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  1. Holy shit, I feel so bad for those MBT's. They looked so frustrated and helpless.
  2. I played a bit of the LAV 150-90 and AMX 90 today and TD camo feels completely broken now. At first I thought it was just some sneaky AFV players but I noticed more and more I was getting spotted in places that normally provided great camo in the previous patch. Firing your gun at anything but MAX range basically gets you lit instantly making it impossible to actually use the class in the role it was intended for. The only thing now that will keep yourself from getting spotted is shooting at the farthest range possible which basically fucks you on a lot of the maps. It would be worth testing i
  3. So I think I'm gonna go with the luchs for now. When I get more experience I'll do the E-50 as I have some plans for that. Since its a durable tank I think it would be cool to some battle damage like scratched paint, gouge out some stress points in the armor and maybe have it look like it rammed something. :)
  4. Wow, I would have never noticed that. I just looked at the pics of both and it is the exact same hull and looks more like the E-50 we see in game with the turret. I'm a bit torn now though, I was looking around and found this. Cuteness Thoughts?
  5. I might just contact the company that makes it, I think they also have a KT model they sell... This one might work. It doesn't have the zimmermit coating like the other ones. King Tiger
  6. Thats a cool idea. I wonder if I could find the part on its own.
  7. Exactly what I was looking for! I have done some Warhammer models myself but that was years ago. They have some models on clearance there so I might get one of those for practice. I'll make sure to post some pictures when I work on it. Now to decide on camo/colors to use.
  8. So I was thinking of getting a model for my desk and came across this while browsing military vehicles. E-50 Model Now I can be a dirty stat padder IRL. I know some of you have experience with models such as Warhammer and was looking for some general advice. 1. Does this model look decent? IE not to cheap? 2. What kind of glue should I use and any tips for that. 3. This will be the biggest one, advice on painting and maybe a brand to go for. I know there is a lot of information online but I'm having trouble deciding what to do and would value some peoples actual experience. Thanks!
  9. The "downgrade" crowd is frickin ridiculous. Graphics are still amazing and high quality, they are just butt hurt over a different color palete and a few lowered settings (Probably can be redone through INI editing anyways) then what was seen in pre release videos. These people have no idea how developing a game works and it's very well possible the early settings were highly unstable and not sutable for release. The whole argeument is a bit ironic when you throw in the people saying the game is too deamnding for their "capable" system. This whole debacle is evidence of one thing, the PC vs co
  10. Game is a ton of fun so far, fights can be a bitch on hard but as others have said when you get it right it looks and feels amazing. I have it maxed out with motion blur and AA off and it looks fantastic and runs smooth. Preformance will only get better as it gets patched and better drivers come out. Probably commen sense but avoid the steam discussions, nearly gave me cancer with all the bullshit posted. People are literally claiming this is the worst game ever because of thier own personal nit picks. Qeez gamers have turned into a bunch of spoiled whiney fuckwits, they are as bad as the cons
  11. Wow at first I thought it was just crazy camo in action then that batchat got bumped into by two to three tanks. Some pretty crazy stuff and kinda makes you wonder how often this might be happening on smaller scales since there is no way to really know unless you have replays from both sides. Its so weird how it affected a whole team, usually bugs like that seem to happen to individual players/PC's. Edit: I noticed that the E50M who rammed that batchat also uploaded his replay, it doesn't even show him hitting anything even though the T44's replay clearly shows them hitting each other. GG
  12. Lol people like Whelms (o7) gave TCs such a bad stigma they are not worth the trouble anymore.
  13. Spec Ops the Line with the white phosphorus scene. Wanted to stop playing after that.
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