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  1. At least you're ok in an M48 Patton mate, superior comfort. Hope all is well with you old man <0
  2. CW2.0 didn't kill REL2 (or RELA), my decision killed REL2 (and RELA) and i can explain why. When we realized that we would be treated like the cast from Django Unchained, having 30 online x3 divisions was not going to generate enough income/influence to feed the dependencies, of 300 players, but 45x2 divisions would cover 200 players. The structure of RELIC became irrelevant overnight due to the fact that the 2.0 map was a matrix of unrelated, nonsensical territories, with no geographical nuances and the ability of shit clans to parachute in on you from above. So we gutted 3rd and sent the Unicums to Main, gutted 2nd and sent the Bluenicums to 3rd, and shut down Aux. The last thing is the worst thing that we could do to affect the WoT Community because i'm convinced that RELIC Aux has produced more Unicums than any other "training-wheel" division, and the structure of RELIC too, has contributed greatly (BULBA, OTTER, -G-, SIMP etc... all great beneficiaries of the system in leaders, callers and Gold League). So the cause is WG's fault, the effect is my fault, i can't roll back, but i can roll forward. Clans like PINGU & ESPRT are products of previous clan explosions, but don't typically generate new life by themselves, clans like PBKAC, REL2/A & CHAI/CHAII do however create life by themselves, through the systems they have in place, so i'd be worried more about the structures that give life than reinvent it.
  3. Greentank was triggered by EVERYTHING RNG. In the first month of him being in RELIC i had to pull him to one side and give him what was a pretty standard dressing down from a few years prior, but reasonably uncommon in RELIC nowadays. Basically, every time ANYTHING happened to him that he couldn't rationalize (every game) he would flip his desk and begin a rant as if he were quoting from a dedicated script, the players in RELIC who mattered basically wanted him out, so i gave him the "shape up or fuck off" speech, which resulted in him not logging into TeamSpeak, as he literally couldn't stop himself, and removing himself from the ability to communicate with people entirely was the only way around it.
  4. Tolos - general trolling. Crusader - Tomes. Greentank - anti-anime hysteria. Me - being right all the time.
  5. Turned into the worst fucking thread ever... i was thinking about RELIC Main mascots since we shipped G1bby to 3rd for his 1 chipping awfulness, i think Dan3762000 has taken the mantle of shittiest player in RELIC i can't actually kick who by proxy, is a mascot of sorts, but as for shittiest forum posting... well Dlur really does seem to be on top of his game.
  6. 1.) BULBA, 3x exhibition wins, beat OTTER for 1st on 2 occasions and beat OTTER consecutively in CW's. 2.) OTTER, 4x exhibition wins, 3x 2nd places, invitational success. a. - RELIC, 2x exhibition wins, 3x 2nd places. b. - VILIN, 1x exhibition win, 1x 2nd place. c. - CHAI, fringe, never won any, but probably because they hardly put the effort in, can field a frightening A-team 30% responsible for carrying an entire server on its back in the last war. End of the day, best 15 doesn't count for much if you cant get them to show up, OTTER fought the last server war minus their best players, and still performed well against everyone bar BULBA, who had no issues putting their best players out. RELIC has not fought a war with its best 15 since the days of HZRD, in spite of having several of the top 100 players on the server inc. Der_Weisse (no.1 for daiz). VILIN too dont try-hard enough to count their best 15 in and out. CHAI dont seem to be awake at the moment. Gold League put an end to meaningful fielding of 15/15 Super Unicum battles.
  7. Jac, our forum is www.relicgaming.com u fgt also, good news with the fiancée job, i hear Seattle is a beautiful city.
  8. Assad, i think what you have in MAHOU is a group of players who actually do what they're told and are well rehearsed and used to the primary caller (Eural, one hell of a caller). Every decent clan has has phases where they click, sometimes that might last for a long time, sometimes quite short (HZRD - xREAPx, DOS - Brick), what usually happens, actually what uniformly happens is that whomever is having a good time, all of a sudden get a fucking giant encephalitis sized head over it. When we got the cut of NUKE's jib, we hard-countered them off the map, and carried that forward to BAD, HAV0K, SIMP, HAVOK et al but its an unsustainable effort at constantly picking fights, playing 5/6 clan battles a night, keeping 3/4 teams going, and all the while keeping up with the CR/D bullshit, when once you reach a certain plane, its possible to just coast on level ground without any effort... after all the best wins are the ones where you know the other guy spent an hour in Maptactics or runs mods that make Sela look like the straightest streamer in teh room. They key i think is to not play the game for a year and stomp everyone around you, pass judgement on everyone underneath, but to actually make a sustained impact whilst providing the means with which a community can play this game for free and have fun doing it. What i see in ESPRT is that effort, i don't think their mandate is to be a flash in the pan between the seasonal in-and-out of school > holiday > college, but a go at making a community within the game that has a serious go at being good.
  9. We will be, the WoWS activity is getting alarming, and although i'm the worst player who plays it, we've got a mostly 65%+ calibre player playing.
  10. Hello fellow Unicum Assad, long may he reign! RELIC is as good and as bad as we ever have been, we just dont need to try because we're not in a race to be No.1 (or ever have been). The last time we put any effort into something, it was against weaker clans than us (_BAD_, HAV0K & VOLT), prior and post TBL I, II & III, we are still just pubbing battles, communicating poorly, pulling teams at the last possible minute, getting the wrong side of the map, and shit-talking each other for not doing what we should have done. We have consolidated the active unicums across RELIC Gaming into a tiered system now, but there's a heavy expectation on RELIC 3rd to perform and they have more or less, remained untouched statistically (actually improved slightly) and now just need time to blend under the excellent FC'ing abilities of Map & Aqollo, probably in the top 5 of the dozen callers we have spread between the RELIC divisions. RELIC 2nd will have a dual function of terrorizing clans on tier 6/8 and 10 when we need them, and developing talent to transfer to 3rd.
  11. My only negative experiences with ESPRT were from members who subsequently left ESPRT, typically Unicums who were on the losing side of a pub/skirmish/raid talking shit, who left for easy fights in BULBA/OTTER. They do have the "Dads Hideout" & "try hard" aura of diplomacy & etiquette about them, which is a "Relic" of the old days, like AOD & SG, which means that since they hate nobody, and nobody really hates them, they open themselves up to have their players poacharino'd from the full range of contemporaries and their proximity to clans who perhaps try harder doesn't help with player retention. I think that ESPRT's culture attracts the middle ground by its nature, and has tremendous potential to improve and already has a very high degree of competence, and is just consistency and maybe another good FC away from being a frightening opponent. I agree with this more or less, someone with high overalls and low resents is probably someone falling off the bandwaggon after a patch, i've seen it a lot, players in serial decline who appear to have had a stroke or just play Artillery at the detriment of everything else. On the flip side, a high recent does require scrutiny, as shown with our reform of Main, a few players sneaked into it because we wasn't paying attention to their tier 10's, and just their recent and lo-and-behold, they didn't exactly have impressive numbers and apparently used the E50, T54 & a variety of tier 8 lights to pad themselves into the transfer list to Main (which is being addressed). A last comment in favour of overalls however, is that if they have 20k battles, and a 2500+ overall, at least it is more likely than not, that they have experience and a deep garage, which if you multiply by 100 members, can allow a clan to fight its wars not based on having a stellar group of young, eager and current meta fellows, but to fight based on the depth of their garage and protracted fights that last the course which more commonly than not, result in their opponents falling apart or quitting early.
  12. You sir, are a heretic and obviously have not played IJN Destroyers, there's something satisfying about being able to spam torps upto 10km every 25 seconds and not being seen outside of 4km. Familiarize yourself with the rough values of Armour of ships (those that are real) to determine if you're going to fire AP over HE and visa-versa. HE spammers more or less exclude themselves from Citadel hits, as opposed to the knowledgeable AP firer who... a.) Knows where the Citadel is on every ship he fires at. b.) Knows at what angle his shells are able to reliably penetrate horizontal/vertical armour of what he's shooting at. c.) Know when to bait and when to chase. ii.) Baiting is to draw an enemy into chasing you, which when you're running and he's following... gives you a range advantage (as he's chasing into your shot, as you're moving away from his). iii.) Knowing when to chase, and in what shape i.e... Straight (front gun = fastest route, smallest silhouette, weak firing pattern but what Nelson did to the fucking Spanish/French fleet @ Trafalgar). Parallel (matched diagonal chase, which means your shells fall in the same pattern has his ship if it maintains course but opens you up to strong firing patterns in return). Mirrored (opposite diagonal chase, which puts you behind his ship and causes him to rotate his guns 180* but inhibits your fire pattern). d.) Staying at max angle (Max range) will mean that your shells are plunging, and since all ships have weaker Deck over Belt, there's reasonable chance of penetrating, this is a much quicker way of dispatching an enemy than by firing HE over and over as long as you have the knowledge of your enemy's deck armour and if your shells can penetrate. For example, the IJN 7.9" & 8" and US 8" can all penetrate all other Heavy/Light cruisers and some Battlecruisers/Battleships at maximum angle. At closer ranges, you can almost certainly penetrate most Light cruisers and Destroyers belt, BUT you run the risk of over-penetration (where it passes straight through a ship for little-to-no damage). If the above logic is translated to Battlecruisers/Battleships 11/12/14/15/16/18.1" guns, and you apply the same Plunging AP, Flat HE logic, you'll find yourself maximising damage as opposed to being labelled a HE Spamming fegg1t. Obv, this advice is only partially useful for DD's and useless for CV's.
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