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  1. So, has anyone checked out the sandbox server for the changes to the T49? What's it like in the changes? Do I get to quit this game forever?
  2. imagine your game being so dead that you have to give every shitter in the game a free tier 10

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Assassin7


      wait is this in tanks?

      oh I hope to god not

    3. Wanderjar


      don't look now...

    4. punishersal


      Wat, weer, wen?

  3. imagine not knowing how to go west flank on Tundra north spawn my two pens that game were on Foch 155's at range, oddly enough
  4. image.png.23f31c30305ccc4ac90bd385dadca2b6.png


    we did it reddit

    1. Diriz0n


      It was done 2 months ago, automatically, professor. 


    2. Wanderjar


      ^ hes right you know
      though lol at the negrep crusade you did


    3. PlanetaryGenocide


      it was at 999,996 when I checked today so I did the thing

  5. I've never played the ARL 44 but I can guarantee you that the T-34-85 and it's 900+ variants does everything it does, but better.
  6. Remember when we had a thread with a poll to RO Dirizon until he fixed his 0 key? Remember when the results were overwhelmingly in favor? Let's make Wotlabs great again, please
  7. imagine paying non-discounted price for the shitbarn


    oh wait


    that's me


    because i'm dumb

  8. tfw you come back to tanks because of the T49 3d skin even though the T49 is going to be massacred in like... idk, 2 months

    took me 40 games to get halfway (65k damage) god i'm trash

    1. PlanetaryGenocide


      On the other hand, I aced the grille 15 again so... yay?

  9. Getting booty blasted by a T49 HE round is generally a lot less RNG-dependent than getting slapped by skycancer for 500 a pop by a shell that landed 3 meters away, IMO, but I do understand that it's not exactly the best feeling in the world either way. That being said, removing an entire sub-class of tanks and playstyle is not the answer here
  10. hey here's a stupid idea to fix arty

    give them all FV304-esque shell arc but also make all arty shell flight times at least 15 seconds to hit at max view range

    there's literally nothing wrong with this plan

  11. I was talking about that a couple days ago when this first was announced with someone else - they did the same bullshit with the lefh where it still has a HEAT and AP round even though all the tech tree arty got theirs removed, so I would be completely unsurprised if the KV-2R became the only derp tank left in the game due to its status as a premium Especially since they just sold it a week or two ago
  12. If they give the t49 152mm a 76pen 910 damage hesh shell i'll be okay with this even if it's the new premium shell
  13. It actually literally says "This does not apply to SPG rounds or HESH" in the news post, so...
  14. If these go live and my 152mm T49 becomes unplayable i'm unironically quitting the game permanently Fuck this
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