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  1. Its been a while since this game entertained me this much.
  2. Guess all your books were cheap.
  3. Did they tweak the MM? My 9s are seeing a lot of 10s but I'm also getting lots of full tier 8 matches.
  4. Past 2 days have been appalling. Good to know I'm not the only one.
  5. Make lower tier have at least a chance of doing do something to you and at the same time give you a chance when you are bottom tier. Now why would you want that?
  6. So watching Foch's latest stream and sniper view is fucked. You over peek every time you crest a hill. PZ7, K91 and 60TP all display this.
  7. What have you been running? Oh and yeah and this: "Also I really should stop relying on teammates to do anything at all."
  8. They should rotate each week, 7-9 would be great. It would help people grind and at least 7 and 9 are not a bit more balanced than 8 at the moment.
  9. Premiums have been nerfed before. They just need to make it fair by balancing them. QB actually touches this regarding the difference in attitude of Western countries and Russia. Wg must be aware where most of their money comes from if the rumours are true where EU and NA are responsible for most of their profit.
  10. They need more than that though, they have to make people aware of the changes.
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