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  1. Sorry, pussy muncher, or wtf u wanna call it . I can't do can's... glass bottle for me. I recon ive given the Oettinger a bash before.. can't remember what i thought of it, but not too fond of darkies. Bitburger I got a liking for in Holland.. in fact I have a photo I took someplace at a music festival, they had a tanker truck full of it, with a 3inch hose pumping it into the festival down someones drive, over the fence and into the grounds. Beer done right, via truck :-D The can's are probably shipped here, like Guinness can's were, not made locally which tastes diff
  2. You did just say to a mod hes a cock sucker..LOL I can understand a chat ban for that. even if it was accidental Also AALG is a non-aussie Belgiumish, which means he doesn't get our language at times. Though the counter argument is maybe the mods should understand the people they are moderating... He jokes around, but quite often I don't really know what hes talking about :-D, which could just be beer related, been on the bitburger lately, cheap and tasty meanwhile more boobs, or specifically underboob please.
  3. I iz da purplez only half, and even then very creative ROFL @ purplez
  4. *tard is unwelcome on the SEATARD forums. oh noes, brokeback'ed FG's thread domination attempt
  5. meanwhile, the MP/SMP and PANZAC A/R push onto TWST and PHS is pretty good to watch, spear head into the west fuck them up, then return to mohitos and hookers.
  6. I've taken a couple months off, and now I am unicum level x2 frustration levels are rather low too, and my ping times and non-existant. success's all around. Im better when not playing
  7. Need a thread which rather simply explains the rather out there post in the SEA forums so people can have a laugh. which incidentally, only got me a 3 day RO, as I am 'one of the better ones, as far as the mods are concerned' I am not worthy FG, I am not worthy It also explains that I am not on a forced RO, which is what normally happens when you wonder where someone has vanished too (ah la cod of late). I also figured it would be good to help continue to build the little community on here. on that note, I am now off, until some interesting CW stuff pops up. pew pew
  8. it will, lots, PHroums are losing (have lost?) their gloss. THis way I don't have to worry about what words i CAn and can't SAy
  9. played me some drunken tanks tonight, was fail as I was expecting. but fun But it should at least drop my stats to the appropriate level much to many peoples relief, Im am off until a new CW campaign, or something interesting pops up. CW is just boring as bat shit too me these days. cyas in a while crocodile.
  10. From the WG thread. "Bad players who die early and often will be annoyed by the CAPTCHA system and either seek ways to not be bad or quit - win win." I think you would have better success, with this otherwise excellent idea, if you kept it targetted towards bots, and only bots.
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