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  1. Finally... T55 is get... Replay Here: LT15.3
  2. Been hunting for LT15.3 for 3 days now. I have played Prok 0 times, and Malinovka once. I can feel my sanity slowly slipping away...
  3. gotta keep that 100% WR though
  4. Finally finished HT15.3 this morning after bashing my head against a wall for 3 days. Took a Maus south on Artic Region, no arty, 6k blocked, 6.9k dealt, total of 15,560. Pretty easy, you just need to find the perfect amount of stupid. Only LT15.3 left now... hurray...
  5. I feel like someone should grab a 183 and try it with and without deadeye. What percentage of the tank dies when it gets hit for 2000k+?
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