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    1. Wanderjar


      you mean psychers dont like arty? @.@ 


    2. PlanetaryGenocide


      Psykers run the risk of possession by the daemonic and the CGC is just one manifestation of such

  2. imagine your game being so dead that you have to give every shitter in the game a free tier 10

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    2. Assassin7


      wait is this in tanks?

      oh I hope to god not

    3. Wanderjar


      don't look now...

    4. punishersal


      Wat, weer, wen?

  3. image.png.23f31c30305ccc4ac90bd385dadca2b6.png


    we did it reddit

    1. Diriz0n


      It was done 2 months ago, automatically, professor. 


    2. Wanderjar


      ^ hes right you know
      though lol at the negrep crusade you did


    3. PlanetaryGenocide


      it was at 999,996 when I checked today so I did the thing

  4. imagine paying non-discounted price for the shitbarn


    oh wait


    that's me


    because i'm dumb

  5. tfw you come back to tanks because of the T49 3d skin even though the T49 is going to be massacred in like... idk, 2 months

    took me 40 games to get halfway (65k damage) god i'm trash

    1. PlanetaryGenocide


      On the other hand, I aced the grille 15 again so... yay?

  6. hey here's a stupid idea to fix arty

    give them all FV304-esque shell arc but also make all arty shell flight times at least 15 seconds to hit at max view range

    there's literally nothing wrong with this plan

  7. What even is wheeled vehicle physics in 2019

    Alternate title: ""When switching between the modes, the wheeled vehicles will not lose engine power anymore."

    1. PlanetaryGenocide


      I should've waited one second more before switching into rapid, i'd have made it behind the rock AND baited the 132 into my TD's

    2. Haswell


      Loving that fucking roll at the end. :doge:

    3. PlanetaryGenocide


      Probably the most satisfying part about blowing up a wheelchair

  8. image.png.e17f7b659f73ff23b59401e9e8a1f587.png

    haha yes very good

  9. Imagine being this trash in the T49


    like yeah i'm a bitch for setting him on fire but come on

    1. minivinny789


      Makes me look good.

  10. Even on a different account in a different class of tank.. I seek the buttes. 



  11. I am ashamed to admit that in the name of farming recruit points i have played nearly 100 battles of tier IV arty (Pz.Sfl. IVb) with a nearly 60% winrate and I spent 2m on a crew book for the crew today.


    I'm 6th on the rankings for the tank for this month and half of those battles were with a sub-100% crew.


    but hey only like 350 more points to go until i complete stage 3 so fuck you i guess

    1. NightmareMk9


      How many battles does it take to get the Rewards?

      It took my recruit 497 games to unlock and buy the E5.  And that was pretty efficient grinding. All I got with the old system was the T95E2.  I would like to get a T92 for free. :)

  12. I'm not sorry

  13. I think I just played myself by submitting a ticket for the Skorpion exchange, because they finally realized my ingame name was "Blyatimir_Putin" and now I have to change it.

    This is a sad day for freedom

    1. Jesse_the_Scout


      It's all fun and games until you mysteriously die of Polonium poisoning.

    2. Wanderjar
  14. Camping turbonoob gets absolutely deservedly wrecked in 2k19

  15. Hey, @Never.  Have you heard about the Mining and Smithing rework?

  16. @Never the e is still gone on my display name :kappa: also dark mode for forums and stats page when

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    2. mistervanni


      dark mode dark mode!:rabble:

    3. Assassin7


      I maybe removed the E, though i thought never re added it back. I would but I cant anymore because I sabotaged myself and he took away the moderator tag permission to access that screen D:

    4. PlanetaryGenocide


      It looks like it's back now lmao


      ...but now I kind of want to change it to Blyatimir_Putin like my actual WoT name

  17. holy fucking shit the Conqueror tho

  18. @Never :triggered:


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    2. PlanetaryGenocide


      lmfao i didn't even notice by the time i had seen your first reply i ended up just going into the console and changing the element width and pretending

    3. Unavailebow
    4. Assassin7


      Don't worry I got this

  19. Final overall stats for 2k games in the Derp 49.

    There might be a couple (like <20) games in there with the old 90mm HE-only gun because I didn't have free xp for it but whatever.


    1. Haswell


      Spoiler this shit god damn it. You're stretching the page.

    2. PlanetaryGenocide


      lmfao really? I had "show rich text format" turned off, my bad

  20. I think this is the first time I've ever cracked top 3 on any of these rankings ever


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    2. PlanetaryGenocide


      Fair. Just let me have my fantasies okay lmao

    3. Archaic_One


      The chodestars would be proud

    4. PlanetaryGenocide


      TheChang told crab for me and crab senpai congratulated me

      I've finally graduated chode school

  21. KtMGZEf.jpg

    My first ever three-mark AND i got my goal of doing it before i hit 2k battles in it


    Feels. Good.


    also i blapped @Trobs in this while he was streaming and that's always good too

    1. TheChang


      Way to go getting the only 3-mark that TRULY matters! I hope to see some butt-getting gifs from your session(s)! 

    2. PlanetaryGenocide


      Yeah now I gotta go through them all... lmao

      For now though... have a bonus video of the end of my last battle (it's also in the thread)


    3. nabucodonsor


      Congrats! But WG should fix the model displayed, Bulldog turret + Heretic gun is horrible to see.

  22. https://gfycat.com/GlisteningEntireAngora

    Heckin bamboozled eat shit and die pubbie nerd

    1. Archaic_One


      Crabs would be so proud *sniff sniff*

  23. Gigabit Internet achieved

  24. 22k people on USC and I still get this shit CThvxN5.jpg


    Don't worry though the game is fine

    1. PlanetaryGenocide


      er, if you don't know what i'm bitching about, it's in the bottom right corner

    2. nabucodonsor


      Don't worry as you can see Ivan and Vladimir in the background are discussing on how to fix these problems for you. WG working as intended 

    3. Tarski


      Yeah, I don't understand why there can be so many tier 10 tanks in the queue and I still have to wait for several minutes every single time. Something is screwy with the matchmaking. 

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