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  1. I'll agree the Zwilling is OP - I've gotten several aces in it, and I am bad at planes. @ Rocket - do you see these premiums as credit earners, or Exp earners?
  2. I came back and watched it again after pancaking a teammate.... I was diving on a target, and at the start of the run was the only player on it; I zoomed in and was completely focused on the target & never saw the other guy till he crossed in front of me, and then I slammed into him. In retrospect, the mistake was having too narrow of a focus; instead of going for a kill I should have maintained my situational awareness and known of the other teammate's position as much as that of the enemy. I could have waived off, not killed him and preserved the 60% loss of hitpoints I took. S
  3. I got a PM from Heh who told me he took ALL bombs off his heavy fighters. Here's an excerpt (you have to read it in his context of Aerial Biology): Skyluga = Carrier Fighters (sky+Beluga) Skorka = Heavy Fighter (Sky+Orca)
  4. I platooned with a couple of aces last night - learned a lot. One of the things I've been lacking is tactical patience, and I tend to get target-focused. The WOWP community is pretty good about trying to help us tankers figure out the game. Been practicing what they showed me and my solo play has improved. Anyway, if anyone wants a decent wing-man, look me up in game. I finally have my recent stats up to 50% w/r (although while platooned that jumped to 65%... great to be carried, sometimes!).
  5. Okay, well that makes more sense then. Thanks for the answers. Seeing as I don't own any Tier X tanks (yet) I haven't even thought about clanning, and only picked up tidbits about it here and there from trawling the forums.
  6. Thanks for the response, As to the second: Me either, frankly. I thought there were different levels of clan wars based on tank tiers & was asking if all got paid or only the highest tiers.
  7. So, you can either get 6 K from ransacking the province and screw the other guy or hold it and still get 6K / day?
  8. There's something to this. Frankly, you just cannot beat a good crew. My gunner was AMAZING - probably the best in the company, the driver had all his shit in one sack, and my loader was also the company FAC; so we clicked pretty well.
  9. Not having participated, I'm not sure I'm asking the question correctly. If you have a province with 6k gold, does it give the clan a percentage per day? If so, how does that work?
  10. As someone with all of zero experience with clam wars... Hrrruh? Can someone give me the cliffs-notes version of the CW economy and difference between ransacking and (I'm guessing here) farming? Q2: Is it only ultimate who is getting paid or are the lower tiers getting some too?
  11. Yep. I was too busy playing with my controls and seeing how deep into a mountain a plane can fly to worry about silly stuff like shooting. I did take out a few who were dumb enough to get between me and my mountain, however. Congrats to you - but what about this guy: KumoriMyou - he won 9 times. I need his skilz (and job).
  12. Dis place jus keeps getting biggah an biggah. Next ting ya know, Neverwish'll be crunchin dem stats fer dem dere flyboy XVM statpaddahs. Now where dat crawfish jumbo an muffaletta done got deyselfs to?
  13. Okay, I've been trolling the RU forums and found some things of interest. They have a mod installer for WOWP which gives you several GUI improvements - better information, better camera, etc. Check out the vid for an overview: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=daN-tDypWhE&feature=youtu.be Recommend watching in HD so you can actually see the effects. The camera takes a bit of getting used to, but the increased field of view is totally worth it. Also, changing the colors of targets & arrows makes it much easier to see. Not for the faint of heart however; it changes y
  14. I agree about the Heavy Fighters; I don't have any bombs on them either. The same should be said of Carrier Fighters. While you can carry bombs on them, it is stupid to; the loss of airspeed and maneuverability - even after you drop - is unacceptable. Rockets can be fun - but their utility in an ATA role is limited to pretty much head-on-collision avoidance. Similar to bombs, the loss of performance is unacceptable.
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