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  1. Lol @ Trump asking Japanese car makers to start making cars in the US. Does he not listen to briefings or have they decided to skip those altogether because see 1st point ?

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    2. kreigermann


      @Assassin7 we didn’t. We literally didn’t... he lost the popular vote by several million votes.(which of course he claims were all systematic voter fraud). The system broke again. He won because of an the electoral college, the obtuse way the US actually elects it’s president.  

    3. ThomChen114


      the powerpoint probably missed that or wasn't interesting enough. It needs simple words, big pictures and interspersed with his face and name to regain his attention

      and no using the phone while a lecture is on!

    4. cavman276


      @kreigemann the electoral college was created because the fathers didn't trust the citizens to keep from electing a fucking loon.  They did EXACTLY THAT and the electoral college didn't do anything about it.  It's pointless.


      Thankfully Northam just won my state, so we won't have a trump stooge as governor. 

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