw
  19. He limited speculation by making it a 1 on 1 with very specific vehicles to compare those very specific lights to as if those were the only two options and didn't even comment on higher tiers that people here typically care more about. He picked the tanks for speculation, not I. Even then he selected a shit tank like the comet - an uptiered cromwell - to make a comparison to others with
  20. Why are you selecting one on one vehicles to compare as if I give a shit to play tier 4 through 7 for anything but grinds?
  21. Wiki says otherwise or said otherwise when I checked.
  22. I'm experiencing a bug when playing as Muscovy where when forming Russia it asks if I want Russian ideas. I say yes but it never actually switches mine to them. After multiple attempts I'm content with editing my save to switch them but holy fuck the file is long. Anyone have able to give me an idea where to look for player nation data?
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