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  1. I won't even speak to clicker trash in game. Fuck 'em.
  2. I have found that most of the clickers that want protection are 44%er fucktards that only have decent stats in clickmachines,therefore,my view is,You chose to click douche,deal with it. I also refuse to talk to ANY clicker in game. Fuck 'Em.
  3. Not me. When shit clickers on my team ask for protection I laugh at them. Fuck ';em.
  4. Garbad,you are my master.I will continue to go forth and attempt to eradicate the clicker plague. My sentiments exactly.
  5. Everything you said is just common sense. I start every match with APCR loaded,just in case,but will switch to AP as needed to keep costs down.
  6. Yep. I took a break as well.Tired of getting clicked by one-handed-cheetos-munchers
  7. If someone want's to waste their time and money to try and hide their previous performance,fine...Most of us are not fooled.
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