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    Type 62

    Crab, I look at your average stats there in your post - were all of your games like this? I could not do this game in and game out, I got lucky one time. http://wotreplays.eu/site/5842304#ensk-treeburst-type_62
  2. The case for LTs is actually really easy to make, especially at tier 8. Figure any tier 8 you play, you'll be in tier 10 games at least 60% of the time. Of the rest, you'll be in tier 9 games 75% of the time. So you'll be top tier at best 10% of the time. Except now "top tier" includes a fair amount of straight tier games. So lets take an "amazing" "broken" premium like the Defender. Tier 9 and 10 tanks might have to 2 2 to pen you, but since they are doing that anyway that "broken" armor isn't really so useful. You are slow, blind, and you have a gun that is derpy as shit. In short,
  3. Well perhaps the ISPs weren't rent-seeking quite as hard prior to 2015?
  4. What are the odds of this thing ending up as a tech tree premium?
  5. I actually think the Challenger is pretty good. Averaged a bit over 1300 damage with the 17 lber, average damage is far higher with the 32 lber. The limited traverse is a bit of a pain sometimes, but the good gun depression makes it pretty easy to find spots to limit your exposure. Seems to have pretty good camo too, at least until you fire.
  6. One of the few tanks I'd open my wallet back up for.
  7. Think that got delayed again. Looking forward to the crew, have to figure out what I'm going to do with the 6 new crew I've got now. I think it's very cool that you can unlock the tank without assigning the reward crew like you used to have to do.
  8. This. So much fucking this. THIS for fucking YEARS. Three to be exact.
  9. I just did 15.4 in a T49! Running around like a chicken with my head cut off, got absolutely incredibly lucky several time. Got a little salty at the end because I thought I had just missed it, but the E5 won it for us and got the "with honors" for me. Holy shit I am stoked! Got 15.3 in the T49 too a long time ago. Here's the game, assuming anyone is interested. And you SHOULD BE! Just to make me feel good. And I already feel pretty damn good about it :). http://wotreplays.eu/site/3918444#swamp-treeburst-t49
  10. Figure it's better to bump an old topic than start a new one. I'm thinking about utilizing this "trade-in" to get an STRV S1. So I've got two series of questions. The first is about the S1. Is it even worth getting? I have a UDES, I think it's different and amusing, but definitely hard to use well enough to win a game. How different are the two in reality? Second, which tank should I be looking to get rid of? I'm leaning towards the IS-6, since I think the Defender pretty much rendered it superfluous, but I'm honestly not sure. Before pref8 meant 5 9s and 10 8s a game it was
  11. If the Maus had 14,000 hp it would be easy. I bounce about 2.5k per game on average I think. About 95% of all rounds fired at tier 10 are gold rounds anyway, 100% of the ones fired at "super-heavies" are.
  12. The tier 5 seems to be a worse version of the tier 4. That is as far as I've gotten so far. The premium 8 is pretty amazing though.
  13. I just got Warhammer Total War, I really like it. Definitely one of the best games in the franchise IMO.
  14. I'd laugh my ass off if the "Mars Mode" was legit and the Mutant sale was the joke.
  15. Well, maybe once you get REALLY gud@lyfe, you can reroll and be gr8 at tonks too!
  16. I don't think intelligence and skill at a game are very strongly correlated. There is probably some weak positive correlation, but at my old job a guy I worked with said he had met someone else on base that also played world of tanks, and said the guy wanted to play with me sometime. This guy was a scientist type, so not retarded IRL. His WR was like 45%, and I believe his WN8 was in the 500s. I did not contact him in game, because I'm a snob.
  17. Good picture. If I wasn't a Luddite I'd have done that. Picture is worth a thousand words suits this topic perfectly.
  18. Actually I think the biggest difference is that the "Defender" version doesn't have mudflaps. If I had known that the unpainted version did, I would have gotten that one. Not having the mudflaps makes it really easy to see the hull that is above the tracks but below the side sponson (spaced armor) - and that is a weak spot for the tank. The mudflaps aren't part of the armor model, so you can shoot through them, but you can't see through them. It makes it harder for people to hit that weak side armor if you are over-angled by a little bit.
  19. Seems pretty strong. Bought one cuz reasons... First and only game so far was ~3400 dmg. I imagine that'll come down, but I don't think it will be too hard to hold 2200 dpg in it. Of course, my "random"ly bad team did about 3000 damage combined, as is typically the case, so I imagine it'll be another Skorpion for me.
  20. Those ships are fucking hideous! Is that what the graphics look like on WOTS? I havent played it in a long time, but I thought it looked better than that.
  21. Yea, having the same issues with garage stuff. Can't open the mission tab, hovering the mouse over stuff doesn't bring up any descriptions, that sort of thing. The tech tree worked once I closed it and reopened it though.
  22. For the tier 6, is the slower reload an acceptable trade off for the slightly better gun soft stats? I realize you get better pen as well, but it's not such a long grind that flinging HEAT would be prohibitively expensive.
  23. I found a different solution after a few games - if you type something it fixes it. Even if you just type something then delete it without actually "chatting" it fixes it.
  24. Treeburst

    The Chinese 112

    Wrecked face this game without trying... Was the "perfect storm" for the 112 though. http://wotreplays.com/site/3182396#sand_river-treeburst-112 The armor seems over-buffed imo... my LFP only got penned once from the front and I was tipping it up at the time.
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