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  1. I've never played the ARL 44 but I can guarantee you that the T-34-85 and it's 900+ variants does everything it does, but better.
  2. Remember when we had a thread with a poll to RO Dirizon until he fixed his 0 key? Remember when the results were overwhelmingly in favor? Let's make Wotlabs great again, please
  3. imagine paying non-discounted price for the shitbarn


    oh wait


    that's me


    because i'm dumb

  4. tfw you come back to tanks because of the T49 3d skin even though the T49 is going to be massacred in like... idk, 2 months

    took me 40 games to get halfway (65k damage) god i'm trash

    1. PlanetaryGenocide


      On the other hand, I aced the grille 15 again so... yay?

  5. Getting booty blasted by a T49 HE round is generally a lot less RNG-dependent than getting slapped by skycancer for 500 a pop by a shell that landed 3 meters away, IMO, but I do understand that it's not exactly the best feeling in the world either way. That being said, removing an entire sub-class of tanks and playstyle is not the answer here
  6. hey here's a stupid idea to fix arty

    give them all FV304-esque shell arc but also make all arty shell flight times at least 15 seconds to hit at max view range

    there's literally nothing wrong with this plan

  7. I was talking about that a couple days ago when this first was announced with someone else - they did the same bullshit with the lefh where it still has a HEAT and AP round even though all the tech tree arty got theirs removed, so I would be completely unsurprised if the KV-2R became the only derp tank left in the game due to its status as a premium Especially since they just sold it a week or two ago
  8. If they give the t49 152mm a 76pen 910 damage hesh shell i'll be okay with this even if it's the new premium shell
  9. It actually literally says "This does not apply to SPG rounds or HESH" in the news post, so...
  10. If these go live and my 152mm T49 becomes unplayable i'm unironically quitting the game permanently Fuck this
  11. I think the other thing that you didn't mention regarding the 3 marking battles is that it's your last 100 battles - you only have to be consistently good for 100 battles. This also means that you'll occasionally get wild swings if, for example, a shit 0-damage battle where you potato and die first drops off the end and gets replaced by your 6k damage 2k spotting kolobanov+radleys game or whatever. I had the same problem as you the first time I tried 3-marking the derp T49, got to about 93% and then just potatoed hard three games in a row and dropped to about 87, gave up on it. When I finally went for it again (after noticing that I was back to about 90% without really trying for it), I would literally just do one battle a day for the longest time - I'd log in, do a T49 battle, and then go do my other grinds. That way, I'm solely affected by RNG and my own skill, as opposed to say, being tilted by being nuked by arty last battle. Eventually my potato games dropped off the end and I was consistently doing 3-4k+ combined per game with some really lucky map RNG since blocking maps wasn't a thing back then. Given that your issue is consistency within a session, maybe give the once-a-day thing a try once you go above 90% on the marks? Finally, assist damage is apparently vastly underrated for 3-marking (and do note that it only takes the higher of spotting or tracking, you don't get both) - I've had 0 damage games with a full percent progress due to the amount of spotting received. I'll also note that during my original 3-mark grind, I wasn't running optics (or a 5-skill crew or food), but once I swapped out GLD for optics for the extra view range and started running cola every match is when my mark %age started going up again due to the extra assist damage. For an E50 you might be better off going for tracking shots than spotting - i've never played the thing, idk how blind it is or isn't, but it doesn't seem like the kind of tank you can go and get spots with in the current year. also obviously just run food, buy 200 crew books, and spam gold for ez frags from noobs tl;dr: always go for damage+tracking shots if possible, but don't be afraid to just 0-damage track something if it's the best you can do since you'll still get more mark progress than just holding fire waiting for a damaging shot don't play on tilt - if you potato in one game don't dig yourself deeper trying to gain that % back. If one battle a day is all your sanity can take, do one battle a day. Block shit maps lmao Abbey and Paris fucked my mark percentage so many times
  12. Drew this on my phone w/stylus during the more boring times at work the past couple of days Look ma, new content in the T49 thread!
  13. What even is wheeled vehicle physics in 2019

    Alternate title: ""When switching between the modes, the wheeled vehicles will not lose engine power anymore."

    1. PlanetaryGenocide


      I should've waited one second more before switching into rapid, i'd have made it behind the rock AND baited the 132 into my TD's

    2. Haswell


      Loving that fucking roll at the end. :doge:

    3. PlanetaryGenocide


      Probably the most satisfying part about blowing up a wheelchair

  14. I like to meme with HESH in the top gun on this tank nowadays - my only gripe is that A. it misses a lot even fully aimed, which I"m sort of used to from the T49 but I'm also not yeeting 5k credits per shot into the dirt with a miss in the T49, and B. the thing is goddamn slow
  15. can we stop him from making new threads regardless of the status of the O key though
  16. The issue is that it has worse reload time than the T50 but also with 80 less alpha. The tank feels pretty damn balanced as is but like Kymrel said, having the original 20 second base clip reload with 100% crew would be pretty great
  17. oh fair enough I didn't look in that subforum. The bounces are definitely RNG or idiots but I bounced three shots in a row from a T-44-100 while desperately reloading in like, my second match in the thing, which is why i felt like it was worth mentioning. As far as I can tell the hull and turret armor are the exact same as the tier 9 Skoda, and having the same armor a tier lower is obviously a general increase in armor effectiveness I also didn't realize it got pre-release nerfed, a slightly faster clip reload would be nice but honestly it's in a pretty good spot balance-wise e: just logged on, 58% in 19 battles. Small sample size indeed but it is better than what I had thought I was at.
  18. God damn this forum is dead how does this topic not exist yet? Also I'm making this topic from my phone because work filters, so sue me for not typing out all the stats. Here's the TanksGG page. Anyways, basic overview. Skoda T 27 - the premium (and thus worlds better than tech tree) tier 8 Czechoslovakian medium tank. 3 round clip, 240 alpha with 1.8s intraclip and 23.01s clip reload with 100% crew. Rounds are AP 202pen standard, APCR 242 pen gold, who cares what the HE is. Mobility feels about the same as the tier 9 - same top speed but i cba looking up terrain resistances. Armor is obviously mostly a non-factor, but being tier 8 means you can meme bounce autoaiming idiots and low tiers who shoot your turret face more often. My thoughts: I've played something like 15 games in it so far while doing the Czech holidays event on NA. Winrate's not great (54% last i checked) because like all autoloaders it's super easy to get into trouble overextending and i have some bad habits. Gun feels as derpy if not more so than the T50, I like to joke that one shot out of every three in the T50 will miss or bounce and that seems to be true for this gun as well. I miss the shell velocity from APCR default as well and that's fucking with my DPG a bit until I get used to it. 202 AP is just this side of workable but I've definitely run full gold in matches before for both shell velocity and pen reasons. Also, the ammorack is a little fragile - had it damaged twice in three shots from a Pantera in one match yesterday. Haven't had a full detonation yet but it's a matter of time and getting shot too much. No fires yet despite running food, and I didn't notice any other significant rates of module or crew wreckage. Overall, it feels like a downtiered T50 with a bit less HP and the AP default gun. Miles better than the TVP VTU of course, and it really should be the tech tree option if they're not gonna give the VTU an autoloader to match up with the T9/10, but $$$ I guess, most new premiums are this way in the current year. I definitely like it, as will anyone else who enjoy the tech tree 9 and 10 Skodas. My current setup: Medkit/Repkit/Food, Vstab/Vents/Optics. I went with Vents because I had em lying around and they put me at 470 viewrange with my crew, but given the general derpiness of the gun I did consider a GLD. I carry half AP half APCR (which I believe is 27 of each). Crew skills (my T50 crew) are: Commander (girl): Sixth/BiA/Sit. Aware/Repairs/Camo, might dump Repairs for Recon and retrain it again Gunner: BiA/Snap/Repairs/Camo Driver: BiA/ORD/Repairs (which maybe i should change to smooth ride, but... Firing on the move in this thing is eh)/Camo Loader: BiA/Safe/Repairs/Camo Food, vents, and BiA push the clip reload down to 21ish seconds I think. Maybe 22. Thoughts? It seems actually fairly well-balanced to me.
  19. there's probably a better choice of first posts to have made but you do you
  20. I've been thinking about putting that Bonds of Steel recruit program camo on it, cause that red and black is just pure S E C C S what camo is that anyways @monjardin cause it does look dank
  21. Sick drift, dude Apparently I was making a habit of deleting Ru251's tonight, have some nice round numbers
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