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  1. A C K S H U A L L Y both of those are actually already things as long as you're talking about dedicated howitzer (derp) guns like the KV-2 or the T49, just FYI - it's how you fight things like Mausen and E-100 frontally when you have no other choice I have no real opinion on the HE changes since I quit the game a while back and cba to read them fully, but a quick skim makes it look like they're just making HE shells into shittier AP shells but making the "always does damage" meme actually true. Seems like a shit change but again, quit the game, only skimmed, etc.
  2. Just bring three T49's they can do literally everything up to and including 300 damage to the front of a Maus ez
  3. The T49 thread is dead though and that makes me sad even though I don't play or post in it anymore either
  4. oh i just meant literally stacking max viewrange with a CVS, so probably iOptics/iVents/CVS with the CVS in the scouting slot but maybe i'll wait for the mathemagicians to figure it all out so i don't have to waste credits or time fucking about
  5. I'll have to try em all I guess but i'll probably end up doing maxed vision still for solopubbing, thanks
  6. okay so now that the Equipment 2.0 update is live... what're you guys gonna do with your T49's?
  7. I don't disagree with this point, I disagree with the fact that they chose to nerf the view range (which is the entire point of light tanks, because otherwise why do they fucking exist at all?). Absolutely nerf the "spaced armor" bullshit of the wheels against non-HEAT/HE rounds, maybe additionally nerf the turning ability and unfuck the broken physics... the wheel damage update is a step in the right direction but a view range nerf on a tank that already has shit base view range and is supposed to be a scout tank just doesn't make sense to me unless they're literally telling us people should
  8. why are they nerfing the view range more wtf
  9. NGL i like the idea of having equipment that makes my camo better and affects my spotting time but uhhhhhhhhhh guess we'll see how it plays out on sandbox? lmfao five bucks says there'll still be an optimal build for everything
  10. It's honestly not that bad if you have a full stack of 5 and don'to have to rely on stupid pubbies, it's mindless shooter fun like I imagine cod zombies or halo firefight to be

    1. Wanderjar


      you mean psychers dont like arty? @.@ 


    2. PlanetaryGenocide


      Psykers run the risk of possession by the daemonic and the CGC is just one manifestation of such

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