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  1. Hi guys, you still alive? Hopping on the plane back home in a few hours (lal to 25hours of travel), how is the new patch?
  2. So, after playing some more games and reaching level 45+. I have to say that I really enjoy the bigger heists and multiple days. But goddamn, randoms are randoms... Isn't ordinary to wipe multiple times in stealth missions because of no valid reason whatsoever... The overkill+ missions are so non-forgiving towards stealth attempts going loud at any point in the game. While on the other hand, racking 500k xp and 1,2mil in spending chas is just... Lal Why is it so hard for companies to disclosure certain fital game mechanics to the beginners? This game gets soooooooo much easier when you kno
  3. Anyone any clue how the ping would be between EU - NA? Seems more NA players are playing (as usual on this forum)
  4. I'm currently not home. But will be in like an hour max. If you want add me on steam (Radje) and I could join you 3 for a bit Edit. I do have problems with my ingame voice chat though. It keeps freezing my game... Currently looking into the problem.
  5. First off, Well written explanation! I've been reading some fora and discussions now. And it seems you hit the nail with the stealthing "nerfs". I have no experience past these couple of games under my belt, and thus cannot talk from experience, but apparently the Devs have been listening to the community a bit and made the new maps with some sort of ability to lure guards out. All the other stealthing crap, is still crap apparently. And the pager problem is still a major one, apparently. I'm just gonna do some games and see if it's actually worth it at higher levels of gameplay... The
  6. I guess there will be morons in almost any game... That's why I hoped finding some non-retrards from this forum. I'm only lvl 25 now. But I love stealthing entire missions. Not sure what you mean Shackram, probably on higher difficulties the problems are? I was under the assumption that the higher the levels, the more important stealth is. As those soldiers are getting hella though
  7. Anyone still playing this game? I just picked it up int he Steam summer sale
  8. This. Even though both stats are impressive, how are you all so easily forgetting that the difference between the amount of games played is actually significant big? With Garbad's twist, it's nice to see those kind of stats. But still wouldn't make sense to compare them if they were they same tank.
  9. Uhmmmm. Instructions could have been a bit more clear imo. My epeen is now stuck in tanks.
  10. Well...I seem to have a problem with my overall self-discipline. Resulting, but not limited to; no patience, too much yolo, getting fast capped cause what's a minimap? Killed because why wait until I'm really unspotted, or why take time and effort to move 5 meters when I can also just pop up in the same spot? Or rushing a tomato with your over-confidence, while failing to even scratch its custom paint... I suck at consistency.
  11. ^this. There is just no way to describe how much fun it is to go speeding into a slightly downwards angled turn whereby you shoot your clip into the enemy like a crazy little beast on steroids whilst being in one hell of a sick drift. Cause all this tank wants to do in corners is to take them like a drifting champ, and doing so with great succes! Edit. Forgot a word.
  12. Channel is fun. But when do we go rek some team battles again?
  13. That tank looks like a fat Russian ELC, damn it's low!
  14. I'm glad you are mentioning this. I'm not going insane. I've had this happen to me as well, wondering the shit out of myself where the hell I'm shooting at. There's nothing in front of him!!! Only realizing its a dead tank in the replay.. Questioning my sanity during actual gameplay might improve a bit now, tnx
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