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  1. I have the T49 thread bookmarked but there's only been one post in the last few months because everyone's quit this fucking game already including me
  2. I'm not sorry

  3. I think I just played myself by submitting a ticket for the Skorpion exchange, because they finally realized my ingame name was "Blyatimir_Putin" and now I have to change it.

    This is a sad day for freedom

    1. Jesse_the_Scout


      It's all fun and games until you mysteriously die of Polonium poisoning.

    2. Wanderjar
  4. I used one of my 30k rewards on this as well. Never played it stock, I free xp'd the top modules the moment I bought the dumb thing. This thing excels as a top tier, of course. Most things have just as garbage view range as you do (I had 350 with optics + BiA + Sit. Awareness) and your HE round is a gift from the Baguette gods. My loadout initially started as 20 AP 10 APCR 15 HE, then slowly morphed into 20 HE 15 APCR 10 AP, before finally ending as 30 HE 15 APCR 0 AP. Other notes: The AP shell velocity is garbage. HE will dumpster any unarmored tank you come up against This tank is best played in a platoon with another one or two of them The gun depression off the front is actually hilariously good The reload on the top gun is decently fast - I'm actually having trouble adjusting to the Hotchkiss (which has a normal-ish reload) I think once i got used to the mechanics of how to drive a wheeled vehicle in this game it was less bad (though going up against a wall or a cliff sideways basically kills your entire game if you get wedged into a corner) it wasn't that awful - really the main issues with this tank that I had were the garbage turn radius, garbage viewrange, and the fact that a T-50-2 could chase it down easily. Also, never ram anything in any of these tanks because you will lose. That being said, I anticipate the EBR hotch will be a lot better
  5. This has even less kill power than the EVEN 90 has though
  6. Lmao i got Mines top tier in the tier 6 where view range literally doesn't matter because the map is fucking tiny and I ended up just shitting on everything. 2.2k damage no ace because i guess somehow people are actually doing really well in these things? Or not a lot of people are playing the 6 so there aren't as many retards bringing down the Outside of that one very specific use case the tier 6 is garbage
  7. Aced this on the second match in a tier 8 game. It's not bad for tier 7 but i don't feel too great about taking it into tier 9 It's hilarious putting HE into wheelymobileys though edit: Two aces now. Still have a 100% winrate in it too after six battles... I think... which is pretty unprecedented for a tier 7 medium in the current year IMO. I have yet to get a tier 9 match in it but it's perfectly serviceable for tier 8 and below. Your hull is surprisingly bouncy to lower tiers sometimes and while the gun takes a long time to aim in (and the shell velocity really does blow) it's honestly not the worst tier 7 gun I've used. We'll see how I feel about it after tier 9.
  8. I figured the t9 tank would just be the return of the SU-122-54
  9. Camping turbonoob gets absolutely deservedly wrecked in 2k19

  10. >implying an M53/55 player has any sort of valid opinion on what is and isn't a fail platoon
  11. Hey, @Never.  Have you heard about the Mining and Smithing rework?

  12. Hey guys i'm proud to present to you the First Butte (tm) of 2019
  13. yeah i usually don't do it from that side of Halluf anymore cause normally I can blap a light tank or a squish med from B2 instead which is a much better chance at blappage
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