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  1. Real glad you're not perma-banned buddy. O7
  2. Would be amazing, but I guess it's not even close to being straight forward.
  3. Apprectiate it man, if you want I can give you the photoshop PSD file so you can easily keep the layout consistent. If you don't feel like it I could add the the maps Sela has done in the meantime myself. Cheers!
  4. My favorite lines in the moment are the russian mediums (T-54, Object 140) and american autoloaders (T69, T54E1 and T57 Heavy). They're my first and only Tier10 lines and I'll never sell any of the tanks listed because they're all awesome to play. The american autoloaders beginning with the T69 basically taught me to do well with very low AP pen and not wasting time looking for shots on targets I can't pen from the angle I'm at (firing 10% gold at most). When you do this a lot and finally reach the T57 you feel like a fucking god with the 270ish AP pen. ( Now I just have to get used to th
  5. Yes, Selas stream is a comedy goldmine at times, O7! Besides Selas usual verbal abuse against his platoonmates some of the recent gems were the "surgical sniping batchat" (camped A0 on Prokhorovka all game taking popshots saying he was "surgically sniping" while ending up with <1000 dmg done) and the E-100 that yolorushed east on Abbey only to die near their cap declaring "East is secure guys! I did my job." (and no, he wasn't being sarcastic) I'll update my mod next week then, I've seen GunnSmok3 adding it to his modpack which is awesome. Ironically enough you didn't ! :}
  6. If this is for real it's gonna be awesome. Hardest is the one streaming I suppose ?
  7. Making your own custom 6th-sound can be tricky because of the annoying FSB format. I'm using the "alert with a beeping countdown" for my 6th sense sound. It's only a very rough estimator and obviously doesn't take into account being re-spotted, but it helps if you have bad short-term memory. For a 6th sense picture I made this: I put both into a zip file if anyone is interested: http://www.milkiesway.de/wot/6th.zip
  8. Since I overheard Junkers requesting a certain picture on one of his stream highlights I'll just leave this here..
  9. You won't overwrite any files, just unpack the folder into your WoT directory. The original files are stored in /res/, res_mods serves as a override folder for that.
  10. I shall make a retro batman jingles for the 6thSense sound!
  11. Just check the xvm.xc in the root folder of xvm (\res_mods\xvm) it will point to one of the config folders which provide all the settings.
  12. I wish it was that easy, you'd probably have to edit the battle.swf file and then need a script that puts in the right image according to which map/side/mode is played. An easy way would be to just overwrite the minimap for each map, but because you'd have to have the info for both sides on one map it would just be way to cluttered.
  13. In that case I used the images for medium tanks, it only applies for 3 maps (the first 3 he 'reviewed') and the routes are kinda similar to the Heavy/TD. I just thought having 4 images around the loading screen would just make it even more confusing.
  14. Because I'm feeling generous I would switch PCs with you, that way you'll have ~30 seconds to take in the map guides! Btw. we should platoon again sometime.
  15. Well the images would be more aptly named as "Battle deployment routes" or something like that I guess.
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