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  1. Should've searched first. Thanks. Lots of good info there.
  2. Its been a while since this game entertained me this much.
  3. Did they tweak the MM? My 9s are seeing a lot of 10s but I'm also getting lots of full tier 8 matches.
  4. Make lower tier have at least a chance of doing do something to you and at the same time give you a chance when you are bottom tier. Now why would you want that?
  5. So watching Foch's latest stream and sniper view is fucked. You over peek every time you crest a hill. PZ7, K91 and 60TP all display this.
  6. What have you been running? Oh and yeah and this: "Also I really should stop relying on teammates to do anything at all."
  7. They should rotate each week, 7-9 would be great. It would help people grind and at least 7 and 9 are not a bit more balanced than 8 at the moment.
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