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  1. Yamato: 20Montana: 21Großer Kurfürst : 25Zao: 23Des Moines: 23 +1 nothing competes with the DM's team support ability but unlike other team support ships, the DM is an absolute monster by itself at mid and close ranges as well.Hindenburg: 25Moskva: 19Minotaur: 20Shimakaze: 16 -3 has its moments of dominance but with the Z-52 and Grozovoi being added to the list of shit that will fuck you up if you cap, and the torps being so easy to spot, and the smoke being meh, and the guns being anemic (not even the hilarious alpha strike advantage of mid tier IJN dd's) this thing just doesn't fill a role
  2. Been dumping clips on youtube for a while, figured I'd share them:
  3. The only part of this that offends me is the slideshow FPS. It's 2016 and WoT runs on an engine that was outdated 6 years ago. Come on.
  4. Odd that the meta is actually better on NA for once. I can't recall a single tier 10 match in the last couple weeks without at least one radar cruiser on each team. the DM is coming back in style, and I've been playing a lot of Moskva lately. Shima's are around for sure, but teams aren't usually stacked with DD's like they were a couple months ago. I have, however, seen a few 3-man Zao div's. I have the Zao, I like playing it, but that's just not ok...If I div I always play something that can actually contribute to div mates game play. Moskva or Hinden. 3 Zao's is just Lady Gaga levels of
  5. I completely agree with this assessment, the only reason I am holding out hope is that WG is not the developer, only the publisher. It remains to be seen where clans go in this game. If they follow WG's example, you're completely right.
  6. There won't be until WoWS has end game content. When that happens, expect a lot of expansion in discussion. WoT content creation took a nose dive for the same reason when CW: Participation Trophy Edition was rolled out. Once there's a sustainable competitive scene content creation will increase.
  7. Welp, WoWS high tier battles were fun for a while. Now its just back to half of every match is nothing but stacked DD spam. Time to find another game.

    1. PityFool



      I picked up SQUAD this weekend, really enjoying it so far.

  8. That's what drives me nuts, I'm pegged at refresh rate (75fps) all the time but no matter how high I turn up the AA, other players are not modelled very well. Missing details and lower quality models, noticeable even at 3440x1440
  9. What resolution and what GPU are you playing on? I have it maxed but I'm also playing on a watercooled GTX1080. It doesn't make all that much difference at reasonable resolutions (1080+) except on the cables all over the ships, which drive me nuts if they're all blocky and gross. If you aren't actually seeing rough edges that annoy you then don't bother with it. It is a resource hog option.
  10. WoWS and Witcher 3 are still my main go-to games. Been getting back in to Division recently; the last patch was a lot of exactly what the game needed.
  11. We just elected a meme. America, fuck yea....

  12. That sounds more likely. I know at the height of my skill (back when I regularly sported 70%/3000+ recents, like over a year ago) it was all just reflexive. Just by how a tank moved and how long it had been since one of them fired I always just knew which in a group had just fired. I also used a gun sound mod because this was back when all the gun sounds were shit, but that also helped, as I knew all the gun sounds by heart and the mod made them all sound different. Like Brit 120MM sounded different than US 120mm, 105mm meds sounded diferent than all the Russian 100mm, etc. I don't think a mod
  13. I also logged in recently after having played for maybe a week and writing the game off. Holy shit is it fun now. Even alone (cuz I have no friends) you can still run around and get things done, get decent loot drops outside group missions, and the whole thing is a lot more rewarding now. It's rather nice being able to actually kill 2-3 lvl 30 purples with a single AR mag now. As opposed to reloading 3 times for one.
  14. I'm struggling to think of what settings you have turned on that make it difficult to tell who fired? I've been playing WoT at stupidly large resolutions on max settings for years now and I have never encountered this. The only ones I can think of would be garbage like motion blur and whatever stupid screen filter effects are in the client. Which just about everyone turns off because they look like shit and detract from game play. What specifically is it you're having a hard time seeing?
  15. Decided to make WoWS my new time sink game, as I'm thoroughly enjoying it, much more so than I ever did WoT or AW. Unfortunately, most of my friends list consists of players from WoT that haven't played since CBT. So, I need some div mates. I'm not picky about skill, I'm not epic myself. I am picky about tiers, however. I do not play below tier 6, and prefer tier 8+. I'm on EST but work 2nd shift so am not usually on until around midnight. Add me if you like, hopefully I can stop soloing 99% of my matches. IGN is Ye_Olde_Derps
  16. Alright well Montana is garbage and Hindenburg is rekt, but Yamato is still beast and the my shiny new Moskva is giving me a chub...

  17. Did they nerf the dick off the Hindenburg while I wasn't paying attention? I hadn't played it for a while and now it can't cit anything. Used to be able to cit Yamato's broadside. Now it can't even cit other Hindenburg's. Or I am so shit that I can 2 salvo a Kutuzov with a Kutuzov reliably but can't find a German glass cannon cit.
  18. I go there in everything. Literally everything. M60, 121, IS-7, IS-4, T30, Foch 155, everything. There is no other opening move playing solo unless you're in a light or cancer. The only things I might consider going elsewhere in are the ones way too slow to get there effectively. Like the Maus and Jagzilla.
  19. Oh yea, I know the justification for the decision, I just don't see how any development studio with any experience in competitive multiplayer thinks that's a good idea. Everything else is there for the small clans and the newer players. There has to be something big and shiny for all the new guys to aspire to and all the over-achievers to duke it out over. Right now there's nothing.
  20. I will never tolerate anyone with MX switches to use their keyboard within earshot of me ever again. I almost strangled a roommate over his stupid fucking keyboard clicking. I rocked a Logitech G510 (and then the S) for years. Then they stopped making it and the only gaming keyboards left were all mechanical so I read a bunch of reviews about feel and noise...and landed on the G910 Orion Spark. Mechanical feel, RGB lighting, QUIET switches, tons of macro keys, all the multimedia controls, and I seem to be one of maybe 7 people worldwide that like the stock keycap shapes. If you're going t
  21. I still don't see the point of anything other than tier 10 CW's. SH's, team battles, skirmishes, tournaments of various types, go nuts. But CW's? Organized end game? Why the hell is anything other than tier 10 allowed? Tier 9 only would be far better than what we have now, but the height of CW's (and not in the forum shitpoast sense, in the actual game play sense) was really the Europe global map, IMO. The introduction of the American map was OK, but it was also diluted with all kinds of garbage mechanics some drunk Russian thought would help a game mode that was growing and playing just fine.
  22. IDK what the hell they did to the Hindenburg, but it's going to sit in mothballs with the Montana now. Why the fuck do they keep nerfing the tier 10's that aren't the problem?

    1. 1n_Soviet_Russia


      Have you tried the t10 Russian cruiser? is it good?

    2. Shade421


      Not yet, on the tier 9 which is in fact very good. I don't see Moskva's much anymore though. Not sure why.

  23. Still can't get a game in tier 10, means I'm still not playing. Everything I've seen from not-dead servers looks great though. Kinda wish I could participate.
  24. Shade421

    Skyrim SE

    Studio notorious for buggy and near-unplayable releases that just announced an across the board policy of no more than 24 hour review copy play for media? I'll be playing the role of the guy that doesn't give money to shitty studios. Especially after how awful the Fallout 4 engine is.
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