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  1. By 'sluggish to manuever' I meant in terms of its ability to make all the little moves to abuse micropositions in closer range fighting. It will drive in a straight line just fine after the nerfs, but that's not really the issue. These nerfs make the T-22 *worse* than a Batchat in terms of turning ability (slower hull traverse, equal or worse ground resistance), which makes knife-fighting and abusing micropositions significantly more difficult. That type of fighting isn't something the Batchat relies on so you don't notice it as much, and the STB has huge gun depression so it mitigates a lo
  2. You guys are too focused solely on the terrain resistance. The hull traverse is going from T62A to Batchat, and the turret traverse is going from T62A to slower than an E5. Those are HUGE. The rotation dispersion nerf is almost irrelevant when the rate of turn is nerfed that bad (if you're turning slower, the effect of dispersion is lessened) but the forward movement one will hurt. The terrain resistance (Patton/BC levels now instead of ruhovermed) is the cherry on top and it will now be VERY sluggish to manuever around -- especially on softer terrain. It will certainly make twitch
  3. I don't actually play pubs much anymore, it's all CW/SH and I'm quite happy. I'll only do pubs if I'm platooning with friends and it's a hangout/social thing instead of some sort of ragey-tryhard thing. Once you figure out that pub matches are meticulously designed to piss you off to drive you to spend, the less you'll want to actually play them.
  4. Yeah, but AFE's give a 10% reduction in being lit on fire, which hurts your odds of completing the mission.
  5. If a Chinese tank should be miracle gifted a 130mm, it's the 113... not the 121.
  6. Continuing my basketball analogy, I think it's more accurate to say using WN8 is like comparing basketball players using *only* PPG. But, honestly, pub matches are practice time. They serve no actual purpose in the grand scheme of things-- they exist for you to develop skills. Competitive play is where you decide who the great players are, not which person can best adopt a degenerate (and generally incompatible with competitive play) playstyle in pub matches. Hence my example about shooting half court shots in practice... The issue is less that already great players want to push the
  7. Padding WN8 is like going to basketball practice and only practicing half-court shots. It's entertaining for vets who are already fundamentally sound and find routine practice boring, but it's fucking cancer for newbies who end up a liability in actual competition because they've declined to learn any fundamentals.
  8. Srsly. Need a place to throw around quotes from Smokey and the Bandit, Trading Places, Stripes, Deliverance, Godfather, Animal House, Wall Street, Airplane, and a hundred other movies that *KIDS THESE DAYS* don't know.
  9. The answer is that if your goal is to win, dealing damage is *a* means to an end, not the only means. What's happened on this site over the last 18 months is that winning is seen as random luck/divine providence and dealing damage is considered the actual end goal.
  10. Wait, old people and Ke$ha? I have just the thing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ZWaWrvJ7nA
  11. Random thoughts: The depression is extremely comfortable and the turret doesn't have much above the gun so when you're peeking over a hill there is VERY little for the enemy to shoot back at. This is its optimum use-- an STB/Leo-esque ridge line gun depression based sniper. It NEEDS Off-Road driving because holy shit the terrain resistance is terrible. With ORD, the high hp/t gives it incredibly good hill-climbing speed and raw acceleration (on par or better than equivalent light tanks). Goes over 30 kp/h up the Himmelsdorf hill, for example. Food is fine on it as it doesn't seem to be s
  12. If you've already played a bunch of different light tanks then you should have a feel for which areas/moves are safer than others. You can still scout effectively without sixth, but it requires you to be a little bit more cautious in some situations. Not having sixth doesn't really affect ridge line surfing on Prok, for example... but it can make sneaking up the 1 line on Swamp a LOT more risky. It also makes it a little bit more sketchy firing from concealment, unless you have a preternatural ability to gauge ranges and camo/vision values and mechanics. It's probably wise to do the sco
  13. F0 attacking on sand river assault is amazing for anything that has a turret, especially if there is no arty. I did the Stug HT15 there in a WZ-111.
  14. Let me guess, the aforementioned heavies that didn't cap were blue/green players? Sec... watching replay. EDIT: Yep, didn't even have to watch the replay to know. That was a textbook example of stealing a win from people too dumb to actually secure it.
  15. The reason snap shots seem weird is that over thousands of games you are positively reinforced by hitting fully aimed shots (as fully aimed shots *should* hit) and negatively reinforced by missing unaimed shots (if I had aimed, I'd have hit him!). This conditions you to avoid unaimed shots because you calculate the opportunity cost of fully aimed vs. unaimed solely in terms of accuracy. However, snapshot theory basically says in a situation where you can trade a low percentage shot on an enemy for a zero percentage shot in return, take the shot. Essentially, you are redefining the opport
  16. After too many 'almost' games, I finally finished MT-15. Yay T-55a!~

    1. Shifty_101st
    2. Trumpetah


      I haven't even gotten the StuG 4 yet. Stuck at LT-11 and SPG-15.

    3. Tav


      Seeeeexy beast

  17. I agree with Gash, if you're trying for MoE then you have to minmax both damage dealt and damage assisted, and the VR boost from optics REALLY helps the latter-- the higher the stacked, the better-- because it lets you steal assisted damage from nearby teammates shooting at longer range targets. It's not as useful for damage dealt, but the tradeoff on gains in damage dealt via vents isn't worth the tradeoff on the gains in damage assisted with optics... and since you use both for MoE, you want your equipment choices to have the highest possible net gain in both.
  18. Amusing you should mention this, because I'm on MT15 and it's quickly turning me into a raving lunatic (or at least more raving than normal).
  19. Not 100% true, because against all logic I pulled it off. As for the 50B, it's an autoloader and the trick with autoloaders is knowing when (and how long) to commit to dumping shots out. It requires you to be a LOT more opportunistic-- which is a bit different than standard fire tanks (especially heavies). You want to get 2 or 3 shots out for free, or remove a target completely if you need to trade health. You don't have the workable armor to trade shots effectively, and you will be prioritized by any reasonably competent enemy because of the higher danger and lower armor of your t
  20. If he's really, really not good, then you may have to take a step back and consider what steps he has to take with a LOT more granularity. One of the problems with helping someone really bad is that you take for granted a lot of concepts/mechanics/thought that they don't have and it can cause some dissonance with trying to understand where they are coming from or getting them to understand what you are saying.
  21. He also narrated a show called 'In Search of...' Was one of my favorite shows growing up.
  22. Or you could just decide to work in the video/computer/mobile game industry and justify your copious time playing games as 'research'.
  23. What skirmishes really need is tank locking.
  24. Bolded are my thoughts on a lot of these maps. 4k pure spotting isn't 'end of the world' hard, but it IS map dependent. 5k/6k/7k are EXTREMELY map dependent (or you need to arrange some sort of double waffle platoon and track the SHIT out of things).
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