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  1. >tier 10 match

    >pubbie tries to tell me that there are more people who are below average than above average

    >tfw that's pretty much what the definition of "average" isn't

    >I point this out to him

    >he calls me an XVM statwhore queen


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    2. PlanetaryGenocide


      5 hours ago, Fulcrous said:

      The thing is, given enough samples it will be 50/50

      yeah i'll admit i initially confused mean and median but then I realized given the size of the playerbase they're close enough to the same thing anyways

    3. Fulcrous



      Point being that there will be just as many people above and below average given enough samples...
      There's a reason why you don't use mean over things like mode or median for extremely low sample sizes.

    4. Darvek


      Even over a large sample size, if the distribution of deviations from the mean for the data set is asymmetric you can easily have more points on one side of the mean than the other. If that weren't true, the mean and median would always be the same for all large data sets, and they're clearly not.

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