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  1. Glad to hear about your experiences with the field modifications stuff, because I only did one or two matches on test server for it - been playing Starbase instead of tanks recently. I haven't changed my ammo loadout but that's because I've always carried 6 HEAT anyways, I just use them more now. E: actually, while we're here - @CraBeatOff, what field mods do you use?
  2. The 53/55 seems to still do inordinately well in my hands compared to other arties - it hits more often than the fucking 261 does and I still haven't missed an AP shotgun at close range yet (though I have had several non-pens and bounces)
  3. Turns out the "b" in bLNES doesn't stand for bounty, it stands for BLESSED AS FUCK. Even if Prokhorovka North spawn is easy mode. If I'm being honest tbh bLNES vs regular would have made zero difference in this match lmao Also, it really helps when your 1 line team actually pushes - I'll be honest, I could've cracked 10k if I had realized, because I got almost none of the spotting on that T95 Anyways yeah that's probably my best scouting game I've ever had.
  4. Only by 10% for all the relevant missions (stun, damage, criticals) as far as i could see - might be fine for the stun time ones, but going from 8 to 7 critical hits required (especially when the only ammo worth using doesn't cause critical hits on non-penetrations anymore) is basically pissing in our faces.
  5. Definitely this! Although I'm actually having the opposite problem sometimes - I'm too passive and give up on easy damage that I otherwise could farm (in both the LTTB and the T49). Of course sometimes when I do shoot I get it wrong and get instantly removed from the game, so... balancing act. I almost want to run xvm just to use ratings as a gauge of what kind of crew skills and equipment enemy light tanks are likely to have, because it's a pain in the ass to play like everyone's running CVS builds, and it sucks to get absolutely potatoed by someone who is built in a way you didn't
  6. And I, in turn, am currently grinding up the T49 on a (free-to-play, currently) recruit account so I can play the non-sneak style. Might be a bit before I can fully equip it, unfortunately, and it'll take some getting used to the lower VR and camo I'd imagine. I'll probably just buy xmas lootboxes when the time comes for that account since that's probably about when I'd finish the trashdog grind, and I'm grinding up free xp on the T-50-2 to convert so I can skip the heretic gun The main thing I need to get used to again with the full stealth style is when it's safe to take shots. I've
  7. I wouldn't say it's been completely neutered, but it certainly makes it harder to swing a stalled flank in your favor if all you've got is frontal shots. I've really been enjoying the Full Stealth + 152 build for negating that though, makes it much easier to get unconventional flanks on people and aim down completely. As noted by my status, I got the bLNES this morning so I'm now this asshole: Intuition is great and I've actually found decent utility in Sound Detection - my main problem with it is that if you're outside the blast zone when the shot is fired, it won't go off if y
  8. Equipment Upgrade Equipment "Bounty Exhaust System" successfully upgraded. Characteristics improved. Spent credits: 3,000,000.

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    2. PlanetaryGenocide


      I'm hoping to acquire a second one for the LTTB/54 ltwt (depending on which one i have by the time I complete stage 100) for... basically the same reason?

      Attempting to 3mark the LTTB first though.

    3. hazzgar


      LTTB is way more annoying to mark than the t54 because it flips and slides for no reason

    4. PlanetaryGenocide


      yeah it does require a lot of traction management and driving skill... though hopefully WG is supposedly fixing some of the super slidey rocks and shit in the next patch so assuming they don't completely break the game again for the 114th patch in a row it should get better

  9. I'll get the scouting done without resorting to heresy! Idk I just really like the ninja T49 build a lot. It's sneaky enough, has hilarious view range and camo breaking, I'm currently running Designated Target + the directive for an extra +4 seconds, and I almost always have time to aim my shots. But given that I've managed to bring the T49 mark up a full 10% (83.5-93.5) since I switched the equipment to this, I'm starting to think that maybe I can do the same in the Ltwt as you have... so I might give that a shot instead of fucking around in the LTTB still e: checki
  10. The LTTB does pretty well with this too, though I still put CVS in the vision slot instead of the LNES even before the advent of bLNES. and I still maintain that the T49 can scout just as well as the rest of the T9 LT's with this build
  11. Surprisingly enough it kind of actually is, but only because the average pre-patch arty main is, as Panzer says, a brain-dead vegetable. Judging by the amount of no-arty battles I've been getting lately as @GehakteMolen mentioned, most arty mains can't handle it. I actually see stupid bullshit pens more often in games with arty and stun is just as annoying as it's always been - because almost every player left playing arty is actually a thinking human being and not a drooling imbecile who has to hunt and peck WASD every time they want to relocate. Idk how many of you play high tier arty
  12. God, I didn't even think of that. Stun rounds do actually have the capability, but you have to pen with them so that's only realistic on paper tds and light tank butts or whatever. I got the 260 missions naturally over the course of grinding out the 261 and 53/55, so I didn't really have to worry about it overmuch.
  13. You're not bad at arty, your arty RNG is just bad I believe it is yeah, your conclusions line up with what I've been experiencing. Glad I've got all the arty missions done through 260...
  14. The problem I've found with the "high damage" rounds is that their splash is about half of a stun round - sure, no stun means there's no fear of firing them into an active brawl because nothing will happen to your team, but you better be dead on target or else the round is almost as worthless as a near-miss AP round. High damage rounds give me giggles for hitting rears and engine decks (or light tanks) though, and I'm still at a 100% success rate for AP shotguns with the exception of one "Screen not penetrated" on an STB-1 from about 100m with autoaim, which isn't quite "shotgun" territor
  15. Oh, I don't have the audio dulling until the stun actually applies, or at least I've never noticed it. Weird.
  16. Now that the patch has been out for a bit, I feel like there'll be some actual opinions on this question. So for those of us who are dirty clickers for whatever reason and hate themselves enough to still be playing arty in the current patch - Do you use the non-stunning rounds ever? What situations and why? How many do you carry? In both the M53/55 and 261, I carry 1 AP round for emergency shotgunning at the end of either losing or winning games - it's a free 500-600 damage (and potential meme kill) in either situation as long as you're good at aiming in third person and are minimap awar
  17. That "hollow" sound is actually the sound you get when you're stunned - it means the round has already landed lmao. However, here's a tip - you can actually hear arty firing from anywhere on the map. Might need to have LoS to them? not sure. But I was playing on Kharkov today and noticed that if I looked towards where enemy arty was, I could hear a low booming sound every time a tracer showed up and started arcing towards us, even if it didn't trigger Sound Detection for me. It's really tough to pick out when you're paying attention to a dozen other things at once, but if you're just bush
  18. yeah it's definitely a much better choice on loaders these days. The only problem is that for crews with two loaders you do have to train it on both to 100% to get the full effect
  19. Yeah it really only applies to my T49 for now because that Commander is on the sixth skill lmfao. I deemed it worth dropping Recon for because i've been getting blindshot by arty more often Does help avoid CB but I usually moved after shots even before the new tracers so...
  20. what the hell are you talking about? Intuition is now a 100% proc as long as you're fully reloaded my dude
  21. T49 swaps in 3.5 I actually already had Intuition on both my M53/55 and the T49 due to ... having no other skills for the loader to train. That if nothing else makes the skill worth it once you're done with Bia/Safe/Camo or Repairs because what else is there? FF, sure but then... Adrenaline Rush? Lmao Anyways, I loved Intuition before and I absolutely adore it now - It lets me not have to flex my precognitive skills nearly as hard for what ammo type to have loaded in the T49. It's useless on arty though because the other shell types are meh. As for Sound Det
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