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    2 interesting points here: - you seem to use it as a damage dealer a lot! my style of play as always neem to try to get some spotting damage, then some actual damage would be an added bonus. - seems like i was wrong about the way the mechanics of radio range, so yeah dropping signal boosting would make sense very good to hear different inputs tho!
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    *bump* What do you guys do as as as crew skills are concern?? i just reach 2nd on mine yesterday, and unsure what to do i have commander with Signal boost + camo, driver with cluth braking + camo. i understand the camo is vital on that tank and taht sixth sense is an awsome perk to have, but i have trying to compensate for the poor stock radio.... i tried clutch braking for the driver, its manueouvrable indeed, but your tank drift a lot... As the ELC has a very good in-built camo factor already, should i retrain to - commander: sixth sense, signal boost, grinding camo - driver: clutch braking, off road driving, grinding camo would that make sense??
  3. Thanks to all for your conbributions!
  4. Well try to put all those good advice into application, tho I can't hide I'm more and more hating the tank.... Still lost a lot in it tonight
  5. Thanks heaps Kitten, i think you nailed it. just need more practice.
  6. thanks for the tips. i was doing OK-ish (or better at least) in the 12t. tho the idea ti come back to it is tempting, i guess i just should bit the bullet and get smarter in higher tiers battles. and i more and more think i was too active too soon with it. the next question is, where to find all the good bushes to spot from... i know of Tazillion maps, its a starting point.
  7. so much hate the amx 1390....

  8. well i ve read all that and tried it all but nothing seems to work. im sure i got one win in 10 games with it tonight. thanks anyway for your help
  9. i used the search but could find anything... how to play the AMX 1390?? got it a couple of weeks ago (after going through elc, 12t, 1375), and well, im just terrible as it right now. Despite pulling my weight sometimes in spotting and damage, i can only managed a >30% WR with it right now. crew grinding 2nd skill camo (65%), runnings vent, optics, binos or camo net depending on the day... fully reseached, i normally strat the game with 12 gold rounds. maybe im just too aggressive with it...Should i just half court scout then go back well behind my lines? just go AFK the first 3-5 min then look for openings? it is a pure fire-on-the move scavenger tank, or do you abuse the camo and binos and play it like a TD??
  10. NEED AMX 1390 HELP

  11. yeah sorry about that. i copy-pasted from the article i did on my clan website and it turn out that way. Will update though. well, armor has lost the battle agaisnt ballistics a long time ago anyway..
  12. Sorry for the lack of pics in that thread, but it was much simpler for me to dump them all in a Flickr set here http://www.flickr.com/photos/111644165@N06/sets/72157639362615985/ and to write about it separetely. So i basically visited today the French tank museum. and it was very very good. there website is not very good, and no real info on it in english so not worth linking it here. But the brochure i get given quotes 200 pieces exposed permantly, out of a 744 piece collection... I will in the following text reference the images by their 4-digit number. We walk through time in the museum, and obviouly start by the WWI room. The Scheider (1236) and St Chamond (1239) look more like truck with armors and machine guns... but with the Renault FT 17 we start to get the idea of things to come (1241). A very nice Renault R35 (the in-game H35?? - 1245) and a FCM 36 (1250) (not sure that's in-game..). lots of light french tank around. im sure there is enough to fill the french tree more in lower tiers. the B1 is very cool too (1262), and a Somua S35 would have im sure its place in-game too (1266). Something went bad for that ACG1 (1271) Moving on the the German WWII room, where the King Tiger is, well, like a king (1272). Only one in the world in working order. that thing is MASSIVE. The Tiger I next to it looks so small (1281). So does the Pz IV (1286). those three tanks are coated with Zimmerit, a compound design to reduce their magnetic and infrared signature apparently. Lots of familiar names in that room: Marder I (1295), Wespe (1304), abnd im sure the Marder-Hotchkiss look like the FCM 36 Pak 40 in-game. more and more familiar tanks with a Hertzer (1315) - note the cable reel at the back (1317), a StugIII (1320), JPanzer IV (1329). Something went wrong for that modified JPanzer IV (1332 to 1336). A Hummel (1337). im sure the Strumhaubitwe would fit in the German TD tree somewhere! And indeed a JPanther and Panther (1341 and 1343). Through the 'rarities' room... YES!!! I SAW AND TOUCHED ONE!!! I TOUCHED AN ELC!!! (1354). Gold ammo (1355) Moving to a well filled Russian room. A cool mock-up of a T72, used to train crews (1358), T54 (1359) , an Iraki captured T62 (1366). T34/85 (1371). A piece of the Berlin Wall (1376) Moving to the Western room.... something went bad for that Churchill (1381), and once again im sure that TDM10 would fit in the US tree somehow, even as a free tank lol. Cool display of a SU100 and KV1! ( 1393 and 1395) Now in the contemporary French room.... where the Leclerc is the master piece, and today's french army main battle tank (1409). 'Best tank in the world presently'... hey why not smiley.gif. lots of prototypes (1415) and older french MBTs (1418). i found an ARL44 (1424) and and AMX 50!! (1426). And i swear there is enough light tanks on wheel to open a new line of French lights. Big tanks call for big engines, with a small room dedicated to them. A cool mock up of an AMX 13 (?) turret as well (1439) Moving to the contemporary room... where i found that weird Swedish tank where the gun doesnt move but only the whole tank does (as featured in FtR....) ( 1443). The pic 1459 give an idea of what the rooms look like. Tank-porn at its best. Wooden models of concepts i imagine (1476 and 1477). Few tanks are left outside too.... waiting for some attention of the refit team (all enthusiasts working on those babies during their weekends). Coated optics!! (1482) Some tanks have really seem a better time. I found a bunch of AMX13 (1493), and the AMX13 arty (1497). i could write more, but that's a good start. Fanstastic day smiley.gif
  13. cant believe Im reading such good reviews on the ARL when its my least favorite tank ever... just tried to do my daily double in it and gave up after 6 losses, and as a rule its rare when i do more damage than my HP pool. I really must be missing something crucial about game play....
  14. I'm sure it wont interest the purples and unicorns here, but.... For all of you looking to join a clan and have a positive and fun attitude, my Clan is alweasy keen for new members. social clan, enjoys platooning on any given day and TC's on weekends. We will have Team Battles as well. membership mainly based in NZ/AUS, tho we have members from across the whole SEA server TS and good English is a must We are not looking into CWs for not, but it may change in time if we feell we have the right people. more info at http://nfbaustralaia.enjin.com/home
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