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  1. Sick drift, dude Apparently I was making a habit of deleting Ru251's tonight, have some nice round numbers
  2. Demounted: Equipment 'Coated Optics' was demounted from the vehicle. You have spent gold: 10. Purchased: Equipment 'Experimental Optics' successfully purchased (1 item(s)). You spent bond: 4,000. Equipment 'Experimental Optics' mounted on vehicle. with iVents (and Situational Awareness at 100) it'll be 537 but at that point i'm literally just minmaxing numbers because I can. And just because i want to leave the thread on a positive note, have a gif. I'm spoiled for choice in this one because I can either delete the Steyr or the 13 57 (or the 13 90, but he's already low HP) and since the 13 57 has more HP than the Steyr does... 13 57. also autoaiming is for bads don't do it
  3. Imagine being this trash in the T49


    like yeah i'm a bitch for setting him on fire but come on

    1. minivinny789


      Makes me look good.

  4. imagine being able to block 3 maps and using it to block three of the better maps in the game
  5. Hmm. I really wish I could like, rent it for a day or two to try on live server. I'll probably just wait until it's a marathon reward or some shit a year from now. Or not play for 60 days and then recruit myself when it becomes a referral reward l m a o
  6. Even on a different account in a different class of tank.. I seek the buttes. 



  7. Figured I'd start a thread for this one since I haven't found one via search. Anyone bought this yet? Played it? I haven't watched any videos or stream reviews or whatever yet on it but just looking at the stats it gives me a pre-nerf Hellcat vibe. It's described as a Chaffee hull with a M36 turret and gun. Important stats: 600 HP 370 VR 21.something hp/ton with 55/14 kph top speed. No armor to speak of besides 76mm turret front, 18% ish camo 160/221/45 pen 240/240/320 alpha 90mm gun from the Jackson with ~8s reload time and 2s aimtime, dispersion .38 Will this fill the pre-nerf Hellcat-shaped hole in my heart
  8. I used the 5k bonds they gave us for the anniversary or whatever on an iVstab for the derp 49. There's no way i'll ever play enough ranked or tier 10 to bother with getting tanks from the Bond shop and the T49 is the only tank in the game worth playing in pubs on a regular basis as it is, so my next bonds purchase will almost certainly be an iOptics or iVents for that same tank, followed by whichever one I didn't buy. my stats will never be purple but my favorite tank can be
  9. like i said, i'd probably cum my panties so hard if the T92 had the T71 DA autoloader
  10. Isn't any gun 75mm or higher basically any non LT gun that it would ever face lmfao
  11. I do recall that but I definitely didn't buy the tank until well after that buff so I don't actually know what it was like to play it with the garbage engine. Was great T49 food though
  12. I am ashamed to admit that in the name of farming recruit points i have played nearly 100 battles of tier IV arty (Pz.Sfl. IVb) with a nearly 60% winrate and I spent 2m on a crew book for the crew today.


    I'm 6th on the rankings for the tank for this month and half of those battles were with a sub-100% crew.


    but hey only like 350 more points to go until i complete stage 3 so fuck you i guess

    1. NightmareMk9


      How many battles does it take to get the Rewards?

      It took my recruit 497 games to unlock and buy the E5.  And that was pretty efficient grinding. All I got with the old system was the T95E2.  I would like to get a T92 for free. :)

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