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  1. Welp, WoWS high tier battles were fun for a while. Now its just back to half of every match is nothing but stacked DD spam. Time to find another game.

    1. PityFool



      I picked up SQUAD this weekend, really enjoying it so far.

  2. We just elected a meme. America, fuck yea....

  3. Alright well Montana is garbage and Hindenburg is rekt, but Yamato is still beast and the my shiny new Moskva is giving me a chub...

  4. IDK what the hell they did to the Hindenburg, but it's going to sit in mothballs with the Montana now. Why the fuck do they keep nerfing the tier 10's that aren't the problem?

    1. 1n_Soviet_Russia


      Have you tried the t10 Russian cruiser? is it good?

    2. Shade421


      Not yet, on the tier 9 which is in fact very good. I don't see Moskva's much anymore though. Not sure why.

  5. Maybe I'm just shitty now, but I'm really enjoying the M4 Rev...

    1. fronttankman


      Same i'm really enjoying it too, like 2500 DPG so far :D

    2. leggasiini


      Its perfect example of tank that is bad but fun and enjoyable to play

      I love mine too :D 

  6. Have no response to accurate accusation?


    1. Cunicularius


      Is that supposed to be Kim Jong Un? 

  7. "It's time to pile in the Swedish tanks!"

    -Adds 1 single tank. Never change, WG. Never change.

  8. Jesus the beginning ranks of tier 8 are awful....at least I'm not losing any stars but holy fuck how did these morons get out of tier 6?

    1. PrinzEugen478


      bot programs, buying gold, etc.

  9. Haven't played the NC since long before it got buffed; Montana was my first tier 10. Bought it back for ranked and dropped my 17 point Monty captain in it. Let's see how it does in ranked with 100 AA rating...

  10. TFW your graphics drivers lock up because of an unstable OC during the countdown, you have to restart your whole PC, re-launch the game....and still get in before the countdown is over.

    1. crapcannon


      This is why I have SSD's in all my rigs. Makes getting back into the games much faster when something goes wrong.

    2. Assassin7
    3. Cunicularius


      wuuuuuuuut :O

      that sounds amazing

  11. The fuck is this award I just got in WoWS?



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    2. Tedster59


      they added hidden "birthday missions"


    3. Shade421


      Yea I've gotten a couple others. Got Fire Show twice, once for a single shell cit from my Gneisenau, and a second time with a 29k salvo from my Yamato with no cit's. Then I dropped a 44k salvo with 1 cit from my Montana and didn't get it, so IDK about that one. And A Shot In The Dark, got twice for shooting down planes.

    4. BiggieD61


      There is a pinned list in game discussion on the main forum that explains all of the rewards and how to get them.


      Apparently there will additional "gold" rewards if enough people on each server achieve the reward.  SE Asia has already earned some, but their server is smaller than NA.

  12. Scrolled through Twitch games today...there were more people watching one WoWS streamer still looking for 5 subs/day goals than there were all people watching The Division...GG Ubishit.

    1. Assassin7


      I played the division again last weekend, was bored after 30 mins

  13. Got me a project car. This is gonna be fun. People are gonna think I'm just a little old lady with a classy paint job...until they hear it...

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    2. PrinzEugen478
    3. Shade421


      It will be completely gloss black, everything. Rims, grille, trim, windows, everything.

      Something like this but with drag-style wheels, not those stupid things:


      C__Data_Users_DefApps_AppData_INTERNETEXPLORER_Temp_Saved Images_30944700056_large.jpg

    4. Shade421


      @Xen It all depends on what state you live in. Some are easy, like Kansas just looks to see if your VIN matches your title, and you have basic safety equipment. Everything else is fair game. But here in New Hampshire they are big on emissions so they probe your exhaust, and there's noise regulations so I can't just do headers and straight pipes (like I would fucking LOOOOOOVE to do.....) and I can't tint the windows too dark and the tires can't extend out past the wheel wells, etc....

  14. The CQE flag stockpile I'm getting from playing German BB's is getting ridiculous....

  15. Ok but like seriously now...

    How does anyone do well in BB's if they have to play solo all the time?

  16. WoWS dev conversation:

    "Hey was there anything at all wrong with the placement of the catapult fighter on the Tirpitz model?"

    "Nope, it's perfect."

    "Ok, I'll just fuck with it then."



    1. MacusFlash


      Ze perfekt German ship

  17. 2 minutes of game play, 3 salvos fired, 2 Devastating Strikes, a CQE, 2 Manlanta's and a Kirov blown out of the water. Konig is great fun.

  18. I'm sorry, but DD's that can spam torps without smoke and never be spotted are just not ok. Just got my Tirpitz nuked by 3 Jap DD's that dumped torps from 3 directions, never smoked, and never got spotted. As in, had not been spotted at all yet so I didn't even have a "dickbag DD's were here" icon. Just angling against BB's, and then surrounded by torps from nowhere.

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    2. Shade421


      I know the map doesn't help. My point is the ability to do that in the first place is unbalanced, especially considering the massive damage they do. From smoke, fine. Go for it, if I don't go evasive once I see smoke that's my own dumbass fault. But there's nothing you can do about torps just appearing in open water with literally no possible observable warning.

    3. Mnemon


      I won't disagree. It just makes you feel helpless as a BB, since beyond the TA module, you have no control over your vision unless you have planes. It's just a function of how much they put toward concealment and whether something with better concealment (which you don't have) can see them first.

    4. Assassin7


      I agree to be honest. 

      Last time I played a DD, was the tier 4 jap DD. I was sitting literally just out of detection range against 2 New Yorks in a platoon who were basically bow to stern on each other, i racked up like 80K damage from them just by spamming torps, and they didnt spot me once, no smoke, no nothing.


      Along with that, it is extremely annoying coming around an island and suddenly having torps right there. There just isnt enough time to evade even if you see them from max spotting range. 


      They need to increase the spotting distance of torps IMO.

  19. Play some AW PVE in the XM1A3, does 840 average damage per shot. First mission has 2 Sphinx's. They drive around like lunatics as AFV's tend to do, 1 of them darts in front of my shot at an enemy, he eats it, I immediately apologize and we move on. 10 mins later in the Same mission, the other Sphinx does exactly the same thing. I type sorry, as soon as I hit "Enter", my account is logged out and banned for 24 hours. My.com level of automated team damage implementation. Fucking brilliant.

    1. Kitten


      Do they turn off the no team damage at higher tiers? :look:

    2. Shade421
  20. Finally had to replace my G510S. Spilled beer on it, was still acting up after I tore it down and cleaned it. So I took a risk on the G910 Orion Spark. Haver to say, these Romer-G switches aren't nearly the level of ear AIDS every single Cherry MX switch I've heard are. Definitely louder than a membrane, but not overly annoying or distracting. Now if only I didn't have a Windows phone so the Logitech Gaming app would work....

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    2. Shade421


      Its a lot easier to control what programs are running in the background as well as what information the os is sharing. As for file types, media files all just work. All audio or video file types I've tried have worked, even the video files I record on my PC. I always had problems with that in my old android. And ios is just copyright and user control hell.

    3. Cunicularius


      I wonder how close you could get with a well rooted android.

    4. Assassin7


      So how is the keyboard itself? Because I've wanted one of those ever since it came out seriously bad, but I couldnt justify or even afford $300 when my current one works fine.  However since i should have a job in the near future i should be able to afford one soon hopefully

  21. Anybody else out there still got one of these bad boys?


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    2. Inciatus


      We can't all be fancy like you and have printed things on our shirts. 2012 was before I started playing, neat reward though.

    3. Deusmortis
    4. bjshnog


      I'm not sure if I've still got mine. I'll just go check...

      Yeah, it's still there.

  22. My house is noticeably cooler at all times after I replaced my 295X2. And not just a little bit. Holy shit,

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    2. Shade421


      @Assassin7i did the math and in my house in mid new Hampshire, it is actually cheaper (and more effective) to heat my house by leaving the 295 running a benchmark all day than it is to pay for heating oil.

    3. Assassin7


      fucking lol.

      I mean my 970 does a great job of heating the room its in itself, but that thing must be on another level entirely

    4. Bavor


      I seems that the GTX 1070 FE puts out the same or less less heat than my factory overclocked GTX 960.



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    2. Shade421


      Watching on my 16:9 it just looks like a widescreen video, with black bars across the top and bottom. All the proportions are correct. What's it doing on yours?

    3. Folterknecht
    4. Shade421


      Yea that's how its supposed to be. There's a few people that upload in 21:9. Atsf is the most well known I think. If a bunch of people dont like it ill see what I can do in a 16:9 window.

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